Winter events preview


As usual, there are a number of high profile winter banger events coming up that will feature Mendips Raceway drivers.

The undisputed real World Championship Final, which moved last year from Wimbledon to Ipswich, takes place on Saturday November 14th, and this year there are two drivers seeded directly into the Final-Paul Barnes(210) who won the World Qualifying Series with an outstanding late run in September

and Steve Grifin(44) who was runner up, and both drivers will be taking part in their first World Final at Ipswich. Paul has a Granada Mk 1 Coupe, and Steve a Granada Mk 1 saloon, and both will be immaculate, if their usual turnout is anything to go by! Taking their chances in the Last Chance qualifers are Jamie Charles (7) and Sam Trim(363), who hope to progress through to the fInal as winners of one of these races, as Sam did in 2008 at Arena Essex.

 One week and a day later, it's the ORCi 2 litre Banger Team Meeting at Mildenhall, where the raceway will be represented by:-

           15         Ben Tovey                     Compton Martin

            44         Steve Griffin                   Bristol

            51         John Worstencroft          Holmeschapel   

            162       Mike Cocks                   Portishead

            198       Marcus Goldsmith          Paulton

            210       Paul Barnes                  Bournemouth

            363       Sam Trim                      Charterhouse

            364       Darren Feltham              Oldbury

A good strong team with a lot of new blood!

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