REPORT: Spring Bank Holiday Mon 2nd May 2022


It was an overcast afternoon with a few spots of rain.


The race finally got underway at the third time of asking, after the first two attempts the race was stopped as there was a crash on, 1st lap!!! They was running a 2/3rds format with 7 red tops present including 184 Aaron Vaight from the North of England. 13 cars took the flag, and 979 Paul Moss was quick to take the lead from the Yellow Grade, and quickly built up a big lead and Moss went on to win from 895 Ben Goddard, then 542 Steven Gilbert, then 127 Matt Stoneman.


14 cars made it out for the 2nd Heat, 509 Jordan Butcher took the early lead from pole and led for a long time before Moss took up the lead and further back 91 Harrison Bryant and 232 Dan Abbott had a coming together, then Goddard made it up to 2nd, then with 5 to go 783 James Rygor knocked Goddard wide to take 2nd with Gilbert close behind, but Moss was to far ahead, so Moss took the win from Rygor, then Gilbert.


15 cars came out for the 3rd Heat, Butcher took the early lead from pole and led for a while before 828 Julian Coombes took up the running, and Rygor and 560 Luke Wrench was quick up to 2nd and 3rd, then Rygor bumped Coombes wide to take the lead, then Wrench’s car went sick so he retired, Rygor went on to take the win, from 976 Dan Kent, then Stoneman.


19 cars came out for the Final, Butcher took the early lead, then 510 Matt Stone was introduced to the inner marker tyre!!! Then there was a coming together between Wrench, Kent, and 605 Richard Andrews as they were coming out of the pit bend triggering a pile up where Coombes ended up running into the back of Andrews, and the race was stopped to check on Andrews who was ok. Butcher led the re-start from Goddard, then Moss, then Moss put the bumper in and Butcher, Goddard, and 736 Josh Weare ended up in the turnstile fence needing another stoppage Moss led the re-start from Bryant, then Wrench, then Rygor, then Rygor made it up to 2nd then Rygor shoved Moss wide to take the lead, Rygor went on to win from Moss, then Stoneman.


17 cars made it out for the Grand National, Butcher took the early lead from pole before Goddard took up the running then, Bryant got passed Goddard for the lead, and with 5 to go Stoneman made it up to 2nd with Gilbert close behind then Stoneman shoved Bryant wide to take the lead with Gilbert closely behind then on the last corner Wrench shoved Bryant wide, and Wrench and Bryant crossed the line side -by-side, Stoneman took the win from, Gilbert, then Wrench, then Bryant.


27 cars turned up, and there was the usual mix of cars 87 Jason Harvey got turned around and was collected head on by 616, and someone received a big jacking and the race was stopped but the driver was ok, Harvey was receiving a lot of attention and a few cars got spun out, and 3 cars crashed on the turnstile bend, 008 crossed the line first but was disqualified for having illegal tyres, giving 888 Dan Kemplin then win, from 595 Ben Wall, then 852 Ryan Hughes.


22 cars came out for Heat Two, and 111 Tommo got shoved into 2 crashed cars, and there was a few spinners, and 008 tried spinning Kemplin but he hung on!!! Hughes took the win from Kemplin.


22 cars made it out for the Final, Deeprose shoved Tommo into the wall, and 14 Dave Loader went out in a cloud of smoke! 309 Chris Parry took the win.


12 cars came out for the last race, 3 cars got spun out, and 147 Millie Ruby received a big hit!!, 112 Rich James went onto win from, 008.


13 cars came out for a very hard hitting D/D, amongst the action there was two stoppages one for 18 Jason Edgecombe, and the other for 19 Conner Bell, Harvey put Tommo on his side for another stoppage! 961 Brad Deeprose jacked up M.Ruby, then B.Deeprose and M.Ruby had a head on, and Harvey was the last car running.


8 Robins turned up 30 Joe Capel went on his side and slid down the straight twice, and on his side once, and 36 Toby Loader put his robin on its side 3 times and 518 Matt Capel got on two wheels then back to all three!!! 362 Aaron Loader went on to win. And J.Capel got the Entertainer Award.


518 M.Capel got spun and rolled, and 154 Joe odhams ended up on his roof, and 58 Martin Dalton squeezed up the inside of A.Loader on the last bend to take the lead, and T.Loader crossed the finish line on his side, and Odhams had a massive rollover crossing the finish line, and Dalton took the win from A.Loader. And Odhams got the Entertainer Award.


3 Pairs came out for the pairs race the Capels had a spin, and Dalton/Howe nearly spun, then the Capels was flying but it was too late, and the Loaders took the win.

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