Banger Racing

Banger racing is here in all sorts of guises. It is a contact sport, and there is plenty of it!

Drivers smash and bash their way through, destroy their cars, and then get out and laugh and shake hands!

The aim is to be the first car to complete a certain number of laps whilst at the same time making sure other competitors don’t stand a chance.

Racing takes place in distinct engine capacity classes, from the little Metros, through the to the mighty Unlimited cars featuring Jaguars, Granadas and Yank Tanks.

Once a year we even tow caravans around and race coaches!

Video courtesy of CVS

For those starting out in the sport we have a Rookie Banger class which features less modified cars and “limited contact” racing for the beginner.

Whilst the vehicles are usually otherwise destined for the scrap yard, drivers put an awful lot of work into preparing their cars and prizes are awarded not only for the winners but also for the best presented and rarest vehicles.

Bangers are full contact road cars with minimal armouring. All glass fittings and internals are stripped, the radiator is generally replaced by a header tank, a roll cage, internal fuel tank and lines and battery added. Certain panels are also altered or bolted/welded for safety, though armouring of cars is strictly governed.

The day usually ends with a Demolition Derby where the objective not to turn laps, but to simply smash and destroy and ultimately immobilise the opposition, until only one vehicle is left, which is deemed the winner.

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