Newsletter April 2012


Here is the first Newsletter of 2012.  All of our newsletters and other information is now online here!

Many of you will receive this as an email, which is also the future of spreading information, and with the recent increase in postage prices, something we will be continuing.

New Drivers
This Newsletter keeps you up to date with everything that is going on at the Raceway, and most importantly, your change of racing grade or roof colour. All of our formulae are regraded usually after every two meetings, and once notified, you must repaint your car roof in the correct grading colour.

Driver and Mechanic admissions
Just a reminder once again about the free entries that are granted with your Mendips Raceway racing licence. In all cases, the driver and one other person is admitted free of charge-all other family and friends have to pay. When the tow vehicle or transporter arrives, that is when the free admissions are granted-not two hours later when a family member arrives on their own and claims a free ticket. If your wife, or girlfriend or mechanic wish to use the free admission, they must arrive with the driver. With Junior Rods, both parent are admitted free with the driver, and in all cases, we do not charge for drivers children under 15 years of age.

Brisca F2 Stock Cars
Many thanks to everyone who supported our World Qualifier on Easter Sunday, where Chris Bradbury took away his first, and possibly not his last Final win of the season. It was great to see Dennis the Menace down again-unbroken sequence of World Qualifiers for him stretching back ten years!

Our next meeting on May 7th is our annual Cancer Charity meeting. We have raised almost £20,000 over the past 10 years, and we are delighted that the stock cars will be racing on that day for the Pink Ribbon Trophy, which has been presented for the second year running by Andy Maidment and family.. Please make the effort to race on that day, as cancer is a terrible disease that affects every family, and we always have a great day fundraising, and the more outrageous pink stunts the better!

There will be a Charity Bike Race, with prizes for the most outrageous fancy dress, and it will be £5 to enter. Get some sponsors, and see how much you can raise! There will also be a race for under 12 year olds

Top Ten

522Chris Mikulla32
886Chris Bradbury32
835Matt Westaway26
768Tom Adcroft26
797Dan Moss18
126Jamie Avery15
315Justin Fisher14
641Dennis Midler13
76Chris Rowe11

The Micro meeting that started the year off was well attended and very entertaining, we shall fit in another one next year. Some great little cars and great atmosphere, with everyone up for the crash!

Hearses and Limos was a great meeting spoilt by the appalling weather but the much reduced Bank Holiday crowd enjoyed seeing the big cars. Man of the meeting undoubtably Shaun Dyer, especially taking on the two Lincolns in the DD!  This meeting will be on the calendar again next year.. THUNDERBOLT XII is our next meeting on Sunday May 6th, followed by the first World Qualifier of 2012, which is 1800, no Mondeos, a meeting that should be popular. PLEASE book in for these meetings if you have not already done so.

Rookie Bangers
Two drivers have been banned following the East Sunday meeting. Tom Davey (54) has been banned from Rookie Bangers only for six months for jacking up a stationary car in the Allcomers, with the final two months suspended. He returns to racing on August 9th 2012. Stu Harrop was banned for six months from Rookie Bangers only for two follow ins and ignoring the black flag. He returns to racing on October 9th 2012. Both drivers may race any other contact formulae.

New Grades for May 6th/7th*

Red TopsBlue Tops
363Sam Trim60252Steve Bugler11
311Danny Allen28329Kevin Eales10
262Rob Bugler28920Simon Sparrow10
731Shaun Dyer28135Jim Astell10
523Swampy28184Andy Nutley9
517Scott Weldon25113Aaron Brown9
162Mike Cocks17315Jack Holmes7
58Martin Dalton17801Mike English7
4Bob Barnes149Mavis7
508David Browne(v)13277Sean Rowell(v)5

*grades not applicable for THUNDERBOLT as incarace draw is used.

Rookie Bangers

Grades for July 28th

Red TopsBlue Tops
458Kenny Dalton289Mavis9
475Ben Sealey(v)26129Lee Dalton9
384Scott Benjafield2256Ricki Stevens9
109Chris Neville22309Chris Parry9
13Chris Jeanes(v)19209Russ Neville8
744Jake Carless1712Kenny Gabriel8
364Darren Feltham12133Jody Jeanes7
175Gary Hunt(v)10331Duncan Kennard7
149Lee Norman10444Keiran Bellringer6
27Dean Quinn106Andy Bradshaw6

Reliant Robins
An excellent turnout of cars for the first meeting, and still no one could beat Lee Charles! Although the weather was truly awful, thanks for sticking with it and helping us run the whole programme. Entertainer awards went to Tom Ruby in the first, and Lee Charles in the Final, and each driver has received 10 extra points. Unfortunately, rollover points were not recorded and as the video man gave up quite early in the day, there is no record, so our apologies for that, which will be remedied next time.

If you are better on two wheels that three, don’t forget the Charity Bike Race for The Cancer Research funds on May 7th - £5 to enter, plus whatever you can get for sponsors!

Top Ten

499Lee Charles40
445Niki Loader23
33Jack Carnell22
644Mark Thompson14
266Micky Ford13
437Cliff Worthington12
674Matt Ashmore10
111Tom Ruby10
3Dan Tytheridge8
100Jerry Weeks8

Junior Rods
Good racing from the Juniors again, and well done to all the novice drivers who have really made good progress, and got up to speed. The difference that two meetings can make is easy to see, especially as the weather was so bad for the second meeting. The very wet track was difficult to drive, and yet all the races went off without many spills. The format works well, with everyone getting three races, so with the numbers as they are we will continue with two split heats, all in Final, and an Allcomers race.

As you are racing on Pink Ribbon day, don’t forget to bring your bike, and blag some sponsor money for Cancer Research UK for the bike race!

New grades for May 7th

Red TopsBlue Tops
404Macauley Mills49198William Steeds20
510Sid Harrison4816Dan Milverton20
273Zoe Cambridge4161Beth Stevenson16
24Sam Crane3030Natasha Howe15
87Callum Richards28224Jordan Edwards11
313Charlie Boorer26777Eden Bird10
25Brad Seymour26761Kyle Williams6
796Dan Steeds21703Joe Harrison6
203Charlie Norton2139Sophie Harris6
362Aaron Loader21

Hot Rods
Thanks to Colin White for again sponsoring the CWS Mears Trophy on Easter Sunday, and to Wilson Hamilton for the racing on May 6th. Racing has been very competitive on both of the meetings so far, and Steve looks to be keen to win back to back points titles.

Top Ten

282Steve Hunt52
117Dave Tossell45
18Larry Langmead40
718Colin White38
258James Griggs32
904Wilson Hamilton26
35Neil Muddle18
205Mike Norton15
578Rick Lee7

Special Rods
Cracking start to the Special Rod season despite the weather, and another Final win for Barney. Good to see Steve Griffin (440) back in a Special Rod after five(?) years, and still able to cut it, and Andy Howard (43) back on form with the wet! Good set of results for Rowie as well, and the other banger man Dean Quinn(27) got his feet under the table. Let’s hope for better weather on May 6th.

No new grades until after May 6th, but below is the Top Ten

210Paul Barnes30
23Ross Stuckey27
122Joe Rowe26
43Andy Howard23
18Russ Colenut20
27Dean Quinn17
47Richard Howard13
35Mark Johns12
136Jason Horseman9
440Steve Griffin8

The Last Bit

Lap Scoring
We are very keen to recruit another lap scorer to work in Race Control. All you need to be able to do is to write quickly and concisely, and have some knowledge of the cars and numbers, although this comes with practice.

You do get the best seat in the house, and there is even a free lunch and some fuel money, so if you would like to have a go, please speak to Pat in Race Control.  If you try it and can’t get on with it, then there is nothing lost.

Any more information please give us a ring or email - 01963 220028 or

Banger Olympics

Download Team entry form for the Banger Olympics here.

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