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REPORT - Banger Olympics 2012


The Banger Olympics meeting on Sunday July 29th took place on a bright sunny day, once the early showers and clouds had rolled away. Although the original meeting was designed around five classes of bangers on an all banger day, many of the original teams had decided not to take part, so Reliant Robins were added to the programme, and the five classes reduced to three, with all the under 2 litre cars racing together.


There was some good variety in the cars, especially the unlimiteds, where Simon Sparrow (920) produced a Chrysler Imperial, Tom Davey(54) a gorgeous Granada Mk 3 limo, and Mike Cocks (162) braved it with his British Beef Capri!

The Micro bangers had the usual number of KAs, plus a couple of Metros, and Fiestas, and the 2 litre cars bravest was Gordon Mintram(101) in a 1400cc Saxo!

There were gold, silver and bronze medals for every event, with the winning team being the one with the most medals, naturally! After the playing of the National Anthem, the Olympic Torch was paraded by Jack Bunter for a full lap, to much good natured applause, and it was time to begin.

The novelty races were a 100metre sprint, won by Simon Sparrow, from Rob Millsto secure the first gold medal for his team, which was, naturally USA! As not all teams had a bike for the bike race, an impromptu Staff versus spectators race took place instead, with the two Thunderpix Parry brothers wining gold and silver .
The first Micro race was a relay, with each car having a balloon tied to the back, and the cars spread all round the raceway, with the winner being the driver hanging onto his balloon the longest, and the silver and bronze for the next two, and this proved a victory for Shaun ‘Slug’ Baker (270) with Andy Nutley (184) and Woody (88) taking the first medals for Egypt and Wales respectively. Dan Chiplen(107) won the first 2litre race after Mike Cocks (162) Primera went sick, with Trummer (363) scoring for Spain, and Rob Bevan(49) back in a banger having sold his Saloon stock car scoring for Team GB. The first unlimited race was a win for Trummer, from Rob Mills(404) for Egypt and Sparrow taking points for the USA with the yank.

An unfortunate incident in the second Micro race led to a delay as Stu Harrop(187) had to be freed from his car with back problems after a crash with Woody (88) and Big Bob (4), and was taken to Weston Hospital, where after treatment he was released, thankfully, without serious injury. The race was declared in favour of  Dean Quinn(27). The third race was again a victory for Quinn.

The 2litre bangers produced two wins for Boogie (252) for Egypt, with brother Roona(262) taking silver in one, and Trummer in the other. From this points Egypt were always in the lead, with Spain close behind, but never quite close enough, and with Mills winning the next two Unlimited races, and Andy Nutley the Micros DD, the result was sealed.

The robins were in good form, and we welcomed World Champion Allen Cooper (702) all the way from Peterborough, and he won all three races in great style, showing his skills on his first visit to the track. Lee Charles (499) had three second places, unusually for him, and he still leads the points championship running into the final meeting for 2012 on August Bank Holiday Monday. Some good scores too from Mark Loader (444) and Niki Loader (445) plus some rollovers to keep the crowd entertained. All in all a great afternoon’s entertainment, despite the low numbers of drivers and a once in a lifetime chance to see all three classes of bangers on one day at the Raceway.

RESULTS - 29.07.12

Micro Bangers:-

Heat 1 - Gold - Shaun Baker 270  Silver - 184  Bronze - 88
Heat 2 - Gold - Dean Quinn 27  Silver - 452  Bronze - 54
Heat 3 - Gold - Dean Quinn 27  Silver - 184  Bronze - 440
DD - Tom Davey 54

Bangers under 2 litre:-

Heat 1 - Gold - Dan Chiplen 107  Silver - 363  Bronze - 49
Heat 2 - Gold - Steve Bugler 252  Silver - 262  Bronze - 363
Heat 3 - Gold Steve Bugler 252  Silver - 363  Bronze - 49

Bangers (unlimited):-

Heat 1 - Gold - Sam Trim 363  Silver - 404  Bronze - 920
Heat 2 - Gold - Rob Mills 404  Silver - 363  Bronze - 54
Heat 3 - Gold - Rob Mills 404   Silver - 363  Bronze - 54


Heat 1 - Allen Cooper 702,499,445,444,664,144,99,674,26,266
Heat 2 - Allen Cooper 702,499,445,444,664,100,99,266,26,443
Heat 3 - Allen Cooper 702,499,444,266,144,364,443,26,674,270

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