REPORT: Mon 10 April Banger Vans!


The forecast heavy showers blew over and didn’t materialise leaving a dry afternoon with a strong wind, with the track quickly drying out after the rain overnight and the morning.


12 Banger Vans turned up 616 Ian Jones had a Renault Master Ambulance, and 777 Ricky Daunton had a Bedford CF Ambulance and the nurse (blow up doll) was still looking out of the window!! 404 Rob Mills had a LWB Transit Minibus, and there was a few Transit’s, and LDV Vans, In the 1st Heat there was a but of door handling and shoving and 894 Chris Stokes got spun out, and 262 Roona was flying, 8 vans made the distance, with Roona taking the win from 743 Jake Bond, then 154 Joe Odhams


10 vans came out for the 2nd Heat there was a lot of knocks and a few spin outs including 6 and Boogie, and 154 Joe Odhams went on to take the win from, Bond, then 440 Macauley Mills.


12 Vans made it out for a hard hitting Final where only six Vans made the distance, and amongst the action, Boogie spun Daunton out, and Daunton gave Odhams a big jacking, and Jones T-Boned Odhams, and Roona spun 87 Liam Harvey out, and Boogie reversed round the turnstile bend into another van, and on the last lap 3 vans had a big coming together, M.Mills took the win from, 6, then Bond.


9 Vans managed to get out for a hard-hitting D/D, 6 got spun out and got beached on a marker tyre and after a while Jones managed to push him of, then 6 gave Boogie a massive jacking. And Boogie’s Van was a mess, 6 and Boogie was dishing out a lot of big hits, M.Mills was the last van moving!!


27 Special Rods turned up and they was running a 2/3rds format, with a lot of close racing and overtaking, in the 1st Heat 202 Mark Hall took the early lead from 103 Ryan Hinwood, then 445 Nik Loader retired,  then 247 Si Portlock had a tankslapper and hit 114 Tom James, Hall led the re-start from Hinwood, then 26 Leah Bennett, then Headland, then Headland went round the outside of Bennett, and Hinwood, then Headland nipped up the inside  of Hall to take the lead, then it got a bit leary going down the back straight and Hinwood and 303 Jason Oliver got squeezed on to the infield!!, then with two to go 275 Jack Buckingham made it up to 2nd, then Buckingham tried to go round the outside of Headlad then after a ½ a lap side by side Buckingham made it stick, Buckingham went on to win from Headland, then Hall, then 6 Tim Bristow.


Hall took the early lead from James, then 867 Gary Brown accidently tagged James giving James a bit of a tankslapper and James lost a few places, then 44 Sam Howard made it up to 2nd, and Hall left a gap on the inside and S.Howard didn’t need a 2nd invite to take the lead,  and 46 Angie Harris got spun out, then 43 Andy Howard and 768 Joe Delahay had a coming together and there was a stoppage, S.Howard led the re-start from 40 Pete Stanley, then Buckingham, then 254 Nigel Manaton, then Headland retired, then Buckingham tried to go round the outside of Stanley but couldn’t make it stick and Buckingham got hung out to dry and lost a lot of places, S.Howard went on to win from Stanley, then Manaton.


In the 3rd Heat Brown tried to go round the outside of Hinwood but couldn’t make it stick, then S.Howard made it up to 2nd, then S.Howard went round the outside of Hinwood to take the lead, and 135 Jim Cannon was flying and was quickly up to 2nd from the Blue Grade, then Cannon wet round the outside of S.Howard to take the lead, Cannon went on to win from S.Howard, then Manaton, then 41 Dene Howard.


25 Cars came out for the Final where there was a lot of crashes, Brown took the early lead from Hinwood and led for a while, then S.Howard found a way past Hinwood and Brown to take the lead and there was chaos further back with a lot of cars getting spun out including 266 Micky Ford and Stanley, and they was a 4 car jacking train on the back straight with 41 Dene Howard getting the worst damage forcing him to retire Cannon made it up to 2nd with 3 to go and piled the pressure on S.Howard but Cannon couldn’t find a way past, S.Howard went on to win from Cannon, then Brown. 


10 Cars came out for the 1st Heat in which 301 John-boy Penfold took the early lead, then 302 Rosie-may Penfold and 429 Tristen Heathcote, had a coming together, then 302 R.Penfold and 924 Joshua Heathcote had a coming together, then 107 Henry Chiplen went round the outside of J.Penfold for the lead and when Chiplen was trying to avoid the crash 14 McKenzie Loader nipped past Chiplen to take the lead, then Chiplen went round the outside of Loader to re-take the lead, then 162 Charlie Cocks made it up to 2nd, and on the last lap Cocks tried to go round the outside of Chiplen but Chiplen just nipped Cocks to the post with 184 Callum Preston coming home 3rd.


13 Cars came out for the 2nd Heat J.Penfold took the early lead then 18 and 69 Reece Welch-Fry had a coming together with Welch-Fry being T-Boned to the wall, and Welch-Fry had a lot of damage, J.Penfold led the re-start and was smoking, then 23 Dexter Hine got spun out J.Penfold went on to win from Loader, then 258 Riley Brimble, then 36 Dylan McDermott.


12 Cars came out for the 3rd Heat Hine led for a while then Chiplen tried to go round the outside of Hine but couldn’t make it stick and Brimble nipped up his inside then Brimble switched to the outside line just brushing giving Chiplen a bit of a tankslapper and Chiplen did well to hang on!! Brimble managed to pass Hine to take the lead, and with two laps left Chiplen had a big argument with the wall and getting a lot of damage leading to a stoppage Brimble led the re-start from Cocks, then Hine. Then McDermott passed Preston, then McDermott tried to go round the outside of Hine, and Preston took the inside line as they crossed the finish line together Brimble took the win from, Cocks, then Hine, then McDermott.


16 cars made it out for the Final Hine took the early lead and Loader tried to round the outside of Hide but couldn’t make it stick, then T.Heathcote ended up on his roof, leading to a stoppage, Hine led the re-start, from R.Penfold, then J.Penfold, there was a lot of contact in the grid and Hine appeared to be shoved wide and lost the lead, 229 Tom Dalton crossed the line 1st but was docked two places for contact giving Hine the win then after a lengthy stewards enquiry Dalton was given the win back with Hine given 2nd and Preston 3rd.


17 Robins turned up with 252 Boogie and 262 Roona being the guest driver’s 10 Jerry Weeks got on his side, and 226 got on his side and tipped back to all 3!!, and 42 Jack Chapman, and 741 Wonky Donkey had rollover’s, and 304 Weare, and 87 Jack McDade had Massive Rollover’s, and 154 Joe Odhams ended up on his roof,  518 Matt Capel took the win and Odhams got the entertainers award.


36 Toby Loader, and Boogie, and McDade, all tipped on their side’s, and 210 Ryan Brooks got on his side three times and Odhams and Weare both had rollover’s, 100 Thomas Weeks took the win and Brooks took the entertainers award.


In the Final Roona rolled Boogie, Brooks, and Weare ended up on their roof’s, and McDade tipped on his side then tipped backed to all three!! Then McDade had a complete rollover and carried on, and Weare rolled, and Loader had a massive rollover, T.Weeks took the win and Weare took the Entertainers Award.  

Junior Rods:-

Heat 1 – Henry Chiplen 107,162,184,66,301,229
Heat 2 – Jon Penfold 301,14,258,36,314,229,610,429,66,23
Heat 3 – Riley Brimble 258,162,23,36,184,610,314,302,924,999
Final – Thomas Dalton 229,23,184,,258,66,162,14,87,314,36

Special Rods:-

Heat 1 – Jack Buckingham 275,108,202,6,426,700,517,41,40,303
Heat 2 – Sam Howard 44,40,254,278,135,303,275,445,517,60
Heat 3 – Jim Cannon 135,44,254,41,278,426,60,700,103,445
Final – Sam Howard 44,135,867,108,303,6,103,254,60,278

Banger Vans:-

Heat 1 – Roona 262,743,154,6,252,41,77,894
Heat 2 – Joe Odhams 154,743,440,41,252,404,894,6
Final – Macauley Mills 440,6,743,404,252,894
DD – Macauley Mills 440


Heat 1 – Matt Capel 518,30,262,154,252,36,10,119,100,26
Heat - Thomas Weeks 100,30,220,262,10,154,42,129,19,26
Final - Thomas Weeks 100,518,30,42,36,26,87,154,210,220

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