REPORT: Sun 1 Oct 2017


Misty conditions befell the last meeting of the year, and whilst the action was hard to see, it was hard to beat. On the day that the National Saloons returned to Mendips – it was two former National Saloon drivers who stole the show in the Bangers and BriSCA F2.

BriSCA Formula 2.

33 cars were in the pits ready for day 2 of the National Series Western leg. 12 of the 15 competitors were present. A Grand Parade was arranged for all National Series Brisca F2 drivers, who were presented with a flagon of local cider, and Becky Pearce was presented with the annual Endeavour Trophy, for her dedication in her first year in the sport.

In the worst of the conditions, the White and Yellow championship was won by Ryan Sheahan (325) after a titanic scrap with Chris Rowe (76), Craig Driscoll (251) and Ben Goddard (895). Come the heats Luke Wrench (560) continued his liking of the Bristol track. The second heat saw the track championship decided, as Gordon Moodie (7) dispensed with challenger Nathan Maidment (935), on his way to taking heat 2 from Driscoll. Paul Moss (979) took an eventful consolation, which saw Rowe and Phil Mann (53) cross the line, Siamese style! Come the final, and with all the shoot out competitors present. The trend of the day was that the star graders were struggling to catch the remaining. Craig Driscoll (251) led them away, however he was soon caught by Goddard. Come the last 3 laps, Moss had got on terms, and pair traded blows on the final lap, and it was ex saloon driver Goddard who took a first ever final win in F2. The Grand National saw a heavy clash between Moodie and fellow shoot outer Kelvyn Marshall (101). Up front, it was Sam Weston (468) who signed off his spell at red grade with a win.

Gordon Moodie wrapped the Points Championship with one race to spare!


West of England championship time for the old skool drivers saw some excellent tin on display. Richard Coaker (185) took the first heat from former Saloon European Champion Danny Hunt (82). As has been the display of the unlimited bangers, another pair of Devonians scrapped out the second banger heat with Buddy James (262) and Ryan Sparks (246). Come the final it was Coaker and Hunt who contested the title – but it was Hunt who came out supreme. In the Allcomers that followed Jake Carless (744) took the win holding off James. A short but savage Destruiction Derby was won by Cornwall visitor Mike Simmonds(112), and Macauley Mills (440) won the Points Championship.


For the first time in over a decade, the hard hitting Saloons returned with a healthy grid of over 20 cars from many quarters of the country to give some top notch entertainment. Lower graders ruled the roost with white graded Trent Arthurton (610) took the win. Arthurton led the second heat away also, however it was local Bradley Compton-Sage (902) aka Junior Buster who took the second win from Arthurton. Come the final, a mid race caution allowed the star graders to catch up, and it was British Champion Shane Davies (158) who took the win from westcountry young gun Kieran Bradford (27).

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Heat 1 – Luke Wrench 560,522,476,700,895,581,618,615,665,905
Heat 2 – Gordon Moodie 7,251,38,126,527,101,468,606,935,184
Cons – Paul Moss 979,542,76,53,800,328,526,625,660,586
Final – Ben Goddard 895,979,522,476,251,184,560,527,38,7
GN – Sam Weston 468,979,476,560,38,905,581,522,251,615


Heat 1 – Richard Coaker 185,82,744,247,278,113,134,500,27,133
Heat 2 – Buddy James 262,246,701,372,739,314,778,17,7,440
Final – Danny Hunt 82,185,113,246,133,262,954,739,27,278
AC – Jake Carless 744,262,372,701,82,278,27,185,440,912
DD – Mike Symonds 112

Saloon Stock Cars:-

Heat 1 – Trent Arthurton 610,902,641,158,428,27,800,199,298,771
Heat 2 – Junior Buster 902,610,399,149,158,84,447,171,27,328
GF – Shane Davies 158,27,149,199,78,328,610.800,84,276

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