REPORT: National Bangers World Championship Sun 17th Sept 2023


77 National Bangers turned up for the P.R.I. World Final. It was a very wet afternoon with very heavy rain before the meeting and the 1st two Banger Races was run in monsoon conditions with the rain getting lighter throughout the meeting with a few short dry spells, leaving a very wet track and a big puddle in the dip!! Which when one banger driver went through the car died by the end of the straight!! The ORCi Ministox drivers put on a good show, showing they wasn’t afraid of using the bumpers with a lot of argy bargy and some people getting spun out, and 014 Demi Ritchie made the long trip down from Scotland.


24 Cars made it out for an action packed 1St Last Chance Qualifier Race in which only four cars made the distance with 205 Alex Ganter taking the win.


25 Cars came out for another action packed race, with only 6 cars making the distance, with 842 Jack Perkins taking the win.


After the Public Draw for the grid positions in which 317 Callum Jacobs got pole, 38 cars lined up for the big race with the 28 seeded drivers plus the 10 qualifier’s from the LCQ, 83 Ben Styles quickly took the lead from 3rd on the grid with action going on around the track, then 178 Kieran Bowman made it up to 2nd from 5th on the grid, then Bowman  and another driver tried put Styles into the wall on the pit bend but Styles managed to hang on to the lead, then Bowman took the lead on the next corner, then there was a stoppage, 16 cars survived for the re-start with Bowman leading, from 6 Troy Jones then 820 Martyn Perkins, then 262 Roona, and as soon as the green flag was dropped Bowman was shoved in a parked car on the 1st bend by the pack and  252 Boogie took up the running then 67 Rickie Beasley shoved his way past to take the lead, then Roona made it up to 2nd and then Roona shoved past Beasley to take the lead, then Beasley re-took the lead, and Roona was trying to make a last lap challenge but got caught up in the backmarker’s, then on the last bend they tried taking Roona out but Roona muscled his way through, and Beasley went on to take the win (from 35th on the grid) with Roona taking 2nd  (from 23rd on the grid) and J.Perkins coming home in 3rd.


21 Cars came out for an action packed Allcomers race and amongst the action they was a big pile up on the 1st bend, and there was a five car jacking train, and 928 Levi Warr gave 727 Keiron Ritson a big jacking up, and 648 Jamie Smith jacked up Ritson and only four cars made the distance with 552 Karl Douglas taking the win.


21 cars also came out for the 2nd Allcomers race in which R.Beasley started at the back of the grid and amongst the action, there was a four car Jacking train, then 40 Ben Reader received a massive T-Bone leading to a stoppage in which Boogie led the re-start, then Roona turned it around and had a few attempts at trying to take 114 Liam Lake out in the  head on zone but Lake spotted him and out foxed him, but on one attempt he did catch lakes back quarter!! 9 cars made the distance with R.Beasley taking the win.


13 cars came out for a hard hitting D/D which also involved Roona, Boogie and Mills trying to take Lake out with Lake putting up a good fight against the three of them. Then Roona gave Lake a massive T-Bone near the crossover and Lake went flying into the tractor, then Lake got going again and jacked Mills up then Lake got shoved onto the end of the back straight, and Roona went flat out the length of the straight and gave Lake a massive T-Bone in the passenger door, and the race was stopped with 3 cars left running as Lake required medical assistance and Boogie was declared the winner.


17 cars came out for the 1st Heat 922 Kaydi Butcher led for a number of laps before 870 Bert Farrell took the lead and led for a number of laps until 20 Lewis Middleton made it up from the Red Grade to take the lead then on to win, from 202 Cody Bradford the Red Grade), then 628 Ross McLaughlin (from the Blue’s).


18 cars came out for the 2nd Heat, and Butcher took the early lead from 2nd on the grid and held on to the lead until with 5 laps left B.Farrell spun Butcher out, and Butcher got collected head on, and further back the Red tops was having a big scrap, then 920 Wayne Wadge Jnr passed B.Farrell to take the lead, then B.Farrell tried a last bender on Wadge Jnr and Mclaughlin nipped up the inside of B.Farrell and B.Farrell and Mclaughlin crossed the line side by side, Wadge Jnr went on to take the win and B.Farrell just pipped Mclaughlin to the post, with Bradford coming home in 4th (from 17th on the grid).


15 Cars survived for the Final 511 Lexi Crosbie took the early lead from pole then 242 Amy Williams took the lead then B.Farrell made it up from 8th on the grid to take the lead and amongst the argy bargee a lot of cars got spun out then on the last lap Williams and Wadge Jnr had a coming together and Williams lost a wheel, B.Farrrell went on to take the win, from Mclaughlin then Bradford (from last on the grid).


Heat 1 – Lewis Middleton 20, 202, 628, 550, 014, 475, 770, 913, 242, 567
Heat 2 – Wayne Wadge Jn 920, 870, 628, 202, 567, 475, 207, 242, 550, 014
Final – Bertie Farrell 870, 628, 202, 567, 475, 207, 20, 242, 770, 913

National Bangers:-

Last Chance Qualifier – Alex Canter 205, 49, 732, 412, 662
Last Chance Qualifier – Jack Perkins 842, 299. 126, 219, 123, 620
World Championship – Ricky Beasley 67, 262, 842, 252. 6, 961, 205, 817, 732, 720
A/C 1 – Carl Douglas 552, 206, 648, 233
A/C 2 – Ricky Beasley 67, 252, 714, 123, 552, 648, 961, 817, 205
DD - Boogie 252

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