Report: Mon 26 August 2019


It was another warm day with dry track conditions, with a massive crowd for Caravandalisim 19

15 Caravans was on track for Caravandalisim 19. Dean Quinn didn’t make it 5 in a row and 189 Jamie Knox survived the carnage to take the win!!

26 Special Rods turned up, the Heats was won by Tom Major, and Mark Thompson, and Micky Ford won the Consolation, In the Final 8 Dean Quinn was making up a lot of places on the outside until he got to sideways and took out 266 Micky Ford leading to a stoppage, on the re-start they got bunched up behind the pace car causing a crash at the start. When 700 Les Brice was going round the outside of 581 Andrew Worthington for the lead they had a coming together, then 41 Dene Howard made it up to 2nd then Howard went round the outside of Worthington to take the lead then on to win, and Worthington was docked two places for contact. In the Grand National 831 Scania Dave built up a big lead from 64 Mark Thomson, and L. Brice and Quinn made it up to 4th and 5th, then L.Brice and Quinn went round the outside of 768 Joe Delahay, to take 3rd and 4th. Dave went on to take the win from Thomson, then L.Brice, then Quinn.

In the Junior Rods 29 Jazz McArdle won Heat and 36 Josh Weare won the other two. In the Final 8 George Jenkins made it to 1st then Weare nipped up the inside of Jenkins to take the lead, then they was a crash and the race had to be stopped for 41 Daniel Young, and the race was declared and Weare was disqualified for not slowing down enough under yellow flags, giving Jenkins the win.

14 Robins turned up. 55 Alan Machin and 119 Stacey Howe, had rollover’s in the Heat’s, and Martin Dalton won the 1st Heat, and 272 Mitch Turley won the 2nd Heat, The Figure of 8 Race had a lot of rollovers and Machin managed to roll 4 times, and Dalton took the win, in the D/D 3 Dan Tytheridge celebrated his win with a massive rollover!!!

42 Bangers turned up, the Heats were won by Richard Pearce, and Chris Jeans, and Sam Baker won the Consolation. Noddy led most of the Final until Sam Hughes took over and took the win.

Special Rods:-

Heat 1 – Tom Major,831,8,700,41,192,46,720,711,44
Heat 2 – Mark Thompson 64,108,62,53,175,43,768,266,644,364
Cons – Micky Ford 266,720,768,46,144,21,44,364,993,644
Final – Dean Howard 41,720,43,700,581,768,175,831,62,46
GN – Dave Benford 831,64,700,8,7,43,768,41,192,44

Junior Rods:-

Heat 1 – Josh Weare 36,75,8,236,880,856,26,258,16
Heat 2 – Jazz McAdie 29,100,599,28,236,8,856,41,26,610
Heat 3 – Josh Weare 36,28,29,100,610,75,599,880,41,19
Final – George Jenkins 8,75,599,29,100,28,880,856,26,610


Heat 1 – Martin Dalton 58,272,26,917,3,518,510,55,364,509
Heat 2 – Mitchell Turley 272,58,26,518,17,119,364,509,510
Fig 8 – Martin Dalton 58,26,364,55,17,119
DD 3 Dan Tytheridge

Rookie Bangers:-

Heat 1 – Richard Pearce 271,701,938,129,771,34,138,31
Heat 2 - Chris Jeanes 113,13,284,743,595,956,6,58,301,258
Cons – Sam Baker 929,775,595,668,820,362
Final – Sam Hughes 929,701,284,775,113,938,13,956,138,34
Caravandalism – Jamie Knox 189

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