Mendips Raceway

REPORT: Sat 26th June 2021


It was a dry evening with dry track conditions.

81 B2B Bangers turned up and a lot of the cars were very smartly presented, There was a good mix of cars including Vauxhall Astra’s, Caviller’s, Vectra’s, and Corsa’s, Agila’s, Ford focus’s, Fiesta’s, Puma’s, Pergoeut 205’s, VW Polo’s and Golf’s, and New shape VW Beatle’s, and New shape Mini’s, Nissan Micra’s, Honda civic’s, and a few People Carriers, and an Audi A3 amongst other cars   they was split into 3 Heats, with another two allcomers Heats.

In an action-packed 1st Banger Heat 90 Mark Bartlett led from pole then amongst the action 92 Liam Bartlett ended up on his roof M.Batrlett led the re-start and on the last lap 300 Jon Ayles spun Bartlett out to take the lead, Ayles went on to win from 262 Rob Bugler, then 333 Charlie Randall. Amongst the knock and spins in the 2nd Heat 87 Jason Harvey ended up on his roof and got pushed and slipped ½ way round the pit bend, 221 John pee wee Paul, led the re-start from 562 Jayden Malters, then 50 Joey Mullady got put on his side and was saved from rolling further by the inner marker tyre!!, John Paul led the re-start from Malters, then 309 Chris Parry, then Parry shoved Malters wide for 2nd , then Parry shoved John Paul wide to take the lead. Parry went on to take the win, from John Paul then 240 Rob Setters. in an action-packed 3rd Heat 17 Charlie Edgecombemanaged 1¾ roll and 313 Dale Strange got spun and was collected Head-on by 171 Jamie Strange triggering a pile up, and 411 Jack Eggelton was left perched on the infield wall!! 208 Pj Collins went on to take the win from 122 Mark Cooper Junior, then, 739  Jason More About 30 cars came out for the 4th Heat a lot of cars crashed out on the 1st bend, then 238 Mark Wareham got spun out and was collected head-on triggering a jacking train!! and there was a pile up on the turnstile bend. 7 cars made the re-start led by 33 Pete Rice, only 5 cars made the distance Rice took the win from 183 Jack Strudwick, then 49 Ash Harvey. About 40 cars came out the Final, 258 Jason Hughes survived the action to take the win, from Setters, then, 290 Stephen Bailey. 11 Cars came out for a hard hitting quick and sharp D/D won by 462???.

24 Special Rods turned up, and they was a few more driver’s with BMW’s, and they was a lot of close racing and overtaking 17 cars came out for the 1st heat, 26 Leah Bennett led from pole from 61 Beth Stevenson for a lot of laps, then 100 Thomas Weeks and 61 Stevenson had a coming together and Weeks retired, Bennett led the re-start from 720 Dan Latimer, then 38 Kevin Styles, D.Latimer then went round the lead then, 135 Jim Cannon and 275 Jak Buckingham had a coming together and, a few lap later Cannon got spun out, and with 5 laps left 278 Andrew Bressington and 120 Andy Latimer went round the outside of Bennett for 2nd and 3rd, D.Latimer took the win from, Bressington, then A.Latimer. 16 Cars came out for the 2nd Heat, Stevenson led from pole and A.Latimer made it up from 5th on the grid to 3rd then A.Latimer went round the outside of Styles, then Stevenson to take the lead, 181 Ian McLaren made it up to 4th from 6th on the grid then McLaren spent a few laps on the outside of Styles before he could make it stick, then Cannon got ½ spun on the turnstile bend and got stranded facing the inner marker wall, A.Latimer, went on to win from Stevenson then. McLaren, then Styles, then 41 Dene Howard (from 15th on the grid). 22 Cars came out for the 3rd Heat and there was a lot of contact, Stevenson took the early lead from Bennett, then 517 Scott Weldon went round the outside of 49 Rob Bevan to take 3rd, 46 Angie Harris got spun out and 768 Joe Delahay got tagged going down the home straight and done well not to spin out and ended up on the infield then Weldon went round the outside of Bennett and Stevenson to take the lead   Stevenson was declared the winner from, Bennett, then Weldon who was docked two places for contact 16 Cars came out for the 4th Heat Bennett took the early lead, then Weldon went round the outside of Bennett to take the lead, on the last lap there was a coming together on the turnstile bend and 701 Ben Brice ended up with his front end stoved in!! Weldon went on to win by about ½ a lap from Bressington, then, 60 Tom Bristow.

20 Junior Rods turned up and they was running a 2/3rds format. They was again a lot of close battle and overtaking, 149 Ieuan Preston, 190 Thomas Gumbleton, 8 George Jenkins, and 311 Lewis Allen was having some good clean battles as they worked their way through the grid (in their different heats), 28 Jake Ralfs had an old shape Mini as a new car. 258 Riley Brimble led for a lot of laps from pole and 87 Liam Harvey made it up to 2nd from 7th on the grid then Harvey went round the outside of 258 R.Brimble and they spent a few laps side-by-side before Harvey took lead, and on the last lap 236 Alfie Brimble went round the outside of 210 Ryan Brooks for 2nd and Gumbleton nipped up the inside of Brooks, and Gumbleton and Brooks crossed the line side-by-side. Harvey took the win from A. Brimble, then Gumbleton (from13th on the grid), then Brooks. In the 2nd Heat 429 Tristan Heathcote took the lead from 4th on the grid followed by Brooks, then Ralfs had a ½ spin maybe with a little help?? then Jenkins nipped up the inside of Brooks then Heathcote to take the lead, then Allen went round the outside of Heathcote for 2nd, Jenkins went on to win (from 13th on the grid), from Allen(from 12th on the grid), then Heathcote. In the 3rd Heat 610 Alfie Murray took the early lead from 82 Tom Oatley and led for a lot of laps then 314 Max Barraclough went round the outside of Oatley and A.Murray to take the lead, 36 Dylan McDermott had a spin maybe with a bit of help?? On the last lap Ralfs and Allen nipped up the inside of Barraclough, for 1st and 2nd, and 162 Charlie Cocks and A.Murray had a coming together. Ralfs took the win from Allen (from 12th on the grid), then Barraclough. 17 Cars came out for the Final Heathcote quickly took the early lead from 4th on the grid Brooks spent a few laps on the outside of Heathcote but couldn’t make it stick and dropped down to 3rd, the Harvey tried the outside of Heathcote and after a few laps Harvey took the lead then on to win from McDermott then Jenkins (from 17th on the grid), then Allen from 15th on the grid), then 856 Jamie Cocks, then Gumbleton (from 16th on the grid).

11 Robins turned up In the 1st Heat 128 Jack Bunter managed 1¼ roll and a ½ roll, 51 Sid Harrison took the win and Bunter got the Entertainers Award, In the 2nd Heat 100 Thomas Weeks, Bunter, and 58 Martin Dalton managed to put their Robins on the side, and Bunter, and Weeks had big rollover’s, Dalton took the win, and Weeks took the Entertainers Award, In the Final 518 Mat Capel & Weeks & 30 Joe Capel put their Robins on their side and Weeks and 36 Toby Loader put their Robins on their roof!! Dalton took the win.

Junior Rods

Heat 1 – 87 Liam Harvey, 236, 190, 210, 8, 149, 856, 258, 429, 36
Heat 2 – 8 George Jenkins, 311, 429, 210, 26, 190, 87, 856, 314, 258
Heat 3 – 28 Jake Ralphs, 311, 314, 236, 610,82, 162, 428, 149, 26
Final – 87, 36, 8, 311, 236, 190, 258, 210, 314, 26

Special Rods

Heat 1 – 720 Dan Latimer, 278, 120, 60, 775, 701, 26, 38, 43, 44
Heat 2 – 120 Andy Latimer, 61, 181, 38, 41, 720, 303, 700, 701, 47
Heat 3- 61 Beth Stevenson, 26, 517, 49, 60, 278, 38, 43, 47, 49
Heat 4- 517 Scott Weldon, 278, 60, 181, 720, 47, 26, 49, 303, 768


Heat 1 – 300 Jon Ayles, 262, 333, 290, 314, 146, 595, 838, 92, 77
Heat 2 – 309 Chris Parry, 221, 240, 210, 440, 562, 87, 183, 49, 222
Heat 3 – 208 PJ Collins, 122, 739, 787, 372, 279, 404, 270, 77, 18
Heat 5 – 33 Pete Rice, 183, 49, 81, 145
Heat 6- 258 Jason Hughes, 240, 290, 739, 208, 383, 252, 313, 262, 309

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