Special Rods 2009


Mendips Raceway Special Rods have a new Scrutineer for 2009-recently retired F2 driver Dave Ruby, and all cars will now use a control tyre-the Yokoham A-021R in either 185-70x13 or 185-60x14.This tyre is the same one used by Brisca f2 stock cars, Lightning Rods and Stock Rods, and the 14" version is the contyrol tyre for the Saxo series on the big circuits.

Any drivers having problems obtaining tyres should contact the office this week, for deliveries to Practice Day, as we now have stock of used 13" tyres available.

It has come to our notice that there has been an error in the Rulebook. The 14" Yokohama tyre option should be 185-60x14, not 175-60x14.

Anyone looking for a spare shell? H reg Sierra hatchback shell for sale, good clean shell with NO mechanics at all, as it has been stripped for a kit car  £25 Mr Tancock, 07880 545574

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