REPORT Micro Massacre Sun 20th March 2022


It was a dry March afternoon with dry track conditions.


In the Micro Bangers there was the usual mix of cars, and they were running an all in format, amongst the action, in the 1st Heat 52 stuffed 333 Chaz Randall into a parked car, and 87 Jason Harvey nearly rolled, 210 Lewy Hart went on to take the win from, 440 Macauley Mills, and 262 Roona.


In an action-packed second Heat 23 Clive Crockford got air-born after being shoved into the inner marker tyre’s, 13 cars took the re-start led by 42 Jack Chapman and within the last few laps Mills rolled 18 Jason Edgecombe and the race was declared, with Mills taking the win from, Hart, then 449 Will Guppy, then 160.


Although only 14 cars made it for the Final, most of the drivers was getting stuck in, and dishing out some big hits, and only 5 cars made the distance, amongst the action Chapman and 49 Ash Harvey was having fun and games trading hits and places, and Guppy gave 160 a big Jacking, and 2 Jack Hodges introduced Hart to the wall big time, and there was a stoppage for 150. Mills went to take the win from Roona, then 154 Joe Oldhams.


13 cars made it out for the Allcomers Race, and 76 Matt Hodgkins and A.Harvey’s cars was crabbing!! 92 Liam Bartlett picked up J.Harvey on the home straight and fired J.Harvey in the wall!! And there was a stoppage for J.Harvey who was ok. 666 Roberto Jay led the re-start, with most of the drivers getting stuck in only 4 cars made the distance, with Mills taking the win, from Roona, 145 Liz Dicken, L.Bartlett. After a short break to allow drivers to repair their cars 9 cars made it out for the D/D and the D/D ended with Roona giving L.Bartlett a big Jacking!!


19 cars turned up with a good mix of cars from different eras. In a destructive 1st Heat amongst the action, 253 Alan Humphrey got turned around and was stranded, and 886 Brian Owen and 342 Ernie McTaylor had a coming together, and 580 John Perrett and 198 Alan Nicholson had a coming together, and in the last few laps 458 Tony Bevan got very sideways and collected the stranded Humphrey, 135 Jim Cannon went on to take the win from Perrett, then 107 Dan Chiplen.


11 cars made it out for the 2nd Heat Cannon started on Pole position but a lap down, Cannon made it up to 4th then, Cannon tangled with 59 Nigel Finnegan and dropped down the order and managed to recover and come home 3rd, with Perrett taking the win (from 6th on the grid) from, 536 John Ferguson.


11 cars made it out Final Cannon again started on pole but a lap down, and Ferguson and Chiplen was having a great scrap for the lead, before Cannon caught them and took the lead and went on to win from Ferguson, then Perrett, and 773 Nick Whitney, and 347 Ian Johnson crossed the line side-by-side.


The Junior Rods were running a 2/3rds Format, and there was a lot of close racing and overtaking and on a few occasions they got 3 abreast, and even 4 abreast!! 15 cars came out for the 1st Heat 69 Reece Welch-Fry shot into the lead from pole and built up a big lead, and further back 190 Thomas Gumbleton was glued to 311 Lewis Allen’s back bumper as they was carving their way through the grid from the back of the grid mostly passing round the outside and about the half way mark 610 Alfie Murray went round the outside of 14 Mckenzie Loader for 2nd, then with 5 to go 14 Loader retired, then Allen and Gumbleton found a way past Murray to take 2nd and 3rd, 69 went on to take the win from, Allen, then Gumbleton.


13 cars came out for the 2nd Heat. Loader led for a while then 429 Tristen Heathcote, and Murray, went round the outside of Loader for 2nd and 3rd, and Heathcote built up a gap, and with a few laps left Allen made it up to 2nd and managed to reel Heathcote in, and Allen was glued to Heathcote’s tail, but Allen couldn’t find a way past Heathcote, and Heathcote took the win from Allen, then 162 Charlie Cocks, then 26 Harry Melville (from 12th on the grid).


In the 3rd Heat 13 cars came out. 69 made it up from 3rd on the grid to take the early lead and again built up a big gap. Further back Gumbleton and Melville was carving their way through the grid from the back of the grid, then 28 Jake Ralfs and 184 Callum Preston had a coming together, Gumbleton and Melville crossed the line side-by-side, and Welch-Fry went on to take the win, from 36 Dylan McDermott, then Murray, then Gumbleton, then Melville.


18 Cars came out for the Final Murray shot into the lead from 2nd on the grid and built up a big lead further back Gumbleton and Allen was carving their way through the pack from the back of the grid. McDermott was making up a lot of places until with 5 to go he had to retire with damage, Allan and Gumbleton made it up to 2nd and 3rd, and Allan set about reeling Murray in, Allen managed to catch Murray but couldn’t manage to find a way past, Murray went on to win from Allan, then Gumbleton.

Welch-Fry won the best White Grade Award, C.Preston won the best Yellow Top Award, and 162 Charlie Cocks won the best Blue Top Award.

RESULTS – 20.3.2022

Junior Rods

Heat 1: 69 Reece Welch-Fry, 311,190,610,36, 184, 429, 236, 28 314
Heat 2: 429 Tristen Heathcote, 311,162,26, 14,236, 87, 314, 428, 258, 301
Heat 3: 69 Reece Wlch-Fry, 36, 610,190,26, 162, 210, 87, 924, 184
Final: 610 Alfie Murray, 311, 190, 26, 236, 69, 14, 162, 210, 28


Heat 1: Lewy Hart 210, 440, 262, 252, 91, 154, 76, 150, 145, 449
Heat 2: Macaley Mills 440, 210, 449, 160
Final: Macauley Mills 440, 262, 154, 91, 49
A/C: Macauley Mills 440, 262, 145, 92
DD: Roona 262


Heat 1 : Jim Cannon 135, 580, 107, 773, 49, 537, 157, 59, 536, 347
Heat 2: John Perrett 580, 536, 135, 157, 7, 773, 198, 347, 59, 520
Final: 135 Jim Cannon, 536, 580, 157, 107, 198, 773, 59, 347


Top 10 – National Bangers

Macauley Mills (440) 39
Rob Bugler (262) 25
Lewy Hart (210) 19
Sam Bartlett (91) 13
Joe Odhams (154) 13
Will Guppy (449) 9
Steven Bugler (252) 7
Jamie Warr (160) 7
Liz Dicken (145) 7
Ash Harvey (49) 6
Liam Bartlett (92) 6

Juniors Top 10

Lewis Allen (311) 27
Reece Welch-Fry (69) 25
Alfie Murray (610) 25
Tom Gumbleton (190) 23
Harry Melville (26) 20
Charlie Cocks (162) 16
Dylan McDermott (36) 15
Tristian Heathcote (429) 14
Alfie Brimble (236) 14
McKenzie Loader (14) 10

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