Newsletter 06 2009


December Mini Newsletter 2009

Dear Drivers,

Dinner, Dance and Presentation evening

Tickets are going well, and there are still some rooms available at the Webbington Hotel at our usual discounted rate. Phone 01934 750100 to book, and phone Pat on 01963 220028 for your tickets. It is Saturday February 6th-7 for 7.30pm

Brisca F2 stock cars

For those of you not regular internet users, there will be internal changes in the way Brisca F2 is operated I from January 1st 2010, which have been notified on Brisca There will be no change to drivers benefits, prize money or complimentary admissions. Brisca F2 will become part of the Oval Racing Council, who are the overall governing body of oval racing in Europe, and have coordinated all of the improvements in Health and Safety that have been necessary to allow oval racing to continue. Mendips Raceway has been fully involved in this through Brisca F2 Secretary Graham Bunter, who will continue in this role, with Crispen Rosevear becoming Chairman as Dave Coventry retires after his two year stint.


The major Rulechange for 2010 is the use of multi point injection systems in Unlimited National Bangers, which is intended to get a few more cars out for drivers who don’t have the engineering skills to convert, or the necessary engines to transplant. Fuel pumps must be under the bonnet, and proper high pressure fuel lines used. Other changes are the banning of wheelarch bolts on the rear, compulsory padding of steering columns, the permitting of strengthening of lower wishbones, and the fitting of a crank sensor protective device (50x50mm angle, 100mm long) Toyo tyres have been banned.


In line with most other ORCi tracks, we will now permit multipoint injection cars in Rookie Bangers. What we will not allow is replacement bumpers on the front-only the original bumper may be used, if a bumper is used at all. We will not be banning Mondeos, or any other cars, but we will not permit National Bangers to be re used as Rookies. We still hope to see some nice old cars in the Rookies, which gives it a great flavour, and we will be monitoring race conduct as always.

Easter Monday April 5th will be Matches and Despatches again-please let us know if you have a car for this, as it was a great success last year, and some cars have been kept back for it. There will be Top Tin awards and cash prizes again for the best.

THUNDERBOLT will be on the first May Bank Holiday weekend, and British Beef / Summer Open on the last weekend of June.

Caravandalism 10 will once again be open to Rookie Bangers, with the same start money available for stripped and well prepared caravans, and prizes for the best turnouts. Water tanks will be permitted.

For full details of our dates keep an eye on the website.
Special Rods
The proposal to allow head modifications was thoroughly discussed, and rejected. Our scrutineers will be doing more engine checks, mainly on camshaft profiles as the season goes on. They will also be looking at suspensions, and checking lower wishbones and other components. Doug George agreed to take on the job of Drivers Representative, as Angie doesn’t feel able to give it enough time, and Doug may well be organising a sweepstake type competition, where all drivers will pay in to create a prize fund at a selected meeting. Robin Bath generously offered to pay prize money on the West of England event, so don’t forget AREBEE Signs when you are looking to decorate your race car. If anyone is buildinga new car, we would like to have one for the Dinner Dance display-let us know.

Craig Harris will be running Toyo Proxy tyres in 2010, as a comparison to the Yokohama, on a no points basis, for evaluation. For the Points Chart, Craig’s results will be included, but no points will be awarded, and no other driver will be awarded those points. Craig will race from Red Grade.

Hot Rods

The Fixtures will be very similar to 2009, and the Points Championship will again be decided on the July meeting, leaving the West of England as an open meeting. Race format will always be random draw, reversed grid, and then fastest from the back, EXCEPT in the West of England Championship. We will obtain transponder data from NHRPA to allow electronic timing to take place for those who use transponders.


During 2010, we may be testing on a no points basis an alternative car to the Mini. We have to recognise that the Mini will not last forever, and this is a move forward.

Should we experience low fields again in 2010, we will probably run split heats, all in Final, and then an allcomers, which will mean more cars in each race.

Reliant Robins

Reliants race meetings in 2010 will be a similar pattern to 2009, but at least one meeting will be Reliants Crazy day, which will feature three completely oddball races-the details of which are still being formulated. It is likely to be a pairs race, a slalom race using part of the Figure of Eight track, and a ramp jump race.

We have got to be more careful with body work, and any car that arrives with too much bodywork missing will not be allowed to race. Losing it during the meeting is acceptable!


After the major changes last closed season, there are very few staff changes for 2010. Any staff who could not attend the Drivers meeting must please get in contact so that we know who will be requiring a Licence. 

Practice Day 

Practice Day 2009 will be Saturday March 6th-10 am start. Will any Marshalls who are NOT able to work please phone us or email as soon as possible

Drivers Licence Forms

Driver Licence Contracts are available for download from, or by post if you need another one. Phone Pat on 01963 220028. There is NO INCREASE in the Licence Fee for 2010. 

Graham and Pat Bunter.

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