Mendips Raceway

September 8th/9th Preview and Booking Lists


So here it is.. the Brisca Formula 2 World Championship is only a few days away, and aren’t we excited!

For those of you that aren’t aware, each promotion has an 11 year wait to stage the Brisca Formula 2 World Final, so this meeting is something that is very special not only to us, but our fans, staff, regulars, drivers and those that support us throughout the year, year in, year out. We are delighted to be able to thank those that have helped us stage the World Championship, Mills Engineering, Polley Sport & Yokohama, James Rygor Snap-On, RS Motorsports, JB Pearce, Merv and Mary Maggs, Neil Truran Motorsport and several others behind the scenes that have helped not only us, but you guys as drivers, pit crews and spectators along the way.

Onto the big one! Brisca F2’s

It’s fantastic to have such a huge field of cars with us, over 80 cars booked, with some incredible names heading the List. We are delighted to say all World Finalists have confirmed their bookings, and all but 5 of the consolation Semi Finalists have conformed their bookings, as well as an additional few for the support heat and of course our overseas team!

Obvious numbers looking into the Main race are 7 Gordon Moodie, a frighteningly fast man around the Mendips Raceway, and given the chance will be incredibly hard to catch if he gets away. Also alongside is 647 Chris Burgoyne, the current British Champion again, an incredibly fast driver, with these two battling it out at Cowdenbeath Last weekend, Chris edged out Gordon in both finals, certainly the most exciting front row we have had! Looking through the pack we have 560 Luke Wrench, another rapid man around the Mendips Hills, equalled by 101 former World Champion Kelvyn Marshall. The West country is strongly represented, with 542 Steven Gilbert, 127 Matt Stoneman, 522 Chris Mikulla, 676 Neil Hooper and 935 Nathan Maidment, all of which have achieved enormous success around Mendips, certainly will be fighting for the crown.

The Overseas crew is led by Current World Champion #1 Wim Peeters, after two outstanding driveds on shale, will he be able to make it a hattrick and demonstrate his speed on tarmac? Also leading the charge is h381 David Polley and 747 Bradley McKinstry, two drivers who have lots of race wins between them around Mendips Raceway, and will be battling amongst the grid for the gold roof, there is every chance the gold will be going abroad once more!

We would like to thank all that have booked in, and cant express how much we look forward to hosting you all!

Weekend Booking List:  (82 Cars)


91 Harrison Bryant    Bath

109 Chris Neville     Peterborough

129 Pat Doherty       Banwell      

222 Adrian Watts      Exeter

399 Andy Clark        Doncaster

660 Becky Pearce      Dundry

711 Vince Stone       Salisbury

762 Mike Cocks        Weston Super-Mare

969 Bart Smeets       Colne


53 Phillip Mann      Bolton

251 Craig Driscoll   Huntingdon

299 Steve Smith      Wigan

325 Ryan Sheehan     Chard

328 Andy Walker      Cheltenham

359 Gary Wrech       Crewe

398 Ian England      Taunton

438 Mike Rice        Cullompton

460 Matt Weston      Bridgwater

745 Lee Morgan       Ottery St Mary

801 Jack Cave        Nottingham

828 Julian Coombes   Exeter

876 Stuart Moss      Wokingham

890 Paul Rice        Newton Abbott

895 Ben Goddard      Burnham On Sea

976 Dan Kent         Clevedon


24 Jon Palmer        Plymouth

67  Eddie Darby      Newton Abbott

111 Lewis Geach      Newton Abbott

199 Jak Marshall     Skegness

282 Anthony Riley    Accrington

302 Dale Moon        St Austell

305 Colin Gregg      York

315 Justin Fisher    Newton Abbott

324 Jordon Thackra   Huddersfield

464 Matt Linfield    Billinghurst

480 Garry Sime       Dundee

522 Chris Mikulla    Weston Super-Mare

578 Mark Gibbs       Leek

613 Ian Serpell      Plymouth

665 Richard Clubley  Peterborough

667 Tommy Farrell    Plymouth

689 Joe Marquand     Saltash

722 John Broatch     Northallerton

761 Richard Bowyer   Hales Owen

787 Ollie Hertzog    Altrincham

866 Bobby Griffin    Retford

979 Paul Moss        Fowey


3 Liam Rennie        Dundee

NI24 Sam McKay       NI

H33 Sebastiaan Vowinkel Netherlands

92 John Hogg         BERWICK UPON TWEED

D92 Peter Bauer      Germany

101 Kelvyn Marshall  Macclesfield

H114 Christiaan Janssen Netherlands

IOM164 Doug Kinrade  Isle of Man

184 Aaron Vaight     Ormskirk

H229 Tsjalle Greidanus Netherlands

H381 Dave Polley     Manea

468 Sam Weston       Bridgwater

527 James Rigall     Skegness

542 Steven Gilbert   Doublebois

618 Ben Lockwood     Huddersfield

674 Steven Burgoyne  Falkirk

676 Neil Hooper      Exmouth

700 Adam Rubery      Brierely Hill

NI718 Gavin Fegan    NI

783 James Rygor (Sunday) Wedmore

823 Sam Wagner       Middlesborough

852 Adam Blacklock   Lanark

854 Robbie Dawson    Aberdeen

905 Rob Mitchell     Colne

935 Nathan Maidment  Milborne Port

NI998 Graham Fegan   NI


H1 Wim Peeters       Netherlands

7 Gordon Moodie      Fife

16 Craig Wallace     Tranent

127 Matt Stoneman    Uffculme

560 Luke Wrench      Crewe

629 Euan Millar      Lockerbie

647 Chris Burgoyne   Falkirk

NI747 Bradley McKinstry NI

NI925 Craig McConnell NI

Heritage Formula 2  

The second of our World Championships on the night! Mendips Raceway is also honoured to host the Heritage Formula 2 Gold Cup, sponsored by Neil Truran Motorsport. Heritage F2 in recent years, has grown from strength to strength, with an average of 20 cars per meeting this year compared to 14/15 in previous years. Saturday night could see 35-40 compete, in what would be a record breaking number for one meeting. There are key names heading the list, 762 Phil Smith is the current Points Leader, leading the charge alongside 47 Giles Carter, recently crowned World of Shale Champion. Looking to retain the crown on his Home Track is 728 Graham Bunter, promotor here at Mendips Raceway. Another to keep an eye on is 253 Alan Humphrey, although not the most successful results wise, Alan puts in an incredible amount of work for the Formula, introducing 13+ drivers in his spare car for a chance to race, give all the drivers a visit in the pits!

Heritage F2

7    Peter Fenton          Manchester

20   Dan Jefferies         Newark

23   John Clements         Wallasey

47   Giles Carter          Northampton

49   Paul Ferguson         Burnham on Sea

59   Niggi Finnegan        Middleton

64   Paul Sykes            Wigan

128  Jack Bunter           Charlton Horethorne

138  John O'Sullivan       Swindon

198  Alan Nicholson        Sleaford

218  Phil Hiles            Bradford

253  Alan Humphrey         Truro

261  Jason Lamburn         Huddersfield

271a Wayne Helliwell       Oldham

311  Granville Wright      Buckley

342  Ross Taylor           Knaresborough

347  Ian Johnson           Nottingham

475  Ian Bell              Milton Keynes

517  Dan Cooper            Crewe

533  Andy Kaye             Driffield

537  Charlie Barnes        Wallasey

559  Phil Hickerton        Leamington Spa

619  David Sloggett        Bath

728  Graham Bunter         Charlton Horethorne

762  Phil Smith            Banbury

763  Andy Bateman          Callington

773  Nick Whitney          Aylesbury

807  Ian Hooson            Daventry

869  Mike Walmsley         Ipswich

886  Brian Owen            Leamington Spa

Non Qualifier

107  Dan Chiplen           Sherborne

314  Paul Bromham          Bradley Stoke

401 Ashley Wareham 

616  Darren Clarke         Castle Cary

Saloon Stock Cars  

Sunday see’s the first of our Saloon Meetings, last time at Mendips it was 902 Junior Buster leading the charge in the heats, with 158 Shane Davies taking the final. This year we have a fantastic line up of drivers, including 720 Shane Brown, English Champion 27 Keiran Bradford and National Champion 661 Graeme Shevill. Its always fantastic to see the Saloons around Mendips Raceway, and we hope to see you all again on the 30th September!

27 Kieren Bradford English Champion

56 George Boult Jnr. Blue

84 Carl Boswell Blue

96 William Mitchell Blue

153 Ryan Wright Red

171 Adam Odell Blue

190 John Wagstaff Yellow

199 Philip Powell Blue

276 Ben King Blue

298 Ian Elms Yellow

360 Carl Waterfield Red

399 Cole Atkins Red

444 Kieran Bellringer Yellow

470 David Vaughn Yellow

476 Ryan Wadling Blue

529 Jason Secker Red

602 Dean Quinn Yellow

620 Aaryn Triggs Red

661 Graeme Shevill National Champion

720 Shane Brown Red

799 Joseph Powell Blue

800 Scott Greenslade Yellow

902 Junior Buster Yellow


Sunday sees the Robin World Cup take place, as well as the points finale and Destruction Derby! Robins are one of our most popular formulas, even with reduced numbers this year, those who attended Bank Holiday Monday will confirm how epic these guys were. The top 2 26 Russ Gillingham and 27 Dean Quinn will be fighting for the points, while 304 Tim Weare will make his Robin Farewell.

17 Lee Robins              Bristol

25 Kylie Gillingham        Glastonbury

26 Russ Gillingham         Glastonbury

27 Dean Quinn              Bristol

49 Liam Boden              Worcester

58 Martin Dalton           Yate

81 Andy Hawkins            Bishops Sutton

272 Mitchell Turley        Bristol

304 Tim Weare              Cheddar

364 Darren Feltham         Thornbury

509 Matt Dixon             Bristol

510 Sid Harrison           Bristol

999 James Puckett          Taunton

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