Report - Monday 4 June 2012


On a mostly sunny and dry day with a fair size Bank Holiday crowd for the Bangers World Qualifying Round, Hot Rods, Special Rods and Junior Rods.

The Top Tin Awards was won by 127 Mark Gissing in a Granada Hearse, and 242 John Quinn in an S-Type Jaguar.

Although there were only 13 Bangers, they managed to put on a good show with 4 Big Bob in a limousine. In the first race M.Gissing was the early leader, J Quinn got spun out and got hit head on by 4 Big Bob and 920 Simon Sparrow decided to throw away second to jack up Big Bob! And a few other cars got tangled up! Big Bob backed out and was collected by 7 Jamie Charles who was then jacked up by 416 Danny Lawrence. Gissing went on to win from 59 Mike Jones then 407 Nigel Gissing.

9 cars made it out for the second heat Gissing, Lawrence and Jones was having some fun and games leaving Jones beached on the inner amarco 54 Tom Davey tried taking out 262 Rob Bugler on the last bend then tried to spin him out and Bugler managed to hang on for the win from Davey then 363 Sam Trim.

In the Final Davey relieved M.Gissing of his early lead. Sparrow and Big Bob got stranded after a previous pile up and M.Gisssing then Lawrence decided to pile into the train. Davey took the win then Jacked Lawrence and second place (only other finisher) was looking to join the party but the race was red flagged.

Only 5 cars made it for the 5 lap dash for cash 407 N.Gissing car died and R Bugler jacked him up and Davey lead start to finish. With only 3 cars for the D/D Lawrence hit Davey then R Bugler both head on!! R Bugler was the only car left running.

There were 10 Hot Rods racing providing very close and exciting racing all afternoon, with newcomer 313 Ross Hawtin opting to start all the races from the back. In the First heat 117 Dave Tossell and 55 Alistair Lowe built up a big lead from first and second on the grid 904 Wilson Hamilton soon got into third from 5th on the grid. Hamilton managed to reel in Lowe and Tossell and managed to pass them both round the outside, whilst further back 282 Steve Hunt and 718 Colin White was working their way through the traffic from 8th and 9th. With two laps to go Lowe ran into the back of Tossell and Lowe retired and Hunt and White managed to reel in Tossell and the three of them crossed the line nose to tail. Hamilton took the win from Tossell then Hunt.

In the Second Heat White and Hunt soon built up a big lead from 1st and 2nd on the grid, Hamilton found a way past 258 James Griggs then 18 Larry Langmead to get into third. Further back Lowe and Muddle and Tossell were having a great battle. White put a gap between him and Hunt. Hamilton tried to reel them in but they were too far ahead and White went on to win from Hunt then Hamilton.

In the Final Lowe led from pole and 205 Mike Norton and Langmead got passed Muddle to get into 2nd and 3rd and they built up a big lead. further back Hunt White and Hamilton started 7th 8th and 9th on the grid, whilst they was working their way through the field Hunt tried to go round the outside of 313 Ross Hawtin and White nipped up his inside and switched to the outside and went round 313. With 5 laps to go White caught and passed Norton for second, and with two laps to go Hamilton eventually managed to find a way passed Hunt going round the outside relieving him of fourth place. Meanwhile up front Lowe tangled with Tossell handing the lead to White. White went onto win from Lowe then Norton, then Hamilton, then Hunt. When Tossell’s car got back to the pits it had a fire which was swiftly dealt with!

In the first Special Rod Heat there were 12 cars 26 Andy Bennet lead from 668 Rob Look, 136 Jason Horseman tried to go round the outside but couldn’t make it and got stuck on the outside and ended up 3 abreast on the home straight and hit the fence forcing Horseman to retire. 18 Russ Colenut and 23 Ross Stuckey was making good progress from the back until Colenut slowed and retired. 41 Dene Howard briefly led before 43 Andy Howard relived him of the lead and went onto win from R Stuckey then 173 Alan Cambridge then Bennet. R Stuckey was docked 2 places for contact giving Cambridge 2nd.

There were 13 cars out for the second heat 441 Tom Major disappeared into the lead from pole, and 993 Darren Foss and 44 Sam Howard appeared to get spun out. 47 Richard Howard quickly got up to 4th. 210 Paul Barnes was making good progress until he tried to go round the outside of 270 Shaun Baker whilst he was trying to avoid S Howard facing the wrong way on the pit bend and Barnes hit the wall. R Howard got round the outside of 38 Conor Jeffries then 365 Paul Feltham for second but Major was too far ahead to catch, 304 Tim Weare came home in 3rd.

Six cars made it out for the consolation Feltham was the early leader Horseman tried to go round his outside with Colenut behind with all six cars going two abreast. Horseman and Colenut eventually managed to pass. Colenut went round the outside of Horseman then on to win with 440 Steve Griffin and 41 Dene Howard getting passed Horseman for 2nd and 3rd.

The Final was pretty lively with 21 cars and lots of passing. Bennet lead from pole until he spun out. R Stuckey also had a spin. Major got into the lead and built up a big lead by the half way mark R Howard got up to 3rd behind 304 Tim Weare. and got round the outside of 304 Tim Weare, and with two laps to go Colenut made it from last on the grid to 3rd and tried to go round the outside of R Howard but couldn’t make it stick. Somehow Barnes ended up hitting the pit gate. Major went on to win from R Howard then Colenut.

In the junior rods there were 12 cars with newcomer 101 Jack Mintram opting to start all the races from the back 16 Dan Milverton lead the first race from pole with 703 Joe Harrison behind. 510 Sid Harrison were very quickly up to 2nd. 404 Macauley Mills quickly got up to 4th behind 111 Natasha Howe. Mills made a couple of attempts to go round the outside of Howe but Howe was going wide leaving Mills just enough room, then Mills appeared to spin Howe. S Harrison caught and passed car 16 and went on to win.

In the second race Milverton was again the early leader with 61 Beth Stevenson behind and Mills very quickly got up to 3rd. then there was a stoppage for a 3 car crash. On the re-start Mills quickly got round the outside of Stevenson then Mills eventually managed to find a way past Milverton. 362 Aaron Loader accidently tapped Milverton round then retired. And 224 Jordan Edwards hit the inner armco when too many cars were going for one gap!! Mills went onto win from 273 Zoe Cambridge then S Harrison.

In the Final Dan Milverton was again the early leader from Stevenson, 203 Charlie Norton got a bit of a wobble on and collecting Loader and 24 Sam Crane. causing a stoppage. On the re-start Mills then S Harrison got round Stevenson then Milverton to get into 1st and 2nd. Mills went on to win from S Harrison.

RESULTS - 04.06.12

Junior Rods:-

Heat 1 - Sid Harrison 510,16,404,273,362,203,24,703,61,224
Heat 2 - Macauley Mills 404,273,510,203,61,24,224,16
A/C - Macauley Mills 404,510,16,273,362,61,224,101


Heat 1 - Mike Jones 59,127,407,363,262,242,54
Heat 2 - Robert Buglar 262,54,363,127,416
Final - Tom Davey 54,262
A/C - Mike Jones 59,54,162,262
DD - Robert Buglar 262

Hot Rods:-

Heat 1 - Wilson Hamilton 904,117,282,718,258,205,35,18,313
Heat 2 - Colin White 718,282,904,18,258,205,117,55,35,313
Final - Colin White 718,55,205,904,282,258,18,117,35

Special Rods:-

Heat 1 - Andy Howard 43,173,26,23,668,21,46,35,6,41
Heat 2 - Tom Major 441,47,304,270,122,210,27,120,365
Cons - Russ Colenut 18,440,41,136
Final - Tom Major 441,47,18,23,304,173,440,43,120,35

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