Report - Sunday 24 June 2012


Sunday 24th June at Mendips Raceway started with the BriSCA F2 Stock Cars having the benefit of the dry after having two wet previous meetings and there was an improved entry of cars too including a first appearance at Mendips for a few years for 167 Bill Batten.

The second round of this year’s Rookies Reward series was first and saw a win for 734 Glen Sanders, just as he did in the first round earlier in the month.  A yellow flag completely changed the outcome of heat one and after a dramatic last few laps with several lead changes, 783 James Rygor took the win.

126 Jamie Avery took heat two and then it was back to business with 886 Chris Bradbury the winner of heat three. 476 Ryan Wadling was the early leader of the Final until 315 Justin Fisher took over.  A yellow flag brought the pack closer to him, and in-particular Bradbury who went on to take the lead and win by a comfortable margin.  There was a big battle for second though with 990 Paul Rice getting the better of it with 921 Jack Aldridge third.  

However, on a subsequent Steward’s enquiry, Rice was docked two places for jumping the start and Aldridge moved up to second and Avery to third.   

The Grand National saw Fisher hold off 522 Chris Mikulla for lap after lap to hold on for the win.

The Special Rods were dominated by 441 Tom Major as he won both heat one and the Final by a vast distance, and lapped several star graded drivers in the process.  Suffice to say it will not be long before he joins them at the rear of the grid.   

18 Russ Colenut was the winner of heat two after he caught and passed long-time leader 44 Sam Howard on the last lap.  365 Paul Feltham won the consolation, as he kept 304 Tim Weare at bay.  Nobody ever looked like catching Major in the Final.  41 Dene Howard was a safe second throughout whilst the battle for the best of the rest was third and that was won by 23 Ross Stuckey, a result which could prove significant come the end of the season.

The National Bangers were in under 2 litre form, and this format at this stage in time roughly means that most of the entry were Mondeos, but there were one or two exceptions and 18 ?? was even back in the Capri that 363 Sam Trim won Saturday’s DD with!    

With the entry being 23 cars, once again with a good showing from the south coast drivers, it was decided that the £1000 Summer Open would be the first race.   Just as on Saturday, the top bend proved to be the place to crash, and a pile up formed which the drivers had to force their way through.   It was at that point that 29 Dave Dalton took over and the veteran star went on to take the victory.  252 Steve Buglar was second and 404 Rob Mills third.

Buglar then took the first allcomers race, which was curtailed early after 242 John Quinn took a heavy knock, which left him feeling very shaken and then the second was won by 162 Mike Cocks, for a rare win.  The DD ended up with Trim taking his second in as many days.

There were 23 Robins and as ever, they entertained to the max with plenty of rolls and spills, with more entertainer points being added along during the day.   445 Nikki Loader took the first heat but from then on it was 1 (usually 46) John Coombes who had the run of the results with a win in heat two and the Final, where he was followed home by 644 Mark Thompson and 444 Mark Loader.

Here are the results for Sunday 24th June's meeting at Mendips Raceway



Rookies Reward - Glen Sanders 734,53,476,430,245,596,616
Heat 1 - James Rygor 783,315,167,302,430,53,921,476,616
Heat 2 - Jamie Avery 126,596,990,302,430,605,464,245,830,651
Heat 3 - Chris Bradbury 886,315,126,522,167,921,605,476,990,464
Final - Chris Bradbury 886,921,126,990,315,167,53,605,734,302
G.N. - Justin Fisher 315,522,886,921,783,126,167,990,954,302

Reliant Robins:-

Heat 1 - Niki Loader 445,1,499,444,3,369,644,33,301,100
Heat 2 - John Coombes 1,3,499,444,437,369,100,674,26,301
Final - John Coombes 1,644,444,264,33,100,437,99,144,26

Special Rods:-

Heat 1 - Tom Major 441,41,23,210,43,122,136,440,365,21
Heat 2 - Russ Colenut 18,47,44,173,35,26,993,83,120,304
Cons - Paul Feltham 365,304,224,270
Final - Tom Major 441,41,47,122,173,23,26,224,440,993


Summer Open - Dave Dalton 29,252,404,240,14,943,364,27,54
A/C 1 - Steve Buglar 252,943,363,404,240,162,29,54
A/C 2 - Mike Cocks 162,363,252,943,240,208
DD - Sam Trim 363

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