West of England Entries Update


The following drivers are booked for the 2012 West Of England Banger Championship of Sunday October 7th 2012 at Mendips Raceway, 1pm start.

There are some drivers on the reserve list, so anyone who is not able to race, please contact us in the usual way to allow someone else the opportunity to race. You can email through the website, or phone 01963 220028.

If your name is not on the list, then we are sorry that you have been unlucky this time. We will be better prepared next season to take more drivers when we prepare our Fixture List. If there are places available, then we will contact you as soon as possible. DO NOT arrive on spec.

7          Jamie Charles
8          Dan Wood       
9          Adam Elias     
12        Kenny Gabriel            
21        Ben Teakel      
27        Dean Quinn     
29        Dave Dalton    
31        Liam Shipway
38        Kevin Styles   
45        Tony Bevan    
49        Rob Bevan      
54        Tom Davey     
55        Alan Machin   
59        Mike Jones     
68        Steve Stockley            
74        David Carter   
75        Paul Fisher      
76        Kaylee Spooner          
88        Tim Wood      
111      Tom Ruby       
112      Mark Wilson  
113      Aaron Brown  
11        Chris Jeanes    
129      Lee Dalton      
133      Jody Jeanes     
149      Lee Norman    
158      Shaun Macarthy         
162      Mike Cocks
175      Gary Hunt       
189      Jamie Knox     
224      Dale Edwards
242      John Quinn     
246      Ryan Sparks    
247      Richard Sparkes         
270      Shaun Baker   
301      Fred Moore     
309      Chris Parry     
364      Darren Feltham          
372      Jay Matthews  
406      Chris Bridger  
426      Ross Henderson          
427      George Harris
434      Oliver Tate     
440      Eddie Redmond          
444      Kieran Bellringer       
452      Will Teakel     
475      Ben Sealey      
668      Paul Mortimer            
718      Adie Brown    
744      Jake Carless    
772      Shaun Langham          
775      Brad Hunt       
778      Paul May        
802      Liam Duncanson        
816      Martin Gill     
913      Bobby Hewlett            
975      Derek Ellis      
979      Damion Hartfield

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