The Banger Olympics 2012


Mendips Raceway Presents

The Banger Olympics

July 29th 2012

If the thought of all that running, jumping and swimming for two weeks in July 2012 doesn’t float your boat, then join Mendips Raceway for The Banger Olympics-the Ultimate Banger Team Meeting!

This meeting will be all bangers - with no support formulae.

There will be team of five drivers, and each team will represent a country-just like the other Olympics.

In the team there will be one micro banger, one non Mondeo 1800cc Banger, two 2-litre bangers, and one unlimited banger.

The final format is not yet decided, but it is likely to feature two heats, Final and DD for each class.

Mendips Raceway 2012-The Banger Olympics!

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