Hot Rods

Hot Rods were introduced at Hednesford Hills Raceway in the early 1960s as a British counterpart to NASCAR-style production car racing.

In south west England, hot rod racing evolved from a class known as sports and production car racing, introduced at tracks such as Plymouth and St Austell in the 1950s.

The sophistication of the Hot Rods is the direct opposite to the contact racing cars.

Hot Rod racing is non contact high speed wheel to wheel racing between hybrid race cars built with a racing pedigree from the ground up, and yet still identifiable as road saloons from their shape profiled on hi tech Kevlar and carbon fibre panelling.

Using highly tuned 2 litre straight-4 engines, the National Hot Rods are the fastest and most expensive vehicles in the formula. With all the overtaking manoeuvres carried out round the outside, it is a breathtaking spectacle as the cars dice for the lead.

Video courtesy of CVS

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