BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Europe's Largest Short Oval Formula with over 600 Drivers, more than 25 tracks, and in excess of 200 meetings per season from the North of Scotland to the South West of England, and across Mainland Europe and Northern Ireland.

In August 1960, Junior Tens racing was introduced to the short oval raceways of the UK. They were designed to offer the working man a chance of Stock Car racing without the prohibited expense of trying to run against the big spenders in the Senior Stock Car class (BriSCA F1).

Junior Tens became Juniors and then were eventually renamed BriSCA F2 Stock Cars. The growth of the formula during the 1960's was astonishing, with tracks opening in various parts of the country, with the South West becoming a particular stronghold of the sport.

Video courtesy of CVS

During the 1970's dramatic modernization of the sport took place, which saw the racing become limited to the South West, before the sport went big time again in the late 1970's, ahead of being reintroduced to Scotland in 1981.

Engines are Ford 2000cc, eight valve overhead camshaft, (the 'Pinto') from Escorts/Capris/Cortinas/Sierras of the 1970's and 1980's. Engine specification is tightly controlled by the rules, and modifications are strictly limited. Single seat, purpose built specials, these cars are heavily armoured weighing around 650 kilos with a chassis constructed of both box section and tubular steel, often home-built by the competitor.

These cars offer fast, spectacular race action, as drivers push, shove and hit one another out of the way, within the rules - like boxing-no below the belt stuff. 25 to 40 cars on a small 1/4 mile track leads to very exciting racing.

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