Stock Car Experience

'Mendips Raceway introduces The Stock Car Experience, where we make it easy for YOU to try out Europes fastest short oval racing! Do you think you have what it takes to be a Stock Car Driver?

Come and find out for yourselves at the ONLY experience of this nature in the UK..

We are currently offering two options,

Option A 'The Full Experience'

…is our group event, where a party of around 12 can come as a group and we take you through a 5-stage event.

Stage 1 is laps with a current driver in our 2-Seater machines, an education on how to drive the Raceway.

Stage 2 is you drive under observation of the same driver who will offer hints and tips on how to drive the track and improve your ability and speed behind the wheel.

Stage 3 is a time trial where each driver will race in a group trying to set the fastest lap times. These lap times determines the grids for the heats, which is stage 4.

Stage 4 is a 10 lap dash heats, with the fastest from each session taking up pole position in the heats. Only the winners of the Heats will then progress to Stage 5.

Stage 5 of course is the Final, where the winners of each race each other in the final for a trophy and a bottle of bubbly!

Overall a 4-hour track time experience, for £125 per person. A minimum of 12 drivers is required.

Option B 'The Half Experience'

The half day experience offers a glimmer of what a race day is like for your Stock Car or Banger racing superstars…. the day is Split into 3 stages.

Stage 1 is the instruction stage where you sit along side one of our expert drivers who will give their best advice on how to put in the smoothest/fastest lap times consistently.

Stage 2 is the all important timing stage, the drivers have a set amount of laps to put in their fastest possible lap time. These lap times determine the line up for the race.

Stage 3 The final, where the fastest four will race against each other for not only bragging rights but a trophy and a bottle of bubbly!

Overall a 2-hour track time experience, for £65 per person. A minimum of 12 drivers is required.

We provide expertly built vehicles, and all up to date fully certified safety equipment.


Option A for a group of 12 would cost £125 each, BUT, the price
decreases as the Group size gets larger! Option B would cost £65 per
person, but we would have to have a minimum number of bookings to run this event.

More info or To Book…

If you would like to find out more, check availability or book, please contact us through the website here!

Please get in touch ASAP to confirm your booking!

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