REPORT: Mendips 26 the June 2022


It was a dry but windy afternoon, but the track was a bit greasy from the Banger’s.


The Junior Rods running a 2/3rds format with an all in Final. 13 cars came out for the 1st Heat and 311 Lewis Allen broke down on the 1st lap then he managed to get going again, but by then he was a lap down, and 107 Henry Chiplen out dragged pole sitter 229 Thomas Dalton to take the early lead and led for while then 28 Jake Ralfs made it up from 12th on the grid to 2nd then Ralfs went round the outside of Chiplen to take the lead, then 429 Tristen Heathcote nipped up the inside of Chiplen for 2nd, Ralfs went on to take the win, from T.Heathcote, then 36 Dylan McDermott, then (Dalton in his second meeting).


12 cars came out for the 2nd Heat, and the oil flag was out, 258 Riley Brimble took the early lead from 3rd on the grid, then 924 Josh Heathcote went round the outside of R,Brimble to take the lead, further back as they was going three abreast 30 Finlay Holloway got spat out of the pack and hit the wall, then 190 Thomas Gumbleton, Allen and was going three abreast with Gumbleton on the inside, and Gumbleton got past then as Gumbleton was trying to nip up the inside of T.Heathcote, Gumbleton was accidently squeezed into the inner marker tyre!! Then on the last lap Allen tried to pass J.Heathcote for the lead and Allen and J.Heathcote crashed!! R.Brimble went on to take the win from 26 Harry Melville, then McDermott, then 87 Liam Harvey.


13 cars came out for the 3rd heat, and Dalton led from pole, then with 3 to go to 314 Max Barraclough made it up from 6th on the grid to 2nd, then Dalton spun in front of 314. After the race they was a steward’s enquiry and they looked at the video evidence, and it was declared that it was a racing incident and Barraclough was allowed to keep the win with Ralfs 2nd, from 236 Alfie Brimble.


18 cars made it out for the Final 428 Ellie Murray out dragged pole siter Dalton for the early lead then Dalton re-took the lead, then with two laps left there was a lot of cars battling for the places going into the pit bend, and there was a big coming together with cars going everywhere, leaving T.Heathcote partly beached on the inner marker tyres, and the race was stopped then declared as T.Heathcote required medical assitane, Dalton was declared the winner from E.Murray, then J.Heathcote


35 cars turned up and they was running an all in format, and they was usual mix of cars, the 1st heat was the most lively race. Amongst the action, 62 B.Hewlett got spun out on the turnstile bend on the 1st lap which triggered a pile up, then there was a stoppage for 125 Ben Ollis who was stuck in a dangerous position 129 Lee Dalton led the restart then there was a rollover which led to another stoppage Dalton led the 2nd re-start, only 10 cars made the distance, L.Dalton took the win, from 49 Ash Harvey, then 69 Bazza Holland.


26 cars made it out for the 2nd heat, and amougnst the action 87 Jason Harvey jacked up Ollis, then 797 Scott Clarke jacked up Ollis, and 137 Zoe Williams ended up on her roof, and Harvey’s car caught fire!! 440 Macauley Mills led the re-start and went on to win from, 322 Paul Brown, then 211 Adrian Coles.


20 cars made it out for the Final, and only 6 cars made the distance, amougnst the action there was a four car jacking train involving 82 Joe Gingell and 314 Jason Barraclough, and Mill’s rolled and as they put the red flag out Gingell’s car caught fire!! Coles led the re-start then 258 Jason Hughes nipped up the inside of Coles for the lead, and on the last lap, Brown nipped up the inside of Coles and they crossed the line side-by-side. Hughes went on to take the win, from 662 Jared Roe, then Coles, then Brown.


13 cars came out for the D/D, there was a stoppage for 112 Rich James, and it ended with head on between 23 Clive Crockford and 462 Nico James, and Crockford was the last car running!!


The Rookie Bangers was a late addition to the programme, due to there not being enough Unlimited Bangers booked in, and 36 cars turned up and they was running an all in format, the 1st heat was the most lively, and amougnst the action 527 Will Darch got spun out and was collected head on by 111 Tommo, and they was carnage on the track so the race was red flagged, 109 Chris Neville led the re-start, and 112 Rich James spun 756, then 756 was collected head on by Danny Greening, then 612 Dave Robins, then 743 Jake Bond briefly took the lead before he ran into Harvey, Neville went onto take the win from Bond, then 929 Sam Baker.


29 cars made it out for the 2nd Heat, and amougnst the action there was a 5 car pile up, 742 took the win from, Dalton, then Baker.


20 cars made it out for the final amougnst the action, there was a rollover, Dalton led the re-start from Robins, then Dalton went wide and Robins took the lead, then Baker found a way past Dalton then Robins to take the lead. Baker went on to take the win from Robins, then Bond.

Results - 26.06.2022

Junior Rods:-

Heat 1 – Jake Ralfs 28, 429, 36, 229, 162, 30, 210, 610, 314, 258
Heat 2 – Riley Brimble 258, 26, 36, 87, 162, 236, 428
Heat 3 – Max Barraclough 314, 28, 236, 26, 87, 924, 210, 190, 428, 184
Final – Tom Dalton 229, 428, 924, 258, 210, 236, 87, 184, 162


Heat 1 – Chris Neville 109, 743, 929, 112, 761, 852, 144, 87, 154, 110
Heat 2 – Jake Bond 743, 129, 929, 362, 109, 612, 113, 366, 31, 773
Final – Sam Baker 929, 612, 743, 890, 129, 852, 111, 154, 144, 773

Under B2B:-

Heat 1 – Lee Dalton 129, 258, 211, 314, 462, 797, 440, 87, 69, 101
Heat 2 – Macauley Mills 440, 322, 211, 69, 23, 509, 101, 662, 462, 49
Final – Jason Hughes 258, 662, 211, 322, 23,69
DD - Clive Crockford 23

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