REPORT: SUN 30 April Easter Double Bill


The meeting started off wet with thick fog for the 1st race Junior Rod’s race with visibility down to about a 1/4 of the track and the fog gradually eased through the meeting, leaving a very tricky driving conditions with a wet & greasy track. In the Junior Rods quite a few drivers got caught out by the rule they are not allowed to go 3 abreast.

20 Saloon Stock Cars turned up including 747 Matthew Stirling who made the trip from Northern Ireland via Cowdenbeath, and 760 Joey Reynolds who also went the scenic route to Mendips via Cowdenbeath, and 122 Zak Gilmour came down from Scotland, and 129 Charlie Morphey, 349 Michael Allard, 120 Luke Dorling, and 238 Alfie Aldous came down from East Anglia.


20 cars came out for the 1st, of four hard hitting races with a lot of close battles including 10 Red/Superstar Graded Drivers. 314 Bryan Finch took the early lead from pole and led for a long time and amongst the action further back 3 cars got spun out, and 227 Jason Kingwell made it up from 7th on the grid to take the lead then on to win, from 199 Phil Powell, then 902 Buster Junior (from near the back of the grid) then Allard (from last on the grid)


Amongst the action in the 2nd Heat Finch led from pole until he got taken out in a 3 car crash on the turnstile bend, then 720 Archie Brown heavily introduced Aldous to the fence but they both survived and carried on!!, then 112 Rich James got spun out and was collected head on by Brown, 27 Jon Kingwell went on to take the win, from, Jason Kingwell, then Buster, ,then Reynolds and Allard came home in 7th.


444 Keiron Bellringer took the early lead, before Jon Kingwell took up the running with Grandon in 2nd, and amongst the action in an action packed Final Stirling spun Buster out, and Aldous got spun out then Stirling spun Morphey out, then Allard made it up to 3rd, then in one hit Allard fired both Jon Kingwell, and Grandon into the wall to take the lead, Allard went on to win from, Stirling, then 677 Warren Darby, then Jon Kingwell, then 577 Harry Darby.


17 Cars survived for and action packed Allcomers race, Bellringer took the early lead and led for a while, amongst the action Brown got spun out, and amongst the chaos on the turnstile bend, Stirling, and 672 Simon Paris got turned around, Grandon went on to take the win.


There was a lot of close racing in all off the races 26 cars turned up with ½ the cars in each Heat and all in Final. In the 1st Heat 445 Nik Loader and 120 Andy Latimer had a coming together, and 68 Pete Jennings was making good progress from the back of the grid until he spun out, 129 Lee Dalton took up the lead and had a few tank slapper’s but managed to hang on and built up a big lead, and 40 Pete Stanley, 202 Mark Hall, 114 Tom James  and 103 Ryan Hinwood all spun out in the tricky conditions!!, and 278 Andrew Bressington made it up to 2nd from the Blue’s, then Dalton done a complete 360  spin and managed to carry on and only lost one place!! Bressington went on to take the win from Dalton, then Loader.


26 Leah Bennett took the early lead and built up a big gap to 2nd, then 867 Gary Brown spun out then 254 Nigel Manaton spun into the inner marker tyre’s and managed to limp to the infield, then going down the home straight 46 Angie Harris and 768 Joe Delahay spun out at the same time and Delahay was collected head on by 275 Jack Buckingham, leaving Delahay with a lot of damage. Bennett led the re-start from 303 Jason Oliver, with two backmarkers between the two of them, the with 3 to go Oliver took the inside line to pass Bennett for the lead, Oliver went on to win from, Bennett, then 700 Les Brice, then 6 Tim Bristow, then 60 Tom Bristow.


20 cars made it out for the Final Bennett took the early lead from 2nd on the grid and was going well using the outside line, then Manaton spun out, and Buckingham ended up facing the wrong way and was hit by a passing car and Buckingham managed to reverse to the safety of the infield with what looked like a broken steering rack. With about a lap left Jennings spun in towards the fence in front of Bennett and when Bennett took avoiding action Dalton nipped passed to take the lead and Bennett lost a few places, then Bennet tried going round the outside of Tim Bristow on the last corner and Bennett and Bristow crossed the line side-by-side, Dalton took the win with Bennet taking 2nd and, Bristow in 3rd.


21 cars came out for the Allcomers Race and Bennett took the early lead and was gong well, then Oliver made it up from the Blue’s to take 2nd and just after the ½ way mark Oliver took the inside line to take the lead, Oliver crossed the line 1st but got docked some places giving Bressington the win.


The Junior Rods was running a 2/3rds Format and 107 Henry Chiplen was out in a fresh car after his big crash in the last meeting, 12 cars came out for the 1st Heat 620 Austin Latimer took the early lead and three cars had a coming together on the pit bend, Latimer led the re-start, then 302 Rosie May took the lead then 314 Max Barraclough and 162 Charlie Cocks made it up to 2nd and 3rd  from the Red’s, then Barraclough, and Cocks went round the outside of May for 1st  and 2nd, Barraclough went on to take the win from, Cocks, then 28 Jake Ralfs


13 cars came out for the 2nd Heat May spun out in front Dalton, then 14 Macca Loader took the lead, then 301 John Penfold took the lead then 69 Reece Welch-Fry and out-braked himself and accidently squeezed Penfold into the fence, Welch-Fry crossed the line 1st but was docked two places for going 3 abreast. 258 Riley Brimble was declared the winner from Ralfs, then Welch-Fry, then 36 Dylan McDermott.


12 cars came out for the 3rd Heat and Latimer built up a big lead from Loader, then Welch-Fry and Barraclough went round the outside of Loader for 2nd and 3rd, then Barraclough nipped up the inside of Welch-Fry for 2nd, then with a few laps left the chasing pack caught Latimer, then Latimer spun out, Barraclough took the win from Cocks, then Welch-Fry, then McDermott, then Loader.


15 cars came out for the Final 618 Rio Bates took the early lead from 2nd on the grid then Chiplen retired then Ralfs 1/2spun and Welch-Fry T-Boned Ralfs, Bates led the re-start, from Loader, then May. Then there was a pile up on the pit bend involving Cocks, 610 Alfie Murray, McDermott, 66 Taylor Mitchell, Brimble, and May, and May was excluded for going three abreast, Loader led the re-start from 23 Dexter Hine, then Bates then 184 Callum Preston, then Barraclough, then on the re-start Barraclough went  straight on the outside line and passed the lead four cars to take the lead, then with 3 to go Ralfs nipped up the inside of Barraclough to take the lead closely followed by Cocks, and McDermott.  Ralfs crossed the line 1st but was docked two places for going 3 abreast, giving Cocks the win with McDermott in 2nd and Ralfs 3rd, then Barraclough, then Loader.


19 Bangers turned up and the run an all in format. Amongst the knocks in the 1st Heat 82 Joe Gingel got spun into the fence needing a stoppage, 105 Louis Tompkins led the re-start and with 3 to go 252 Boogie nipped up the inside of Tompkins to take the lead then on to win from, 743 Jake bond, then Tompkins.


In the 2nd heat Bond took the early lead from 2nd on the grid, then 369 Daniel Thompson jacked up 334 Jamie Swanborough, and on the last lap two cars had a coming together, and Boogie nipped up the inside of Bond and they crossed the line side-by-side, but Boogie just had his nose in front, 962 Abbie Deeprose came home 3rd.


17 cars made it out for the Final, amongst the action in the Final 746 Deejay Tyler got spun int the tyres and ½ rolled and bounced back to all 4!! 33 Shaun Norton led for a long time and lost the lead when he slid wide and hit the fence, Deeprose went on to take the win, from Tomkins, then 154 Joe Odhams.


13 Cars survived for the Allcomers Race, amongst the knock’s 711 Oli Banks managed to spin two cars out, and Tomkins took the win.

*denotes under stewards enquiry

Junior Rods:-

Heat 1 – Max Barraclough 314, 162, 28, 66, 610, 184, 258, 302, 175
Heat 2 – Riley Brimble 258, 28, 69, 36, 14, 610,23, 229, 618, 302
Heat 3 – Max Barraclough 314, 162, 69, 36, 14,107, 184, 229
Final – Jake Ralfs 28, 162, 36, 314, 184, 610, 258, 14, 229, 23

Special Rods :-

Heat 1 – Andrew Bressington 278, 129, 445, 701, 120, 426, 40, 114, 202, 103
Heat 2 – Jason Oliver 303, 26, 700, 6, 60, 135, 517, 275, 175, 247
Final – Lee Dalton 129, 26, 6, 303,701, 278, 445, 120, 40, 135
GN – Andrew Bressington 278, 26, 303, 445, 60, 135, 6, 426, 700*

Saloon Stocks:-

Heat 1 – Jack Grandon 277, 199, 902, 349, 720, 129, 747, 122, 112, 677
Heat 2 – Jon Kingwell 27, 277, 902, 760, 672, 444, 349, 129, 747, 677
Final – Michael Allard 349, 747, 677, 27, 577, 199, 720, 238, 227, 112
A/C – Jack Grandon 277, 199, 27, 577, 349, 238, 120, 760, 902, 122


Heat 1 – Roona 262, 743, 105, 369, 852, 440, 154, 962, 334, 604
Heat 2 – Roona 262, 743, 962, 154, 105, 440, 6, 746, 616, 267
Final – Abbie Deeprose 962, 105, 154, 440, 616, 852, 616, 252, 262, 711
A/C – Louis Tomkins 105, 962, 262, 743, 252, 440, 334, 616, 601, 267

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