PREVIEW: Sat 31st October - Halloween Havoc


One last blast then it’s time to put away the toys for the winter. But are we going with a whimper? No! We’re going out with a bang!

A triple-header of West of England championships as the ghosties and ghoulies come out to play! Once the things have gone bump in the night have been banished – it’s time for the firework finale!

Rookie Bangers are the flavour of this meeting and nudge and spin is the name of the game. Full fat banger racing for the lactose intolerant! Last year’s West of England champion was Sam Baker (929) and will be looking to defend the title.

In what has been a good season for the Special Rods saw them go to Taunton and have plenty of action on track with a variety of winners!

The non-contact class have their big one, with a new format for 2020.
The West of England championship sees Jim Cannon (135) defend his title.

Only 2 opportunities for the Junior Rod youngsters to show off in season 2020, and like many kids, the last day of school has come around too quickly. For some it will be off to pastures new as they reach the top age of 16!

If you hadn’t got enough oohs and aahs from the racing, then look to the skies, as we end our season with a spectacular firework display.

Please can all maintain 2m social distancing at all times and wear masks when outside of your bubble, anyone who enters the stadium will be temperature tested also.

Limited Tickets are still available ONLINE 

All you need is to bring your PayPal receipt with you and present it upon entry.

Racing starts at 3pm, gates open at 1pm.
Firework only tickets, the gates will reopen at 6pm.

Food and Drink is available on site.  There will be Fireworks which produce loud noises and bright lights.

We look forward to welcoming you for the final time in 2020 at Mendips Raceway, please wear your spooky costumes, bring your glow sticks and sweets!

Booking List:

Rookie Bangers (51)

6 Danny Greening
11 James Hooper
16 Alastair Edgecombe
21 Brad Worthington
31 Liam Shipway
49 Ashley Harvey
58 Martin Dalton
70 Jamie Thomas
82 Neil Anslow
85 Nathan Thurlow
87 Jason Harvey
88 Bradley Hobbs
100 Alec Jenner
109 Chris Neville
114 Shaun Turnage
117 Charlie Edgecombe
126 Darren Willis
129 Lee Dalton
134 Cameron McColm
138 Dan Rice
147 Michael Clarke
151 Levi List
179 Declan Woodhouse-Arpino
218 Kevin Plunkett
258 Jason Hughes
267 Anthony Noblett
277 Alex Tebbs
279 Mason Thomas
284 Mark Baggley
294 Konnor Williams
295 Ashley Wallace (World Champion)
298 Dave Greening
308 Steven Fletcher
372 Tom Cambridge
386 Bobby Stilgoe
399 Richard Knibbs
410 Dan Galley
527 Will Darch
595 Ben Wall
604 Joshua Bridger
616 Daniel Moore
621 Gareth?
668 Paul Mortimer
721 Carley Gabriel
742 Morgan Galley
773 Glynn Trott
775 Bradley Hunt
788 Matt Crawley
852 Ryan Hughes
908 David Brown
938 Ash Rice (Points Champion)

Special Rods (17)

11 Jake Devine
26 Leah Bennett
41 Dene Howard (Points Champion)
43 Andy Howard
46 Angie Harris
61 Beth Stevenson
69 Raoul Loader
120 Andy Latimer
135 Jim Cannon (West of England Champion)
175 Kevin Oliver
181 Ian McLaren
275 Jack Buckingham
278 Andrew Bressington
303 Jason Oliver
517 Scott Weldon
720 Dan Latimer
775 Bradley Hunt

Junior Rods (15)

8 George Jenkins
26 Harry Melville
28 Jake Ralfs
36 Dylan McDermott
87 Liam Harvey
88 James Pearce
149 Ieuan Preston
184 Callum Preston
190 Thomas Gumbleton
236 Alfie Brimble
311 Lewis Allen
428 Ellie Murray
610 Alfie Murray
856 Jamie Cocks
880 Henry Pearce

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