Rule Changes for 2010


Now that the annual Drivers Meetings and rule making sessions have taken place, there are a number of changes to the rules of racing that will be of interest. The full rundown can be read in the December Mendips Raceway newsletter that is available on the members Newsletter page. (log in to read it)

The biggest change in Banger racing is the allowing of fuel injected cars into Unlimited National bangers, to encourage drivers to use Mercedes and BMW cars that were previously impossible to use as no carburettror conversion was available.

In Rookie Bangers, fuel injected cars will now also be permitted, and while the cc limit will remain at 1800cc, this will allow a greater range of cars to be used. There is no truth in the rumour that Mondeos will not be allowed.

Special Rods will continue in to be a budget racing formula based on the Ford Sierra 1.6, but as an experiment, 2008 Points Champions Craig Harris (39) will be using Toyo Proxy tyres on a no points evaluation basis.

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