Report - Sunday 28th August 2011

Report - Sunday 28th August 2011


Report - Sunday 28th August 2011The first of the Bank Holiday weekend meetings saw a very busy pit area – although not compared to how it would be on Monday, with an especially good entry of Rookie Bangers and Junior Rods and although the entry of BriSCA F2 Stock Cars was disappointing, all in all it was a good afternoon with plenty of on track action to keep the crowd on their toes in weather that alas had too much of an Autumn feel to it.

Bank Holiday weekends are always busy for the F2 Stock Cars and it seems we suffered as a consequence of that, but, there were three Superstar graded drivers amongst the entry and they went on to take the 1-2-3 in the Final too.  Things got underway with the Rookies Reward race, the last round ahead of the Final at next month’s meeting.  438 Mike Rice was the winner.  954 Jamie Beere was the winner of heat one and 886 Chris Bradbury heat two.

245 Paul Milsom led the Final until the halfway stage when Bradbury took over and he went on to win, which was the Freddie Funnel Memorial trophy with 921 Jack Aldridge second and 24 Jon Palmer third.  990 Paul Rice won the Grand National and with Bradbury sixth from the lap handicap, the track championship is within reach for what will be a record four years in a row.

Once again the popularity of the Rookie Bangers was proved, with 63 cars in the pits and various cars.  Amongst the entry was 328 Mike Parry from ‘Thunderpix’ and he was an early casualty in heat one when he was collected heavily in the side.  After the re-start 668 Paul Mortimer opened out a large lead and when he was the only one to miss a pile up on the pits bend, it became even larger and he went on to take his first ever win.  247 Richard Sparks took heat  two and then the Consolation was won by 331 Duncan Kennard, after 321 Mark Johns retired within sight of the flag.   The Final saw a very good battle for the lead.  Mortimer led the way initially until 929 Sam Baker went past and then 991 Ben Hale went through as Baker spun.  Mortimer then came back at Hale which saw both lose time and put Baker back into the lead and he went on to win with 133 Jody Jeanes second and Hale third.  19 Jay Berry won the Allcomers.

With a few regulars missing, and two unfortunately going no further than pre-meeting practice, the Junior Rods entry was good and the adjusted format again worked well.  510 Sid Harrison went round the outside of 105 Louis Williams to win the first heat in style, and help towards his chase for the silver roof whilst 7 Aaron Charles swept all before him to take the second heat.  105 Williams got into the lead and pulled clear in the Final as the top two in the points, Harrison and 127 Louis Aldom retired.

A simple clash of wheels with Charles as he came past unfortunately left 24 San Crane with a suspected wrist injury and this brought out the yellow flags.   This whittled Williams’ lead down to little for the re-start and Charles pounced and went on to take the win.  Williams kept second and 362 Aaron Loader took a good third.  Inspired by this, Loader then went on to impressive withstand  high pressure to take the win in the Allcomers.

RESULTS - 28.08.11


Rookies Reward - Mike Rice 438,785,14,544,245,550
Heat 1 - Jamie Beare 954,886,522,245,921,438,605,990,550,14
Heat 2 - Chris Bradbury 886,954,990,921,24,835,605,14,438,254
Final - Chris Bradbury 886,921,24,990,835,954,126,254,14,438
G.N. - Paul Rice 990,24,921,835,438,886,254,14,126,797

Junior Rods:-

Heat 1 - Sid Harrison 510,105,25,111,14,313,16,362,61
Heat 2 - Aaron Charles 7,796,273,205,87,24,39,127
Final - Aaron Charles 7,105,362,205,25,87,14,313,39,273
A/C - Aaron Loader 362,205,105,14,7,25,510,313,111,273

Rookies Bangers:-

Heat 1 - Paul Mortimer 668,117,29,929,134,744,149
Heat 2 - Richard Sparks 247,133,776,787,129,270,734,224,320,55
Cons - Duncan Kennard 331,113,441,716,333,179,721,991,741
Final - Sam 929,133,991,134,117,333,270,55,149
A/C - Jay Berry 19,45,556,309,333,721,167,27

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