Reliant Robins

The ultimate fun formula at Mendips Raceway.

The Robin was first manufactured in 1973 and the final original Robin rolled off the production line in 1981.

Reliant produced a new and totally revamped Robin featuring a new fibreglass body, and increased engine power. This Robin and variants of it were available until February 2001 when Reliant announced the end of production.

Often referred to as “Plastic Pigs”, Jasper Carrot maligned them, Dell and Rodney drove one, Top Gear launched one into space and Mr. Bean spent much of his time turning one over – which is what gave us the idea!

There are four meetings for the thrilling three wheelers, which are mechanically standard, but fitted out with a comprehensive roll cage and safety belts.

They and roll over and over, and bounce back for more, and are the funniest thing on the Raceway!

Video courtesy of CVS

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