Mendips Raceway

REPORT Mon 22 April 2019


It was a warm and dry afternoon at Mendips Raceway with dry track conditions.

15 Van Bangers turned up, and most drivers had Ford Transits, apart from & 739 Jason Moore who had a Mitsubishi, and 404 Rob Mills who had an LDV. 333 Charlie Randell had a very well turned out LDV, and 600 Marcus Chant who brought a very second hand looking Iveco Van. 111 Tommo was show boating most of the afternoon.

The 1st Heat started off a bit quiet, then 81 Pops Bugler got put in his side, and the re-start was led by 894 Chris Stokes, Chant spun 27 Dean Quinn out, and 67 Rickie Beasley spun 517 Scott Weldon out, and 242 John Quinn got spun out, then Moore got spun and a few others joined the party!! Roona went on to take the win from Stokes, then 775 Brad Hunt.

The 2nd Heat also started quite with a few knocks and spins, until Chant got spun out triggering a pile up and a lot of action on the turnstile bend, and Tommo T-Boned 784 Henry Murray, and D.Quinn gave Chant a massive T-Bone. Only 8 Vans made the distance, which was won by Roona, from Hunt, then Stokes.

13 Vans made it out for the Final amongst the fun and games, J.Quinn jacked up D.Quinn, and Roona spun Beasley out, and Randell spun Tommo out, and Chant spun Tommo out and Chant nearly ended up on his side!! Then Hunt jacked up Beasley and introduced him to the fence squeezing Tommo into the fence at the same time!! Roona went on to take the win, from 440 Macauley Mills then Pops Bugler.

9 Vans made it out for the Allcomers Race with Tommo waiting on the infield for the D/D, Roona won the Allcomers Race, and the D/D started off quiet with only Tommo and Chant wanting to get stuck in but when the others did decide to join in there was a lot of action with a lot of big hits with Chant being the last Van running well only just!!

27 Special Rods turned up who were racing a 2/3rds format with a qualifiers only Final, there was a lot of overtaking and they were even going 3 abreast at some points, and the competition was very stiff.

181 Ian McLaren who went back to Southampton Sunday to change his engine collected a lot of damage in the 1st Heat ending a bad weekend for him.

17 cars made It out for the 1st Heat 831 Scania Dave built up a big lead from pole and 6 Tim Bristow nipped up to 2nd from 3rd on the grid, further back the Higher grader’s were struggling to make any progress, and as the pack got bunched up and 644 Wayne Thomson was helped in to a 1/2 spin and was collected by 556 Stuart Garland.

During the stoppage 43 Andy Howard pulled also had to pull out with damage, and 7 Will Harraway got disqualified as he got out of his car to check his car. Dave led the re-start from Bristow, then Mclaren and 135 Jim Cannon had a coming together on the pit bend and both cars were badly damaged.

Dave led the re-start from Bristow, then, 108 Adam Headland, Dave went on to cross the line 1st but was docked two places for starting in the wrong grade, so Bristow inherited the win from, Headland, then Dave.

120 Andy Latimer came home 6th (from 16th on the grid), and 700 Les Brice came home 9th (from last on the grid). 15 cars came out for the 2nd Heat 775 Brad Hunt shot in to the lead from 2nd on the grid, from 175 Kevin Oliver, then Headland, then Headland had a tank slapper but managed to save it!!

Headland eventually managed to find a way past Oliver, to take 2nd, and Dave got up to 3rd but there was a big battle for 3rd, even going 3 abreast at one point and 41 Dene Howard just managed to get the better off. L.Brice, and 701 Ben Brice, and 720 Dan Latimer spent most of the race on the outside line!! Hunt went on to take the win, from Headland, then D.Howard, and Ben Brice was the 1st of the star men home in 6th.

18 cars out for the 3rd heat, Oliver took the early lead from pole from, Bristow, 144 Ash Worthington, 21 Brad Worthington and that is how they stayed for the most of the race. D.Howard got up to 3rd then D.Howard went round the outside Bristow then Oliver to take the lead, and on the last lap there was a big battle for 2nd, even going 3 abreast and 993 Darren Foss spun out.

D.Howard went on to take the win from Oliver, then Bristow, then B.Worthington was docked two places for contact. 18 cars came out for the Final Headland took the early lead, then Headland had a tank slapper and Hunt didn’t need a 2nd, invite to nip past to take the lead! Then 266 Micky Ford spun in front of A.Latimer, and Garland was again left with nowhere else to go!!

Hunt led the re-start from, Bristow then Headland, Hunt pulled a big gap from Bristow, and Headland, then there was another gap to 4th, Hunt went on take the win from, Bristow, then Headland, then 362 Aaron Loader, B.Brice (from 16th on the grid), then D.Latimer(from 17th on the grid), and L.Brice came home 9th from last on the grid.

21 Junior Rods turned up who were also running a 2/3ds format with a qualifier’s only Final, they also had a lot of overtaking and even going 3 abreast on a few occasions. 258 Riley Brimble took the early lead from pole and 311 Lewis Allen went round the outside of Brimble to relive him of the lead and 30 Finlay Hollaway was quick up to 3rd from 5th.

35 Mark Johns was quick up to 4th from 7th, then Johns was very close behind Holloway, then Holloway went wide and Johns took 3rd, then Brimble dropped down the order. Allen went on to take the win from Johns then 29 Jasz McArdle.

15 car’s came out for the 2nd 26 Harry Melville(in the only Mini) took the early lead from 41 Daniel Young, then Young found a way past Melville for the lead it looked like 190 Thomas Gumbleton missed a gear and lost a lot of places at the start then as he was making up places again 176 Maddy Giambaressi hit the wall, and there was a bit of chaos as some drivers slowed down and a lot of the drivers appeared not to see the yellow flags, and Allen, Gumbleton, 214 Jude Manley, and Holloway was deemed to be the most guilty culprits and was disqualified, and 856 Jamie Cocks had to retire with damage.

Young led the re-start, from Melville, then 28 Ava Hawkins, then 36 Josh Weare, as soon as the green flag dropped Hawkins, followed by Weare and a few other drivers swooped round the out side of the lead two, and as Hawkins was going round the outside of a backmarker, Weare with 75 Jack Buckingham close behind, found a gap in the middle of them and they went 3-abreast and Weare went on to take the lead then on to win, from, Buckingham, then Hawkins.

14 cars came out for the 3rd heat. Within 1 lap, Gumbleton took the lead from 3rd on the grid and White got up to 2nd from 8th on the grid and the two of them built up a big lead racing nose-to-tail, and White was putting Gumbleton under pressure, then Gumbleton went wide and White tried to nip up his in side but Gumbleton just managed to out drag him coming out of the corner, and 100 Thomas Weeks had made it up to 3rd from 12th on the grid, then with two laps left Gumbleton tried to go round the outside of a backmarker and Gumbleton and White went to wide and they both hit the fence, causing a stoppage, Weeks led the re-start from McArdle then Johns and that is how they stayed till the chequered flag!

16 cars came out for the Final. Allen out dragged polesitter Brimble took take the lead, and Johns quickly got up to 3rd from 6th on the grid, further back White, 11 Jake Devine, Weeks, and Weare was making good progress even going 3 abreast on a few occasions, and up front Allen was building up a big lead, then Johns went round the outside of Brimble for 2nd. Then Johns set about reeling in Allen, and on the last lap Johns caught and passed Allen, also on the last lap White and Holloway had a coming together, Johns took the win from Allen, then McArdle, then Hawkins, then Weare (from last on the grid). Result has been adjusted following post-race checks.

11 Robins tuned up. In the 1st Heat 917 Gemma Robbins rode along the wall then went back onto all three!! Then 595 Ben Wall had a roll, and 518 Matt Capel had a big rollover 17 Lee Robbins went onto take the win from, 272 Mitchell Turley, from 917 G.Robbins.

The 2nd Heat was a bit of a Hot Rod race and on the last lap Wall put himself on his side then back to all three!! 510 Sid Harrison took the win from L.Robbins, then Turley. In the Final G.Robbins managed to get on to two wheels then back to all three, then 101 Gordon Mintram ended up on his side, Turley led the re-start, then Mintram ended up on his roof.

L.Robins led the re-start, then 518 Matt Capel ended up on his side and skidded in to the fence and his roof hit the fence very hard and he flipped over on to his other side and required medical assistance. After a short stoppage he got out of his car to a round of applause.

L.Robbins led the re-start, then Turley went on his side then back to all three, then Harrison had a double rollover, L.Robbins went on to take the win, from G.Robbins, then 119 Stacey Howe, then Turley the only finishers!

RESULTS – 22.04.19

Junior Rods:-

Heat 1 – Lewis Allen 311,35,29,149,28,11,75,8,236,30
Heat 2 – Josh Weare 36,75,28,11,599,100,41,258
Heat 3 – Thomas Weeks 100,29,35,8,149,236,36,41,856,26
Final – Ava Hawkins 28,36,149,11,100,75,236 (Following Post Race Checks)

Special Rods:-

Heat 1 – Tim Bristow 6,108,831,775,362,120,21,144,700,711
Heat 2 – Brad Hunt 775,108,41,175,362,701,720,831,700,266
Heat 3 – Dene Howard 41,175,6,21,144,556,46,7,720,701
Final – Brad Hunt 775,6,108,362,701,720,41,7,700,175


Heat 1 – Lee Robins 17,272,917,595,364,119
Entertainer – Matt Caple 518
Heat 2 – Sid Harrison 510,17,272,917,364,518,119,595
Entertainer – Ben Wall 595
Final – Lee Robins 17,917,119,272
Entertainer – Matt Caple 518

Banger Vans:-

Heat 1 – Roona 262,894,775,67,333,517,739,111,440
Heat 2 – Roona 262,775,894,67,440,333,81,27
Final – Roona 262,440,81,894,775,67,111
A/C – Roona 262,440,404,784,333,81,894
DD – Marcus Chant 600

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