REPORT - Sunday 8 July


Although the week’s weather was awful, once the sun came out on Sunday it was a bright and warm day at the Raceway for a four formula meeting, of Rookie Bangers, Hot Rods, Juniors and Special Rods.

The Bangers were all diesel cars, just to be different, and if produced an interesting field raning from a an 03 plate Galaxy for Mavis to a rapid Peugeot 306 for Mike Parry from Thunderpix. Bit too rapid for Mike as he threw it at the pit bend wall early doors and spent all day fixing it.

Macauley Mills (440) made his debut in a Rover and won a race with it, while dad Rob crashed his Peugeot 406 Estate, but got it back out for the Final.

Lee Dalton (129) won two races with his Mondeo, Mike Cocks (162) had a Primera to win the first one, and then Rob Mills demolished everyone with Macauley’s car for the DD. Not a great number of cars, but lots of smiling drivers, as it was a good laugh.

The honours were well shared out in the Juniors, with Sid Harrison (510), Dan Steeds(796) and Callum Richards(87) having a win each.

Unfortunately several Hot Rod drivers were missing, so the field was reduced, but there was a rare win for Mike Norton (205), and two wins for Colin White (718) after his car shed a wheel spectacularly in practice.

There were problems for Ross Hawtin also, who blew his engine in the second race, and as this was the last points scoring meeting for the 2012 Championship, Steve Hunt (282) kept plugging away, and took it for the second year in succession.

The Special Rods were in great form again, although the Clerk of the Course had an impromptu meeting with the drivers after the heats to remind them of the non contact rules, and this made for a superb Final, in which Sam Howard (44) took the win from Alan Cambridge (173) and Paul Barnes (210), after Steve Griffin (440) won his first trophy in this second career, finishing second to Andy Howard (43) but the other newcomer Dale Edwards (224) went one better with a consolation win.


RESULTS - 08.07.12

Junior Rods:-

Heat 1 - Sid Harrison 510,203,796,273,87,362,24,198,61,30
Final - Dan Steeds 796,510,87,362,273,24,25,198,30,761
A/C - Callum Richards 87,796,510,203,362,273,25,30,61,224

Hot Rods:-

Heat 1 - Mike Norton 205,258,282,718,18,313
Heat 2 - Colin White 718,258,282,18
Final - Colin White 718,282,205,258,18

Special Rods:-

Heat 1 - Tom Major 441,210,47,51,26,44,122,993,224
Heat 2 - Andy Howard 43,440,23,173,365,120,270,27
Cons - Dale Edwards 224,136,304,21
Final - Sam Howard 44,173,210,440,136,23,122,304,47,21

Rookie Bangers:-

Heat 1 - Mike Cocks 162,129,55,364,9
Heat 2 - Macauley Mills 440,364,129,384,162,9
Final - Lee Dalton 129,384,440,111,9,328
A/C - Lee Dalton 129,9
DD - Rob Mills 404

The updated Top Tens post 8th July are published here

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