REPORT: 18 September 2016


A bright day befell the penultimate meeting at Mendips this season, and with fair spells of sunshine, the action was nothing short of exemplary.

BriSCA Formula 2.

The Endeavour Trophy was presented at the start of the meeting to Matt Weston (460) as the “top trier”

In the whites and yellows championship, Andy Walker (328) sped away to a lead, until the boards came out when his car had his steering wheel come adrift, which allowed Shane Hector to swoop and take his second White and Yellows title in as many years.

27 cars were in attendance, and the drivers elected to have 2 heats and a consolation. With the F2 Challenge Trophy as top prize and a guaranteed new name on the trophy, all was to play for.

The talk on the internet came mostly from Chevy Mills (538), who for once followed up his promises with a win in Heat 1. Heat 2 went the way of Hector who took over around half way. With the star graders Justin Fisher (315) and Luke Wrench (560) having to negotiate a tricky consolation, it was Fisher who was victorious, whilst Wrench suffered problems and missed the final.

After a couple of aborted attempts to get the final going, Hector led them away, however when Nathan Maidment (935) sped to the front for the 3rd final in a row. With a double “double point” final up for grabs, it was clear that he would need to win the race and for rival Chris Mikulla (522) to hit the minor places. However with 3 to go, cautions were thrown for a car stricken halfway down the back straight. A text book restart for Maidment saw him pull away, but this allowed Mikulla to fight for second, thus sealing the track championship from Fisher. Maidment took his second final win at Bristol for the season, and with it a return to red and a first title for the Dorset based driver.

The GN started with a rollover for track debutant Brett Russell (706), however Luke Wrench rectified an awful day for the Cheshire based driver with a win.

Back 2 Basics Bangers

Over 40 Back 2 Basics cars in the pits, the latest under 1800cc venture was deemed a success.

With a busy field of cars two frantic heats followed. Lee Dalton (129) took the first heat, where as Sam Trim (363) took the second heat. A frantic consolation saw The Cheddar Header himself Andy Latimer (120) come out on top. In the final Dalton sped away again to take the win. The DD saw the smaller cars being taken on by the bigger brutes.  It ended with Dan Kempin (888) putting on some mega hits, and thus taking the victory.

Hot Rods

The last meeting of the year for the hot rods started with some sad news as Mike Norton (205) announced his retirement. Present were several visitors from the South, and former Outlaw Hot Rod World Champion, Mike Hibberd (7) was out in the Paul Tossell car. Track Championship leader James Griggs (258) sealed his second track championship in as many years with a heat and final double. However Griggs wasn’t to have a clean sweep as Jeff Johnson (536) took the other heat win.

Stock Rods

The annual visit of the ORCi Stock Rods came in good number and far and wide, with many travelling from the local promotions of Ringwood and Autospeed, and multi champion Scotsman Michael Bethune (83) travelled down from Kirkcaldy. Callum Hosie (944) took both heats as he broke away from a busy red grade. Yellow graded David Simpson (208) led the final and had half a lap lead. As the boards came out Bethune cut into the lead, however, the Taunton based driver held on to take the final win.

Next time…

So to our final meeting where it is West of England Championship day for the Special Rods, Junior Rods and Old Skool Unlimited Bangers.

Fun starts at 1pm on October 2nd!


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White/Yellow Final – Shane Hector 528,979,762,464,460,14,145,689,706
Heat 1 – Chevy Mills 538,464,328,111,828,468,189,762,14,145
Heat 2 – Shane Hector 528,542,979,522,935,575,689,826,706,460
Cons – Justin Fisher 315,890,145,460,706,560
Final – Nathan Maidment 935,522,315,575,464,542,979,890,468,689
GN – Luke Wrench 560,464,538,315,935,111,542,828,689

Hot Rods:-

Heat 1 – James Griggs 258,788,117,536,205,49
Heat 2 – Jeff Johnson 536,117,258,788,49,57
Final – James Griggs 258,536,117,17,788,49,57

Stock Rods:-

Heat 1 – Callum Hosie 944,208,45,83,909,124,215,92,626,203
Heat 2 – Callum Hosie 944,83,208,203,45,234,68,315,215,437
Final – David Simpson 208,83,234,45,203,315,626,437,200,944


Heat 1 – Lee Dalton 129,27,40,376,304,595,775,121,177,112
Heat 2 – Sam Trim 363,9,404,700,797,440,384,624,701,852
Cons – Andy Latimer 120,616,364,7,4,175,362,151,314,328
Final – Lee Dalton 129,797,700,624,363,852,384,404,775,9
DD – Dan Kempin 888

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