Report: Sun 25 August 2019


It was a very hot and dry afternoon with dry track conditions, for the P.R.I. National Bangers World Championship, F2’s, and Special Rods.

52 Bangers turned up including 8 of the Gladiator Team. There was a good mix of cars including. A lot of Ford Mondeo’s, and some Ford Cougar’s, Focus’s, Sierra Estate’s, and Volvo Estates. 720 Kenny-Joe-Gabriel Took the top tin award.

26 Bangers came out for the last chance race for the World Championship, with the top eight joining the 26 seeded driver’s, there was a lot of action, including 799 Tom Pearce T-Boning one of the Gladiators, then there was a stoppage, for someone needing assistance who was ok. 741 Charlie Daniels led the re-start, from 838 Jamie Peters, then 2 Jack Hodges. Then Hodges picked up Daniels and took him for a wild ride for about a lap and Daniels, Hodges, and Peters ended up in the fence, and 77 Aaron Charles nipped up their inside to take the lead then on to win. 34 cars lined up for the World Final, with a public draw for the Seeded drivers for their grid positions, with the other drivers starting at the back. 961 Brad Deeprose took the early lead from pole, and 262 Roona lost power on the rolling lap (from 2nd on the grid) and got a lot of attention until he pulled off on the 1st corner!! Then was a stoppage for a wheel on the track. 337 Ashley Garrod led the re-start, from 190 Steve Bailey, then 340 Wes Freestone, then 589 Simon Smith (Gladiator) decided to turn it around on the turnstile bend and caused mayhem and the race turned into a D/D with the track nearly blocked and the whole field pilling in!! then Smith and Garrod was the only cars running and after a few Head-ons Smith’s car died, leaving Garrod’s car the only one running so he completed the reduced laps to take the win, then they worked out who the last cars running to give the other places, Smith was declared 2nd, from 440 Macauely Mills. 24 cars came out for the 1st all comer’s race David Brown led for a while, then Charles spun Brown out to take the lead, there was a few knocks and spins, and a Head-On then there was a stoppage for a wheel on the track, Charles led the re-start, from Roona, then Peters, then Peters ½ spun Roona which caused a bit of mayhem, Charles went on to take the win, from Peters, then 648 Jamie Smith. 26 cars came out for the 2nd All-comers Race in which there was a lot of big hits going in mainly on the turnstile bend, and two Red Flag’s and 423 Danny Oliver led the 1st Re-Start, and Charles led the 2nd re-start, Bailey went on to take the win , from J.Smith, then 239 Steve Carter. 9 cars came out for the official D/D there was a stoppage for Bailey who was ok, and another stoppage for 205 Alex Ganter who was perched on another car then caught fire and top marks to the Marshall’s who quickly spotted it and quickly extinguished the fire! The D/D ended with 114 Liam Lake and Gabriel having a Head-On, and Lake was the last car moving (only just)!!

25 Brisca f2’s turned up and they run a 2/3rds format. In the 1st Heat 390 Jessica Smith took the early lead from pole and led most of the race until 325 Ryan Sheahan tapped her wide for the lead, further back 560 Luke Wrench tailed 24 Jon Palmer for most of the race then Wrench tapped Palmer wide to take 3rd, Sheahan took the win from 315 Justin Fisher(8th on the grid) then Wrench then Palmer. In the 2nd Heat Smith led from pole then there was a crash on the exit to the pit bend, and 91 Harrison Bryant and 147 Aidan Derry was too badly damaged to take the re-start. Smith led the re-start from 544 James Rogers, then Fisher got passed 517 Harley Cornock and Rogers , then Fisher bumped Smith wide to take the lead, further back the red and star graders was having a great battle and 811 Lyndon Rushby got rattled against the plating and Wrench managed to brake free to chase the leaders, then 184 Aaron Vaight got up to 2nd, and Wrench bumped Vaight wide to take 2nd but Fisher was to far ahead to catch. Fisher went on to take the win, from Wrench, then Vaight. In the 3rd Heat Rogers led from pole and built up a big lead, further back Palmer, and 542 Steven Gilbert was having a great scrap as they was working their way up from the back of the grid, Rogers went on to take the win from Sheahan (from 8th on the grid), then Bryant, then Palmer, then Gilbert. 21 cars came out for the Final Rogers got from 3rd on the grid to take the early lead, then there was a skirmish and 828 Julian Coombes ended up facing the wrong way and Derry, Coombes, Cornock, 660 Becky Pearce, Vaight and Palmer retired with damage. Rogers led the re-start, from 844 Jack Prosser, then 895 Ben Goddard ended up facing the wrong way but he managed to reverse to the safety of the infield, then Fisher took the lead, then 127 Matt Stoneman gave 976 Dan Kent a big hit sending Kent hard into the plating, and Wrench knocked Fisher wide to take the lead, then there was a stoppage with 4 laps left. Wrench led the re-start from Fisher, then Smith, Stoneman, Gilbert. Wrench went on to take the win from Stoneman, then Gilbert, then Fisher. 12 cars came out for the Grand National Rogers led from pole and, 890 Paul Rice fired Rushby wide and he hit the fence hard, and Vaight retired then there was a stoppage for a wheel on the track Rice retired. Rogers led the re-start, from Smith, Stoneman made it up to 2nd then Stoneman thumped Rogers wide and Wrench nipped up the inside to take the win, from Stoneman, then 801 Jack Cave.

26 Special Rods turned up. In the 1st Heat 135 Jim Cannon’s car went sick, and 192 Ash Raymond led from pole and 175 Kevin Oliver got up from 4th to 2nd, and Oliver made a lot of attempts to go round the outside of Raymond but couldn’t make it stick, then 108 Adam Headland got up to 3rd from 6th on the grid then, with two laps to go Headland nipped up the inside of Oliver then went round the outside of Raymond to take the lead, then on the last lap 43 Andy Howard went round the outside of the leaders, and Headland and A.Howard crossed the line side-by-side and A.Howard was declared the winner(from 15th on the grid), from, Headland, then Raymond, then 7 Will Haraway (from last on the grid). In the 2nd Heat 266 Micky Ford shot in to the lead from 2nd on the grid, and led for a long time, then 768 Joe Delahay spent a few laps on the outside of Ford before he took the lead, then 81 Andy Hawkins got up to 3rd, then Hawkins tried going round the outside of Ford and they had a coming together forcing them both to retire, and with two laps to go 62 Bobby Hewlett, 46 Angie Harris, and 644 Wayne Thomson had a coming together, and Delahay went on to take the win, and 41 Dene Howard had a late charge on the outside and came home 2nd, with 441 Tom Major in 3rd. 11 cars came out for the Consolation Race and Ford shot into the led from 2nd on the grid and built up a big lead and Cannon went from 5th on the grid to 2nd on the outside, then with 5 to go Cannon’s car went sick again, then there was a 3 way scrap for 2nd and 556 Stuart Garland went round the outside of 364 Darren Feltham. Ford went onto take the win from Garland, then Feltham. In the Final Feltham went round the outside of Raymond to take the lead, then Raymond found away past Feltham to re-take the lead, Ford went round the outside of Oliver for 3rd, then Ford went wide and Delahay nipped up his inside for 3rd, then Ford tried to get up the inside of Delahay and they had a coming together and they collected 53 Jamie Lloyd. On the last lap A. Howard went around the outside of Feltham for 2nd, Raymond went on to take the win, from A. Howard (from 13th on the grid), then Feltham. 20 cars came out for the Grand National Ford went from 3rd to take the early lead, then 700 Les Brice, A. Howard, Thomson, and Garland ended up in the fence, Ford led the re-start from Lloyd. A few drivers got a bit loose on the exit from the turnstile bend, and Hawkins spun out and Delahay hit the fence, Ford went on to take the win from Lloyd then Oliver.

Special Rods:-

Heat 1 – Andy Howard 43,108,192,7,175,53,700,556,364,993
Heat 2 – Joe Delahay 768,41,441,144,120,21,46,81
Cons – Micky Ford 266,556,364,44,81,700,993,711,644,46
Final – Ash Raymond 192,43,364,41,44,175,144,556,768,7
GN – Micky Ford 266,53,175,44,41,144,441,364,46,7


Heat 1 – Ryan Sheahan 325,315,560,24,390,828,517,801,895,976
Heat 2 – Justin Fisher 315,560,184,517,542,127.468,126,890,844
Heat 3 – James Rogers 544,325,91,24,542,127,828,890,184,700
Final – Luke Wrench 560,127,542,315,700,126,801,325,544,468
GN – Luke Wrench 560,127,801,544,844,390,517


Last Chance – Aaron Charles 77,54,999,589,141,38,799,412
Championship – Ashley Garrod 337,589,440
A/C 1 – Aaron Charles 77,838,649,114,239,912,333,262,799
A/C 2 – Steve Bailey 190,649,239,74,592,961
DD – Liam Lake 114

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