The weather remained dry for the whole meeting Featuring the BRISCA F2’S WORLD SEMI FINAL’S. 70 F2’s turned up from all over the country, and 19 Saloon Stox turned up including 561 Aaron Totham from East Anglia and 620 Aaron Triggs from Scotland, and there was a healthy entry of 36 Special Rods.


13 cars came out for the 1st Heat which was the drivers who didn’t Qualify for the World Semi Final’s in which 259 Gary Wench got spun out, and 533 John Whittaker got spun out, then Whittaker and 870 Bruno Farrell had a coming together, and 856 Jamie Cocks made it up from 5th on the grid to take the lead then on to win from 605 Richard Andrews, then 925 Jake Wilson.


24 Jon Palmer blew his Engine in practice so the was a short wait to give Palmer to finish his Engine Swap, 28 Cars lined up and 7 Gordon Moodie led from pole and 560 Luke Wrench got air bone before he crossed the start line and there was a massive pile up on the home straight involving most of the grid, leading to a complete re-start, 968 Micky Brennan, 419 Ryan Farquar, 12 Craig Driscoll, 674 Steven Burgoyne, and 542 Stephen Gilbert, had to much damage to make the re-start. Moodie shot Straight in to the lead on the Restart and amongst the action in the mid pack 454 Ryan Gardiner and 926 Josh Wilson had a big coming together, and 315 Charlie Fisher got pushed and squeezed 387 Jason McDonald up the fence leaving McDonald on his side, leading to another re-start with only 18 car left running, Moodie led the 3rd re-start, from Wrench, then 578 mark Gibbs then 647 Chis Burgoyne, Moodie went on to take the win from Wrench (from 3rd on the grid, then 16 Craig Wallace(from 6th on the grid) then C.Burgoyne(from 7th on the grid).


Defending World Champion 1 Dave Polley didn’t turn up to take his place on the grid due to work commitments so he will have to start at the back of the grid in the World Final at Nutts Corner. 28 Cars made the grid, the start of the race was a bit lively before it quietened down and 183 Charlie Guinchard shot straight in to the lead from pole quickly loosing 3 Liam Rennie, and with 5 to go Rennie reeled in Guinchard, and Rennie Shoved Guinchard wide to take the lead, then with 4 to go Guinchard shoved Rennie to re take the lead, then 783 James Rygor shoved 880 Jack Witts wide to take 3rd, Guinchard went on to take the win from Rennie, then Rygor(from 13th on the grid), then Witts.


14 cars made it out for the 1st Consolation and 762 Mike Cocks, led before 235 Alfie Brimble took up the running, then 926 John Wilson took the lead then 931 Rebecca Smith shoved Wilson wide to take the lead then on to win from, 979 Paul Moss, 9 Harley Thackra, then Gibbs


18 cars came out for the 2nd Consolation and 821 Gary Walker led from pole and Whittaker got spun out, then 475 Leah Sealey and 22 Dave Gallagher had a coming together, and with 5 to go Driscoll made it up to 2nd, then Driscoll shoved Walker wide to take the lead then on to win from Walker, then Gilbert.


36 cars qualified for an action packed Final 121 Vinni Neath-Rogers led from pole then Moss got spun out then there was a four car pile up and 890 Paul Rice ended up parked on his side on the the fence, and someone lost a wheel leading to a stoppage Rogers led the re-start from 844 Jack Prosser,  then Driscoll, and there was an explosive re-start with a lot of crashes and Moodie was making good progress until he was caught up in the chaos dropping him near to the back of the gird and Driscoll took up the running and C.Burgoyne made it up to 2nd from 7th, then C.Burgoyne shoved Driscoll wide to take the lead then there was another stoppage, C,Burgoyne led the Re-Start from Driscoll, then Witts, then Guinchard. Then Guinchard tried shoving Witts side and they both tangled and the both lost places, C.Burgoyne went on to take the win from 285 Caiden Morrison, then Stoneman.


In the Grand National Stoneman took the win, from Morrison, then Jessica Smith


19 cars made it out for an action packed 1st Heat and 444 Kieren Bellringer took the early lead from pole and 99 Jacob Roff made it up to 2nd then Roff got taken out of 2nd, then 277 Jack Grandon and  720 Archie Brown was trading hits and swapping place’s in the battle for 2nd, then just before the ½ way mark 577 Harry Darby got past Bellringer to take the lead, H.Darby crossed the line 1st with Grandon crossing the line in 2nd,  but H.Darby and Grandon was docked two place’s for jumping the start giving Brown the win from Triggs, then H.Darby, then Grandon.


19 cars came out for another action packed race Bellringer took the early lead from pole before 112 Richerd James took up the running, then Roff shoved his way past James to take up the running with 151 Levi List slotting into 2nd, and amongst the action further back  Bellringer got squeezed up the wall, then in one hit Totham shoved Roff and List wide to take the lead, then with 5 to go 672 Si Paris had a massive rollover on the backstraight getting airbourne leading to a stoppage, Totham led the re-start, from Grandon then Buster, and that is how they stayed to the end with Totham taking the win.


18 cars survived for another action packed race 111 Tommo took the early lead before there was a lot of lead changes before List took the lead, then there was a big crash on the home straight with Paris in the thick of it hitting the wall hard and getting stranded leading to a stoppage. List led the re-start, from Roff, then Grandon, then Roff,  Grandon and Brown and Buster was having a big scrap for 2nd trading hits and places, then 27 Jason Kingwell went into the fence hard leading to another stoppage List led the re-start, from Buster, then Grandon, the lead three broke away at the start but as but as Grandon and Buster was trading hits and swapping places they way loosing time to the leader then they stopped trading places and they started to reel in the leader but he was still to far ahead to challenge, but Buster did manage to take 2nd off Grandon on the last bend with List taking the win.


With ½ the cars in each heat it left 18 cars in the 1st heat with a random draw grid. 275 Jack Buckingham took the early lead from 2nd on the grid, then 254 Nigel Manaton spent a few laps on the outside of  Buckingham before he took the lead and 445 Nik Loader and 700 Les Brice crossed the line side-by-side, Manaton went on to take the win from Buckingham, then 120  Andy Latimer.


18 cars came out for the 2nd Heat and 701 Ben Brice led from pole with 181 Ian Mclaren slotting into 2nd from 4th on the grid, from 775 Brad Hunt(from 6th on the grid) then Hunt  tried to go round the outside of McLaren and they spent a few laps side by side but Hunt couldn’t make it stick and slotted back into 3rd, and 426 Russ Colenutt made it up to 4th from 9th on the grid, then Hunt and Mclaren had a coming together and Hunt accidently T-Boned Mclaren and in the melee 6  Tim Bristow accidently shoved 175 Kevin Oliver into Mclaren gifting Colenutt 2nd, B.Brice went onto win from Colenutt then 44 Sam Howard.


17 cars came out for the Consolation 61 Beth Stevenson took the early  lead from pole, then 68 Pete Jennings nipped up the inside of 517 Scott Weldon to take 2nd, then Weldon, 40 Pete Stanley, 103 Ryan Hinwood, and 60 Tom Bristow had a coming together on the turnstile bend, then 110 Ash Freeman retired with damage, then 303 Jason Oliver made it up from 13th on the grid to take 2nd then Oliver went  round the outside of Stevenson to take the lead, Oliver went on to win from Stevenson, then Jennings.


24 cars qualified for the Final B.Brice took the early lead from pole but when B.Brice was going through the backmarkers he was boxed in on the inside line, and Manaton and Colenutt nipped round the outside to take 1st and 2nd, then J.Oliver retired with damage, Manaton went on to win from Colenutt, then B.Brice.


19 cars came out for the Grand National 867 Gary Brown took the early lead from pole then Oliver went round the outside of Brown to take the lead, then and Stevenson, Buckingham, and A.Latimer had a coming together, Oliver went on to win from Brown, then P.Jennings.

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