Mendips Raceway

Rob Batten(467) and Gary Quinn(152)


Air Ambulance at Mendips RacewayDuring the meeting Final for the Formula Two Stock Cars yesterday, Rob Batten(467) clipped a stranded car and his car went into a succession of rolls, ending up on its wheels at the pits bend.

The Mendips Raceway emergency crew and St John Ambulance attended the scene, and after stabilising him, the car roof was removed, and Rob was transferred to an ambulance, and then to the Air Ambulance, in which he was transferred to Weston General Hospital.

During the evening, several X rays and a CT scan were carried out, and the results are that he has three cracked vertebrae in his back, and a fractured rib, but no other spinal damage. Rob will remain in hospital for observation.

Gary Quinn(152) was taken to hospital after a crash in the bangers, after complaining of back pain, and potential internal bleeding.

Thankfully, he was released with bruising and no further effects.

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