PREVIEW: Easter Double Bill 9th & 10th April - 1pm


SO back to the hill for the first double header of the year! And all your favourites will be making their first or second appearance of the season, but as sure as you’ll be sick of chocolate, you’ll get some action from us!


So as much a tradition as hot cross buns and crème eggs. the traditional curtain opener for our fan favourites the BriSCA F2, sees the World Qualifier make its traditional Easter Sunday performance. With World Points up for grabs, we expect a few visitors in search of points to get them into the Semi Finals, which will be taking place here in early August, en route to the ferries across to the Irish Sea for the World Final, which takes place at Nutt’s Corner, in Northern Ireland for the first time. Last year’s superstars were Steve Gilbert (542) who took the points championship, and Paul Moss (979), both are booked in with new motors. Graduating from the Junior Rods, Alfie Brimble (235) and Jamie Cocks (856) will both be wearing their big boy pants. Luke Wrench (560) makes an appearance on one of his favourite tracks, and the girls are in force as the Smith Sisters Rebecca (931) and Jessica (390) join Leah Sealy (475) in showing the boys how its done!


The Special Rods return for an Easter Double Header to get season 2023 underway. Star of last season was undoubtably ex Lightning Rod racer “Shane” Jennings (68) who stormed away after starting at the front of the grid. Les Brice (700) continues to hold back the years with another impressive showing. On the comeback trail after dalliances with Hot Rods elsewhere sees ex Points champion Russ Colenutt (426) return to the fold and likewise Micky Ford (266) who has BMW to play with.


Well the first day of school was highly entertaining, with a lot of the new class getting race wins. There was a maiden win from Macca Loader (14) and another win for Riley Brimble (258). Dexter Hine (23) had 2 seconds and a third, an impressive display for a first timer on the track. But the star of the show was Henry Chiplen (107), who took a heat and final double, so much it inspired his dad Dan in the Heritage on the same day. Liam Harvey (87) was the pick of the reds with consistent performances. This will be the last meeting before the grades are reassigned, so a chance to get some “easier” points for the front.


The first time out for the Rookies this year, but with a fair bit of cross fertilisation, many rookie drivers ended up doing the 1600 Smash with Bangers Down West, with the usual favourites of Jason “Cookie” Thomas (70) and Chrissy Jeanes (113) making themselves known in a full fat banger. Likewise, the 1600 Smash was won by regular Focus abuser Abi Deeprose (962). Brad Hunt (775) also a regular and keep a watch out for Lee Dalton (129), the busiest man this weekend!


The Back bone of Britain with a healthy dose of sciatica. Vans are the weapons of choice for the Ramplin Trophy. With the price of scrap quite high, its been a challenge in itself to get the vans to rock n roll round the raceway. But the usual suspects are out for a play with the added world qualify points also up for grabs, its time to see some heavy loads and some express deliveries! Joe Odhams (154) has already set things in place with a strong showing in the 1600 smash, but the Buglers are currently topping the points charts.


The calamatious crashers prove that 3 wheels are better than 4 as they lean, wobble and roll around the Mendip raceway. Last year’s entertainer Joe Odhams (154) performed more rolls than any other in quite spectacular fashion, Martin Dalton (58) was the track champion last year, however his nemesis from season 2021, Thomas Weeks (100) is back, and this time he’s bringing his dad Jerry (10) out of retirement. The Loaders Aaron (362 - rodder) and Toby (36 - roller) will be back. I have it on quite good authority, that we might have a guest appearance from certain members of a certain team joining us…

Next up, we have more of the same, with SUV Bangers, Robins, Rookies, Specials and Juniors and the BriSCA F2’s – but the SALOONS are back! April 30th and May 1st! Be here! Keep up to date with all the latest news on the socials, and at

Booking Lists:


3 Liam Rennie
12 Craig Driscoll
27 Kieren Bradford
53 Phillip Mann
127 Matt Stoneman
210 Tristan Claydon
213 Tom Bennett
235 Alfie Brimble
258 James Griggs
285 Caiden Morrison
308 Lee Gilmour
315 Charlie Fisher
359 Gary Wrench
390 Jessica Smith
419 Ryan Farquhar
435 Adam Paling
454 Ryan Gardiner
464 Matt Linfield
475 Leah Sealy
482 Dale Seneschall
533 John Whittaker
542 Steven Gilbert
560 Luke Wrench
667 Tommy Farrell
689 Joe Marquand
728 Jack Bunter
762 Mike Cocks
776 Dan Roots
783 James Rygor
801 Jack Cave
821 Gary Walker
844 Jack Prosser
856 Jamie Cocks
890 Paul Rice
915 Jamie Jones
931 Rebecca Smith
979 Paul Moss


2 Harrison Staples
4 Bob Barnes
11 James Hooper
21 Brad Worthington
31 Liam Shipway
49 Ash Harvey
50 Sean Weeks
62 Bobby Hewlett
90 Luke O'Brien
114 Tom James
116 Joey Sutton
129 Lee Dalton
147 Thomas James
154 Joe Odhams
174 Sid Taylor
210 Ryan Brooks
213 Jake Mew
237 Jamie Broadhurst
267 Billy McDade
298 Dave Greening
301 Fred Moore
366 Pete Warren
369 Daniel Thompson
386 Bobby Stilgoe
406 Chris Bridger
515 Sam Fowler
595 Ben Wall
601 Brandon Melksham
604 Josh Bridger
616 Dan Moore
721 Carley Gabriel
746 Deejay Tyler
751 Nathan Newick
775 Bradley Hunt
781 Blake Dudley
832 Ryan Madge
852 Ryan Hughes
894 Chris Stokes
908 David Brown
956 Harry Thompson
962 Abbie Deeprose

Special Rods Both Days

68 Pete Jennings


60 To Bristow
700 Les Brice


303 Jason Oliver
43 Andy Howard
517 Scott Weldon
445 Nik Loader
278 Andrew Bressington
426 Russ Colenutt
775 Bradley Hunt


266 Micky Ford
41 Dene Howard
701 Ben Brice
120 Andy Latimer
135 Jim Cannon
275 Jack Buckingham
40 Pete Stanley
768 Joe Delahay
254 Nigel Manaton
6 Tim Bristow


175 Kevin Oliver
44 Sam Howard
26 Leah Bennett
129 Lee Dalton
61 Beth Stevenson
46 Angie Harris
108 Adam Headland


867 Gary Brown
247 Si Portlock
202 Mark Hall
103 Ryan Hinwood
114 Tom James



10 Jerry Weeks
36 Toby Loader
42 Jack Chapman
63 Rhys Lansdown
87 Jack McDade
100 Thomas Weeks
119 Stacey Howe
129 Lee Dalton
154 Joe Odhams
210 Ryan Brooks
220 Mike Stephens
741 Wonkey Donkey
Guest 1
Guest 2


14 Mckenzie Loader
23 Dexter Hine
36 Dylan Mcdermott
66 Taylor Mitchell
69 Reece Welch- Fry
87 Liam Harvey
100 Mckenzie Reilly
107 Henry Chiplen
162 Charlie Cocks
175 Emily Beacham
184 Callum Preston
229 Tom dalton
258 Riley Brimble
301 John- boy Penfold
302 Rosie-may Penfold
429 Tristen Heathcote
610 Alfie murray
618 Rio Bates
924 Joshua Heathcote


41 Dene Howard
82 Joe Gingell
87 Jason Harvey
154 Joe Odhams
174 Ben Sid Taylor
252 Steve Bugler
262 Rob Bugler
404 Rob Mills
440 Macauley Mills
616 Ian Jones
777 Ricky Daunton

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