Newsletter 04 2009


With Autumn closing in, we have two meetings left for 2009. August Bank Holiday was very good for the raceway, with good crowds on both days, despite the threat of a foggy afternoon! We were really lucky on both events to be able to run full programmes, and we had good driver support and some great entertainment. The Caravandalism event once again served up the goods, and is probably the best one ever, due, as always, to the time and effort, and bravery of the drivers, and the way our marshals quickly dealt with some serious untangling to get the race underway after two huge pileups.!

Formula Two Stock Cars

Our final 2009 meeting includes the final of the Rookies Reward series, and you will have had a letter confirming your entry if you have qualified. There is another good prize fund and eight tyres to be won, so please come along if you can. The two safety changes will need to be in place for those of you local racers-the centralising of your aerofoil and the welding in of the 3mm steel plates in the sides of the footwells. If you need any advice, please give us a ring and we’ll talk you through it.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to stage the 2010 Brisca F2 Nationals event next year, and will be looking to attract a good sponsor for this Championship, for which the winner receives that beautiful silver stock car created by Jon Padgett. National Fixture planning for 2010 is well advanced, and this meeting will be an extra F2 event for us.

Despite his disappointment in the World Final, Chris Bradbury will retain the Points Championship at the Raceway, having put it safely out of reach on August 30th.

Top Ten

 886  Chris Bradbury  164
 152  Mick Sworder  97
 677  Chris Roots  86
 315  Justin Fisher  73
 676  Neil Hooper  69
 105  Ross Rowe     68
 877  Eddie Darby  63
 642  Dave Luscombe  62
 189  Paul Butcher  59
 812  Scott Williams  56
 530  Matthew Deeble  55


Two more meetings to go and the next one is an 1800cc World Qualifying Round, just to top up the points for Ipswich and the 2litre World at Hednesford. If you wish to race at either of these two meetings let me know as soon as possible. There have been places available in the Taunton and the Arena World Final this year, so if you want to go, just ask!

The next meeting is a chance for all you Rookie drivers to have a go in National Bangers and finish off your car before the winter! There is to be very little change in Banger rules for 2010, except for what was notified in the last Newsletter, and the major change allowing full injection cars into unlimited bangers will be worded up soon.

The later date of the West of England Championship –October 18th- will attract a better field of drivers, we hope, and will be the final 2010 meeting. We have decided that if the Banger Points Championship is won by a visiting driver, which does seem possible, we will award a trophy to that driver to acknowledge his achievement, but the Points Championship Trophy and prize will be given to the highest Mendips Raceway points scorer.

The two Rookie Banger meetings over the August Bank Holiday were a great success, with fields of 51 and 42 cars respectively, and culminated with a Points Championship win for Kenny Dalton(458). It was great to see all those Old Skool cars out, which would never be seen in National Bangers. We are working on our dates for 2010 at the moment, and we have been asked for more Rookie meetings, although it is difficult to see how we will be able to find room for any more.

Rookie Bangers Final 2009 table

 458  Kenny Dalton  86
 58  Martin Dalton   78
 133  Jody Jeanes  52
 15  Brett Sedgbeer  49
 49  Rob Bevan  44
 149  Lee Norman  33
 441  Craig Griffin   31
 282  Steve Hunt  29
 117  Ollie Starr  28
 677  Glen Nash  28


Two Mini Mums have been brave enough to suggest that we might have a Disco/Buffet evening for all MiniRod drivers, possibly at Farrington Gurney where the Driver Meeting is held. If you would be interested, please contact Mandy Mulley on 01179 140840, email Lin Milverton @, or make contact at the track.

Mini Mums and Dads are always welcome at the Dinner and Dance in February!

New grades will be in force for the final meeting of 2009, which is the West of England Championship meeting, as shown below.

 Red    Blue
 60  Steve Sayer    150  91  Sam Bartlett  52
 7  Aaron Charles  130  21  Emily Moulton  45
 23  Jack Stuckey  128  15   Shane Jennings   38
 11  Tony Munden   127  56  Ryan Mulley    34
 43  Sam Howard  82  61  Alex Sloggett   29
 404  Macauley Mills  71  9  Jaz Skyrme  25
 22  Jordan Puddy  66  16  Daniel Milverton  25
 501  Sam May   65  111  Natasha Howe  22
 127  Louis Aldom  57  342  Ben Elliot  21
 79  Mason Thomas  56      
 796  Daniel Steeds  56      

Special Rods

One more meting for 2009, and the Points Championship looks nicely poised for a close finish. At this time of the season it can get a little too serious, so we shall be watching extra carefully for any foul play between the top contenders. Thanks to Robin Bath and AREBEE SIGNS, the West of England Championship will have some extra nice trophies, so we hope everyone manages to get out to the last meeting.

There will be a proposal at the Drivers Meeting to open up the engine regulations be allowing any cylinder head and camshaft, so everyone needs to put some thought into whether this change is for the best. Some drivers have intimated that they think there may be some cheating going on, and this would be an easy way to stop it, although not necessarily the right way.

There are new grades for the last meeting, as detailed over the page.

 47  Richard Howard  119  33  Shaun Norton  34
 42  John Major   113  136  Jason Horseman  34
 23  Ross Stuckey  95  993  Darren Foss  34
 Red  83  Doug George  33
 198  Marcus Goldsmith  94  930  Nick Simons  32
 173  Alan Cambridge  81   19  Matthew Tegg  30
 25   Robin Bath  70  407  Nigel Gissing   29
 144  Mark Thompson  63  45  Shaun Jennings   29
 10  Stephen Hine  56  8   Andrew Morgan  29
 41  Dene Howard  48      
 43  Andy Howard   47      
 17  Lee Robins  46      
 48  Steve Hodge  38      

Hot Rods

Congratulations to Ross for retaining the Points Championship over a much improved season for the Hot Rods. Although it has been difficult for visiting drivers with the costs of fuel, we have had some excellent sessions, and look forward to some more in 2010. Wilson’s new car made the West of England look easy, but I’m sure there will be drivers updating their equipment over the close season to give him more of a challenge. It was great to see John Wood back at the raceway, although he wasn’t able to stay for long-he has been a good friend to Hot Rod racing at the Mendips, ands we hope to see him again next year. We will, of course, be discussing the 2010 season at the Drivers Meeting, of which we will be writing to you again after the September and October races.

Here is the Final Top Ten

 26  Ross Loram    88
 205  Mike Norton  85
 117  Dave Tossell   77
 88  Alan Shelper  77
 718  Colin White     68
 904  Wilson Hamilton  63
 775  Phil Parkhouse  48
 18  Larry Langmead  42
 734  Ralph Sanders  37
 35  Neil Mewdell  28

Reliant Robins

Another great finale to our Reliants’ 2009 season, with the Figure of Eight and the Destruction Derby, and congratulations go to Points Champion Barry Richards and DD winner Mark Bowskill. We are working hard to come up with some different events for the Robins, that will bring the fun back into the racing without the all out wrecking that happens at other tracks. We know that not everyone wants to have flat out racing, although this does have a place in the sport. Any suggestions will be welcome at the Drivers Meeting.

Here are the Final scores for 2009

 87  Barry Richards  127
 58  Martin Dalton  107
 59  Mike Jones      104
 78  Mark Bowskill  93
 46  Jon Coombs  71
 658  Ken Burrows  53
 250  Ryan Withers  51
 909  Dan Moss     43
 3  Dan Tytheridge   32
 159  Katie Jones     32
 39  Simon Faulkner  19
 48  Barry Dalton  18
 348  Shane Brereton  16
 24  John Brereton  12
 444  Mark Loader  12
 707  Jeremy Moss  10
 7  Jamie Charles  10
 21  Brad Worthington  3
 308  Andrew Harrison  3

The Last Bit

Cancer Research
We are delighted to be able to announce that Filo’s Crashmania made £2855  00 for Cancer Research UK, and that our running total to date is £10,857  78p. We’ll be looking to increase that total again in 2010. Well done again to everyone who has worked for the cause.

Driver of the Year 2009
 We have decided to change the way this is voted for in 2009, and as many of you will know, Nicci port has been going round asking each and every driver to vote for Driver of the Year, so that it is a drivers’ decision rather than a public decision. We felt that it was possible to swing the voting in the previous method, so this year we’ll see who comes out on top! All of our Staff will also have the chance to vote, as well, so if Nicci doesn’t find you over the next couple of meetings make sure that you find her and register your vote. Remember, it is a vote for a driver who is registered with Mendips Raceway only.

Photos - If you wish to buy photos from any of our meetings-check out the track shop, or select them from the website and email

Still buying Reliant axles and propshafts-£30 each    See Graham or phone 01963 220028.

Dvds available for all of our meetings-contact Chris Dalton 01454 319000 or

Dinner and Dance Tickets available now!  At the Office or 01963 220028

Jason Horseman has a 2door Sierra Shell for sale-£200 phone. 07826 436162.

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