REPORT: Sun 9 April BriSCA F2 World Qualifier


It was a dry and windy afternoon for the BRISCA F2 WQR and the F2’s was split into two separate Heats and there was a lot of close battles and hard hits in all the races.


19 cars came out for the 1st Heat, there was two false starts and they managed to get way on the 3rd attempt!! 435 Adam Paling took the early lead and 308 Lee Gilmour got spun out, and there was chaos at the start with a lot of crashes and 689 Joe Marquand was left stranded on the home straight which led to a complete re-start. 53 Phillip Mann and Marquand didn’t make the re-start and Paling took the lead on the re-start then 762 Mike Cocks took the lead, then 783 James Rygor retired, then 210 Tristan Claydon took the lead and built up a big lead, Claydon went on to win from 844 Jack Prosser, then 127 Matt Stoneman, then 7 Gordon Moodie.


17 cars came out for the 2nd  Heat 454 Ryan Gardiner took the early lead and there was again chaos coming out of the pit bend and the start which sent one car spinning on to the infield, and 504 David Rudall got spun out and was collected head on by 801 Jack Cave. Then 24 Jon Palmer, 183 Charlie Guinchard, and 667 Tommy Farrell was having a good scrap as they was working their way through the grid, and 560 Luke Wrench retired, then 776 took the lead and coming into the last corner Guinchard shoved Gardiner wide and there was going 4 abreast in the scramble to the line, 776 Dan Roots went onto win from Guinchard, then Farrell, then Palmer, then Gardiner.


18 cars Came out for the Consolation including 7 Red/Star Grader’s, Cock took the early lead and Rygor. Wrench, and 27 Kieren Bradford was having a scrap for places then 890 Paul Rice decided to join the party and Rice cannoned Bradford into Wrench, and Wrench and Wrench hit the wall and retired with damage, Cocks went on to win from, 895 Ben Goddard, then 542 Steven Gilbert, then Rygor.


30 cars came out for an action packed Final, Gardiner led from pole there was chaos again at the start with a lot of crashes and two cars spun out and Stoneman ended up in the wall, and there was a stoppage to assist Stoneman who was ok. Rygor, 12 Craig Driscoll, and 915 Jamie Jones retired and Gardiner led the re-start from Cocks then, there was another stoppage as Cave and Gilbert ended up facing the wrong way!! Claydon led the next re-start then there was another stoppage as Guinchard cannoned Moodie into Farrell and Farrell ended up in the wall, Claydon led the next re-start from Roots, on the re-start Palmer shoved Moodie wide and Moodie quickly re-paid the compliment with interest leaving palmer in the fence!! Going into the last corner Roots tried a last bender on Claydon, with Claydon hitting the wall and Moss, Guinchard and Moodie trying to pass on the inside in a scramble to the line, Claydon managed to hang on to take the win from Moss, then Guinchard, then Moodie. Then Guinchard failed the post-race weigh in promoting Moodie to 3rd.


24 cars came out for the Grand National, amongst the action, 419 Ryan Farquhar was giving Wrench a lot of attention, and Palmer was dumped into the fence hard, and 235 Alfie Brimble got squeezed in the wall. Moodie went on to take the win from Roots, then Moss, then Guinchard.


The Special Rods had a lot of close racing and over taking and they was also split into two separate Heats. 13 cars came out for the 1st Heat, and 202 Mark Hall took the early lead from 114 Tom James and led for a while, and 426 Russ Colenutt made it up to 5th then retired, and 254 Nigel Manaton made it up from the Blue Grade to take the lead then on to win, from 41 Dene Howard, then 700 Les Brice.


13 cars came out for the 2nd Heat 867 Gary Brown took the early lead from 2nd on the grid, then 275  Jack Buckingham had a tank-slapper whilst going round the outside of 135 Jim Cannon and Buckingnam accidently side-swiped Cannon!! Brown led the re-start from 44 Sam Howard, then 701 Ben Brice. Then B.Brice nipped up the inside of Howard, then B.Brice went round the outside of Brown for the lead, and 517 Scott Weldon went round the outside of Howard and Brown for 2nd.  B.Brice went on to win from, Weldon, then 60 Tom Bristow, then 68 Pete Jennings.


10 cars came out for the Consolation, 247 Si Portlock took the early lead then 103 Ryan Hinwood went round the outside of Portlock to take the lead James was going well in 3rd until he had a tank-slapper and hit the wall and lost his wheel when he retired on the infield, Colenutt tried go round the outside of Hinwood and Hall ½ spun exiting the turnstile bend leaving a tight squeeze as they got by two abreast!! And Buckingham nipped up the inside of Colenutt on the last lap as Colenutt was trying to go round the outside of Hinwood, Hinwood went onto win from Buckingham then Colenutt.


19 cars came out for the Final, Brown took the early lead, and Jennings and 445 Nik Loader had a coming together, then Hinwood nipped up the inside of Brown for the lead, then D.Howard went round the outside of 120 Andy Latimer, then D.Howard nipped up the inside of S.Howard for 3rd, then T.Bristow broke down on the home straight and in the chaos trying to avoid him D.Howard took up the running, D.Howard went on to win from, A.Latimer then, Cannon, then Manaton, then Colenutt.


The Rookie Bangers was also split into two separate Heat’s with 23 cars coming out in the 1st Heat amongst the action in the 1st Heat 62 Bobby Hewlett got squeezed into the wall leading to a stoppage, 6 led the re-start from 33 Shaun Norton, then 67 then 2 Harrison Staples, on the last lap 6  deliberately went wide so Norton nipped up his inside and on the last bend 6 tried a last bender on Norton but Norton hung on to take the win from 6, then Staples.


23 cars came out for the 2nd Heat there was a big pile up on the 1st corner with a lot of cars going no further then there was a 5 car jacking train going into the pile up, and on the last lap 743 Jake Bond got helped into the pile up only 9 cars made the distance with 105 Louis Tompkins taking the win from 956 Harry Thompson, then 369 Daniel Thompson.


20 cars made it out for the Consolation amongst the action there was a big crash at the start sending one car into the fence and another into the inner marker tyres, and 894 Chris Stokes spun 721 Carley Gabriel out, then 962 Abbie Deeprose blew up leaving a big cloud of smoke and causing a coming together with one car getting jacked up, as the drivers couldn’t see!! Only 5 cars made the distance with 777 James Clifford taking the win, from 746 Deejay Tyler, then Bond then Stokes, then 852 Ryan Hughes.


Amongst the action in an action packed Final 103 squeezed 208 into the wall, and 595 Ben Wall spun 761 Kyle Williams out of the lead, and 527 got turned around and was stranded facing the wrong way and was collected head-on by Stokes, triggering a pile up on the turnstile bend and  515 Sam Fowler got turned around heavily into the fence and was collected by 366 Pete Warren, leading to a stoppage, Wall led the re-start from 775 Bradley Hunt, then Staples, then Hunt nipped up the inside of Wall to take the lead. Only 9 cars made the distance with Hunt taking the win from, Staples, then Bond.


18 cars came out for the Allcomers and Staples survived the action to take the win from 105, then 154 Joe Odhams.    


Heat 1 – Tristan Claydon 210,844,127,7,213,915,736,12,315,975
Heat 2 – Dan Roots 776,183,667,24,454,821,419,390,801,931
Cons – Mike Cocks 762,895,542,783,979,890,435,27,258,856
Final – Tristan Claydon 210,979,7,213,419,890,315,776,27,454
GN – Gordon Moody 7,776,979,183,844,213,783,390,542,915

Special Rods:-

Heat 1 – Nigel Manaton 254,41,120,700,445,43,40,175,266,202
Heat 2 – Ben Brice 701,517,60,68,135,44,867,303,247,275
Cons – Ryan Hinwood 103,275,426,129,247,26,266,202
Final – Dene Howard 41,135,120,254,426,867,700,275,517,445

Rookie Bangers:-

Heat 1 – Shaun Norton 33,6,2,67,515,604,751,527,87
Heat 2 – Louis Tompkins 105,956,369,4,366,775,129,595,298
Cons – James Clifford 777,746,743,894,852
Final – Brad Hunt 775,2,743,4,595,751,6,366,87
A/C – Harrison Staples 2,105,154,6,743,775,751,261,721,601

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