Filo's Crashmania for Cancer July 26th


After the great success of last weekend, we now look forward to the last Sunday in July, which over the last twelve years can mean only one thing-Banger Team Racing! The established Crashmania for Cancer meeting was given an added poignancy when long serving racer Phil Cleverley(402) was taken by this awful disease early in 2008, and therefore, Filo's Crashmania is our tribute to Phil and his carefree attitude to his banger racing. 

This is the day when everyone is encouraged to wear pink, and help us raise money for cancer research, as £1 of your admission charge goes straight into the charity box-providing you are wearing something pink!

Our entry is limited to twenty five teams, and we still have room for a couple more, at the moment, so any potential teams need to get in touch soonest, either through the website or on the contact phone number. Further details will follow, but suffice it say that we have some very good teams already booked, and some, shall we say, not likely to be bothering the trophy girls!

This year Ben Clifton, the TEABOY of Ovalchat fame, is cycling all the way from his home in Kent to the stadium, and hoping to be heavily sponsored for doing so, and we here at the Raceway will pledge £100 if he makes it!


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