REPORT Saturday 30th June 2018

REPORT: Saturday 30th June 2018


REPORT Saturday 30th June 2018Saturday night saw action galore, and for the first time under the new lights


Another impressive showing of Hot Rods contested the Parkhouse Family Trophy.

Two drivers with years of experience underneath their belt, Steve Hunt (282) and Colin White (718) took the first race to the wire with Hunt victorious. The second heat saw White chase down the pack, but try as he might, he couldn’t catch Jamie Bryant (611).

The final looked as though it was going to be a titanic veteran scrap. After an early caution for James Griggs (258) who had to receive medical attention, it was White and Hunt, who scrapped out the race, which came to dramatic conclusion when in the penultimate corner, the pair clashed. This promoted Bryant to the win. In the post race interview, White showed his anger of being taken out, however Bryant was delighted with the win as the car came into its own to take the Parkhouse Trophy.


More fun with the basic build of the under 1800 kind, with various cars of all sorts, the highlight being Patch Beasley’s box on wheels with a wheelchair on the roof. Jason Barraclough (314) took the first race for them. The second heat was more brutal and coming out on top was Mark Nicholls (473). The immaculate traditional lime green car of Aaron Charles took the consolation. Come the final Brad May (775) broke away from the pack with veteran Les Brice (700) taking the runner up slot. Come the DD under the lights, plenty of up take, and it was Charles who came out victorious


The Juniors had an event that was past the youngsters bedtime as one of the first with the light in full effect. It was a superstar night under the stars as Ewan Gumbleton (190) scored a maximum score taking 2 heats and the final under the lights. Josh Weare (36) took the other heat and a second and a third in the final, Tom Weeks (100) took two seconds. Charlie Johns (35) led the final and stopped the superstar lock out.


Nighttime proved to be the right time for the robins as plenty came out to tweet about the raceway. Cliff Worthington (437) continued his rich form with a win from Dean Quinn (27). The result of the first got reversed when Quinn took the win from Worthington. There was to be no such luck in the final for Worthington, as Martin Dalton (58) inverted him into the marker tyres just past the start finish line for an awesome barrel roll. Russ Gillingham (26) took the win from Dalton and QuinnRESULTS – 30.06.18

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Junior Rods:-

Heat 1 – Ewan Gumbleton 190,100,149,176,11,26,856,92,127
Heat 2 – Josh Weare 36,100,599,35,75,214,26,176,8,856
Heat 3 – Ewan Gumbleton 190,36,236,35,599,29,28,8,11,214
Final – Ewan Gumbleton 190,35,36,100,599,29,75,8,149,236

Hot Rods:-

Heat 1 – Steve Hunt 282,718,278,28,35,57,426,117
Heat 2 – Jamie Bryant 611,718,788,282,258,117,536,426,278,57
Final – Jamie Bryant 611,278,718,117,536,426,35,57,44


Heat 1 – Clifford Worthington 437,27,26,58,504,49,25,509,364,80
Heat 2 – Dean Quinn 27,437,26,510,49,25,364,80,58
Final – Russ Gillingham 26,58,27,510,17,25,364,80


Heat 1 – Jason Barraclough 314,438,700,211,33,309,701,46,7,335
Heat 2 – Mark Nichols 473,775,174,284,595,362,125,298,126,6
Cons – Aaron Charles 77,403,743,358,440,815,380,77,23
Final – Brad Hunt 775,700,7,440,743,309,701,298,33
DD – Aaron Charles 77

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