Mendips Raceway

REPORT: Sun 24 March 2019


It was a sunny afternoon with a dry track for the England V Wales Bangers, Micro Bangers, Heritage F2, and Junior Rods. The afternoon was plagued by a lot of stoppages but obviously drivers Safety must come first and the last few races was run under the floodlights and the meeting didn’t finish until 7pm.

They was a good mix of cars in the Bangers including, Nissan Micras, Honda Civics, Vauxhall Corsas, Ford KAs, Fiestas, and Focus.

The England V Wales had Two Heats with 10 cars per a side in each Heat, with an all in Double Points Final. The Welsh Team had really upped their game this year and England had to work hard for a victory. Amongst the action in the 1st race which was stopped to assist 3 Mark Morris who was ok.

160 Jamie Warr led the Re-Start from 761 Nathan Rees, then 720 Kenny Jo Gabriel introduced 20 Luke Pugh to the wall then 737 Ian Crandon jacked up Pugh leading to another stoppage Warr led the re-start from 622 Leon Loopy Weeks, and 199 Kris Clifford was the only Welsh driver left in 6th place, then Clifford introduced 908 David Brown to the fence then 27 Dean Quinn jacked up Clifford, then Crandon jacked up Clifford, and Weeks was disqualified.

74 Ash Charles took the win from 76 Mat Hodgkins, then 999 Dan Cliffe, then Brown the only finishers!! In the 2nd Heat there was a big pile up on the turnstile bend which most of the drivers managed to keep going, but someone need assistance but was ok, three Welsh drivers led the re-start who was 7 Josh Clark, then 127 Robert Clark, then 267 Jerome Bennett, then there was another stoppage as 71 Josh Jones done a complete rollover!!

R.Clark led the re-start from J.Clark, 59 Mike Jones was disqualified for an infield attack, and only 4 cars made the distance, R.Clark took the win from 83 Shane Baggs, then 746 Deejay Tyler, then 808 Simon Hartland the only English finisher.

34 cars made it out for the Final on the 1st lap there was a massive pile up on the Pit Bend, and the race had to be stopped for a blocked track and a driver needed assistance. Brown led the re-start from Hartland, Charles jacked up 143 Debbie Fry and 419 Reece Bruges ended up on his roof for another stoppage, Brown led the re-start, 116 Joey Sutton jacked up Charles then there was another stoppage and Brown led the next re-start Clifford was the only Welsh driver left and was playing a great game of cat and mouse taking a few drivers out until he was busted and was taken out!! Brown went on to take the win from Jones the only finishers giving Team England the Victory.

45 Micro Bangers turned up which was split into Two Heats. In the 1st Heat there was a lot of action on the turnstile bend, 160 Jamie Warr got collected Head on by 308 Charlie Ayles, then 366 Ian Mills jacked up Ayles making Ayles the meat in the sandwich, then 114 Shaun Turnage, and 799 Tom Pearce joined the jacking train!

There was a stoppage for Ayles who needed assistance, 129 Lee Dalton led the re-start and amongst the action 97 Craig Deer got T-Boned by T.Pearce, and 894 Chris Stokes planted 728 Stuart Hooper in the wall, 92 Liam Bartlett took the win from 262 Roona, then 440 Macauley Mills.

In the 2nd Heat there was a big pile up and 276 Paul Stacey ended up on his side, only 12 cars made the re-start which was led by 714 No Show. 488 Luke Whatley spun a car out then jacked the same car up. No Show went on to take the win, from 517 Scott Weldon, then 383 Rory Adams, then Whatley, then 999 James Puckett, then 616 Dan Moore the only finishers!

32 cars made it out for the Consolation Race amongst the action 174 Ben Taylor jacked up 79 Steven Mountjoy, then Mountjoy signaled for help as he had a fuel leak! Just as the race got going again Hooper ended up on his side, 313 Bevan Bailey led the re-start then went on to win from 421 Josh Mayo, then 720 Kenny Jo Gadbriel, 333 Charlie Randell, and 111 Tommo the only finishers!! 20 cars came out for the Final which had one stoppage L.Bartlett took the win from Roona, then Randell.

About 30 cars came out for the All-comers Race with about 15 cars on the infield waiting for the D/D, there was a lot of action mostly on the turnstile bend and Randell ended up on his roof. 784 Henry Murray led the re-start from Roona and there was more action and there was another stoppage, Roona led the next re-start, only 8 cars made the distance which was won by Roona, from Randell, then, Murray.

The D/D had to be cancelled after a few stoppages and a driver needed medical assistance on the last stoppage.

22 Heritage F2s turned up which ran all in all three races, with a lot of bumpers going in and a lot of overtaking in all three races.

In the 1st Heat 580 John Perrett took the early lead from pole and 135 Jim Cannon worked his way up from 6th on the grid to take 2nd, then Cannon relieved Perrett of the lead, and 601 Mark Wareham had worked his way up from 16th on the grid to take 4th, then with 3 to go Wareham shoved his way past 886 Brian Owen and Perrett to take 2nd, Cannon went on to take the win from M.Wareham, then 763 Andy Bateman (from 19th on the grid), then 128 Jack Bunter (from 17th on the grid).

18 cars made it out for the 2nd Heat Perrett took the early lead from pole and 251 James Humphrey was soon up to 2nd followed by Owen, then J.Bunter got spun out and 314 had a ½ spin (with a little help) on the turnstile bend, and 314 Paul Bromham was accidently T-Boned by M.Wareham, and a few other cars joined the party!! Which resulted in a stoppage to sort the mess out!

Owen led the re-start from Perrett, then Humphrey, with 773 Nick Whitney already up to 7th(from last on the grid), a couple of other cars had ½ spins, and Cannon and 536 John Ferguson had a big coming together, Owen went on to take the win from Whitney, then Perrett.

20 cars made it out for the Final in another race Perrett led from pole and J.Humphrey slotted into 2nd from 4th on the grid, and 728 Graham Bunter worked his way up to 4th from 11th on the grid, then he had a skirmish and had to retire with damage, Bateman and 342 Ross Taylor also had to retire during the race, and Humphrey found a way past Perrett for the lead and on the last lap Whitney went the outside of 401 Ashleigh Wareham and Perrett to take 2nd on the line. J.Humphrey went on to take the win from Whitney (from 19th on the grid), then Perrett.

19 Junior Rods turned up which were running a 2/3rds format with a Qualifiers only Final.

They were a lot of overtaking and on a few occasions they was even going 3 abreast!! 15 Cars came out for the 1st Heat 26 Harry Melville took the early lead from pole, followed by 258 Riley Brimble, then 190 Thomas Gumbleton, then Gumbleton found a way past R.Brimble for 2nd, 599 Louis White was flying from 12th on the grid and was quick up to 4th, then R.Brimble spun in front of White, then White found away past Gumbleton, then White nipped up the inside of Melville for the lead, then Melville slowed and retired, White went on to take the win, from 35 Charley Johns(From 10th on the grid), then 100 Thomas Weeks(from last on the grid).

13 cars came out for the 2nd Heat 311 Lewis Allan shot into the lead from 2nd on the grid and built up a big lead, and 856 Jamie Cocks was quick up to 2nd from 4th on the grid, followed by 236 Alfie Brimble from 7th on the grid, then A.Brimble went round the outside of Cocks to take 2nd, and A.Brimble started to reel in Allan, then with 3 to go A.Brimble lost power and slowed, and 11 Jake Devine went round the outside of A.Brimble to take 2nd, Allan went on to take the win from Devine, then, 29 Jasz McArdle, then A.Brimble.

14 cars came out for the 3rd Heat Allan quickly got up from 4th on the grid to take the early lead and built up a big gap, from R.Brimble, then Gumbleton went round the outside of R.Brimble for 2nd, and A.Brimble quickly got up from 8th on the grid to 4th, then A.Brimble went round the outside of R.Brimble, then A.Brimble found a way past Gumbleton to take 2nd, A.Brimble managed to reel in Allan but couldn’t find a way past, A.Brimble even brushed the wall once trying to find a way round!!

Allan went on to take the win from A.Brimble, then Gumbleton. In the Final 311 outdragged pole sitter Gumbleton to take the early lead and the lead two quickly built up a big gap to 214 Jude Manley in 3rd place, followed by A.Brimble, Devine got from 10th on the grid to 5th then Devine passed A.Brimble, then Manley to take 3rd , then A.Brimble got squeezed into the wall forcing him to retire, but the lead two was to far ahead to catch so Allan went on to take the win from Gumbleton, then Devine.

Bangers – England & Wales

Heat 1 – Ash Charles 74,76,999,908
Heat 2 – Robert Clark 127,83,746,808
Final – David Brown 908,71

Heritage F2

Heat 1 – Jim Cannon 135,601,763,128,251,198,773,886,728,49
Heat 2 – Brian Owen 886,773,580,251,763,342,401,128,198,728
Final – James Humprey 251,773,580,401,128,198,253,763,886,314

Junior Rods

Heat 1 – Lewis White 599,35,100,8,11,75,176,190,28,214
Heat 2 – Lewis Allan 311,11,29,236,100,36,149,214,856
Heat 3 – Lewis Allan 311,236,190,8,29,36,35,149,599,30
Final – Lewis Allan 311,190,11,8,599,36,29,214,75,100

Micro Bangers

Heat 1 – Liam Bartlett 92,262,440,720,242,894,81,27,5,692
Heat 2 – No Show 714,517,383,488,999,616
Heat 3 – Bevan Bailey 313,421,720,333,111
Final – Liam Bartlett 92,262,333,313,242,440,714,81,488,720
A/C – Boogie 262,333,784,199

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