REPORT Easter 201

REPORT: Easter Sunday and Monday 2018


REPORT Easter 201Easter Sunday was dry for the majority of the day, with the rain coming in at the end of the meeting which put a dampener on proceedings, but a healthy showing of cars all round 


A healthy showing in the present malaise that the tarmac scene nationwide has, of 36 cars. The first heat got away with an early stoppage for PJ Moss (979) and Paul Bailey (297). Come the restart, it was the star grade duo of Matt Stoneman (127) and Steve Gilbert (542) who battled out the remaining laps, with the former taking the win.

The second heat went the way of Sam Weston (468) after an early lead for Jack Cave (801) and it was ex World Champion Kelvyn Marshall (101) who crossed the line first, only to be removed as a loose wheelguard, with Weston inheriting the win.

Marshall made a mends in the consolation with a dominant display in the consolation.

Come the final, Ant Riley (282) led away and took the early laps before Cave took over, with Weston coming into the shake up. But Marshall was to take no prisoners as he took the Gerry Dommett Trophy, rounding off a fantastic weekend of racing for him.

Grand National was run in damp conditions, and it was Chris Mikkula (522) who took the win.


Again, a healthy showing for the hot rods and a marked improvement on previous showings as 11 cars turned out for the annual CWS Mears Trophy. The first race was won by Steve Hunt (282) in his new ex John Wolsesey National Hot Rod. Come the second race it became a battle royale between the two adversaries Colin White (718) and James Griggs (258). It was Griggs who took full advantage of the back markers to take the victory from White, in one of the closest races for some time. Come the final it was Griggs and White again who led away, and towards the end, Mark Shelper (788) and Hunt who joined. However, White was not to be beaten this time and another fine win for the Glastonbury based driver.


20 of the best from our shires took on 20 of the best from their shires in a battle across the Severn, as St Brides came to take on Mendips in a Micro Banger Team Challenge.

If this was a boxing match, the ref would have called it off pretty soon after the seconds out shout as the English totally decimated the Welsh in heat 1, with a tasty track blockage which saw many of the Welsh gone for a burton. Tom Pearce (199) took the win followed Aaron Charles (77) to complete an English sweep as only 2 cars finished.

The second heat was a similar tale, which saw a stoppage for a heavy hit from Crash Smaldon (737) on Carl Colyer (39). A top bend blockage saw Charles take the win, with England take all the top 5 positions and Welshman Stuart Jones (201) completing a half a dozen finishers.

Come the final, the Welsh were completely decimated, and after a early stoppage, there were no Welsh cars left running, so the last 12 laps of the final turned into a victory lap for the English – as all 9 finishers were white and red of England, with Charles taking top honours.

The DD was abandoned due an unfortunate injury to a Welsh driver ……….

Easter Monday weather forecast was poor, but despite some mist early in the day, conditions improved and by the time the meeting concluded, it was almost pleasant!


It was very much the case that many of the bangers were absolutely chomping at the bit to get going.

The first Banger race of the year was one that no one wanted to win as many led the race and many left whilst leading. Jake Bond (743) managed to survive the chaos to take the win.

Cameron McColm (134) took the lead in heat 2 and when coming to lap Ben Wall (595), Wall rode the youngster up the wall. This allowed Mortimer (668) took take a thoroughly delighted win.

McColm then made amends for the crash by taking the consolation at a stroll.

Come the final McColm was then unlucky again, as he tripped over someone elses accident and ended up upside down, and for the second race in a row, exiting from the lead. This allowed Alec Jenner (100) to take the win


A little disappointing turn out of 5 robins took to the track, with 3 failing to get off the trailer and 3 failing to get that far. It was the Worthington show, as both Cliff (437) and Andrew (504) did the winning. Cliff took advantage of Andrew’s misfortune when lapping backmarker Kylie Gillingham (25) in heat 1, and Cliff getting the better of a drag race with Andrew in the second. In the final, there was a roll for Matt Dixon (509), and Andrew Worthington (504) tried to finish with a flourish and a roll over the line, however after numerous attempts to do it, it was an epic fail for Andrew!


A second outing for the junior rods saw some more promising signs from the newbies who joined us on March 18th. George Jenkins (8) took a faultless flag to flag double, driving impressively in the greasy conditions. In the other heat, Tom Weeks (100) took another win, bringing his season tally to three.

There was a controversial end to the final as first across the line Jacob Filer (77) was docked for jumping the start, which allowed Ewan Gumbleton (190) to take the win.


The annual Vantastic Banger Van meeting got a very pleasing amount of entries, with plenty of Trannies, LDV’s and the like, with an old shape Mercedes being a particular highlight.

Boogie (252) in his Nissan Cabstar won the first heat, with Johnnie James (362) in his short wheelbase Transit coming home for second. In heat 2, Tom Major (441) took the win again from James.

The feature final saw Boogie once again speed away – however there was a roll for Jason Moore (739) in his purple transit by the pit gate.

Come the DD, the battered school bus of Marcus Chant (600) was virtually indestructible, with many trying and failing to finish the battered bus, it was left to Big Mac - the DD King (440) and Dean Quinn (27), with the Post Van of Quinn (and his black and white cat) taking the victory.

Join us next time – May Day Weekend for the FULL CONTACT Thunderbolt 18!

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RESULTS 01.04.18


Heat 1 – Matt Stoneman 127,542,522,886,111,438,251,53,328,048
Heat 2 – Sam Weston 468,747,801,676,700,302,895,613,639,660
Cons – Kelvyn Marshall 101,935,315,979,876,297,282,398,303,890
Final – Kelvyn Marshall 101,468,801,747,127,282,676,700,315,935
G.N. – Chris Mikulla 522,676,127,700,468,542,876,111,613,251

Hot Rods:-

Heat 1 – Steve Hunt 282,718,258,788,117,35,57,28
Heat 2 – James Griggs 258,718,788,117,28,35,38,536,49
Final – Colin White 718,258,788,282,536,117,28,35,49


Heat 1 – Tom Pearce 199,77
Heat 2 – Aaron Charles 77,81,775,777,59,201
Final – Aaron Charles 77,199,59,747,76,720,777,27,3

RESULTS 02.04.18

Junior Rods:-

Heat 1 – George Jenkins 8,77,190,36,176,26,111,35,437,214
Heat 2 – George Jenkins 8,36,11,75,236,26,149.30,35
Heat 3 – Thomas Weeks 100,77,190,75,854,149.30,29,111,856
Final – Ewan Gumbleton 190,77,36,75,100,8,854,11,176,149


Heat 1 – Clifford Worthington 437,26,504,509.25
Heat 2 – Clifford Worthington 437,504,26,509
Final – Andrew Worthington 504,437,26,509

Rookie Bangers:-

Heat 1 – Jake Bond 743,175,129,701,720,194,455,362
Heat 2 – Mortimer 668,956,79,284,669,100,775,109,185,329,
Cons – Cameron McColm 134,720,13,340,252,784,244,99
Final – Alec Jenner 100,79,340,956,775,743,701,784,185,362

Banger Vans:-

Heat 1 – Boogie 252,362,77,404,441,67,797,134,595,739
Heat 2 – Tom Major 441,362,67,797,440,284,252,27,404,89
Final – Boogie 252,362,27,440,89,956,284,404,600
A/C – Boogie 252,362,27,956,440,284
DD – Dean Quinn 27

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