Welcome once again to another Bank Holiday, only weeks from the last one, but a keen amount of drivers are here to play for a brucey bonus day off to play on the Sidemen approved Mendips Raceway - over 9 million views of our promoter Jack Bunter looking as a nervous driving instructor!


Another trip out for the Europe biggest open wheeled formula, which has seen in the previous 2 meetings racing of top notch racing. We hope that continues in that vein. Last time out, Matt Stoneman (127) took a controversial heat and final double With a lap to go and Stoneman looked on course to cruise to victory and after the chequered, as he, in shades of the 2023 World Final was greeted with a yellow flag instead of the chequered flag. So to the one lap shoot out, and Steve Gilbert (542) got away keenly, a little too eagerly for the steward's liking. Stoneman inheirited the win, from Jon Palmer (24) following a sterling last bend attempt from Charlie Fisher (315). Making it two consolations in a many days - the consolation king

Ben Goddard (895) was victorious and confirming his like of the track was Dan Roots (776) who took another win in the GN


The stars of the future are coming of age and with some good close racing, its promising with really good turnouts. Max Barraclough (314) took a heat and final double. The Bryant brothers Olly (111) and Archie
(511) had another good weekend, and Charlie Cocks (162) continued his wise old sage routine as with a heat and 2nd in the final. Likewise Tristan Heathcote (429) had another good day with a decent points haul.


The Mondeo is the weapon of choice today for today's crashmaniacs, with the top prize at stake a "Wild Card" for the World Final in September - one of the hottest tickets in town. Interest from unusual sources, including a few visitors from East Anglia for predatory look at the track. Lewis Fasey (186) will be looking to getting on the grid . The Wall bangers Jason (86) and Liam Harvey (87) will aim to get on the grid. Liam will be aiming to get in the PRI at the first attempt.
Meanwhile, perineal internet banter buddy of Scott Wagstaff, Abbie Deeprose (962) is using her new found bad girl status to play with the big boys…


The tin top tearaways are back again for another close quarters action.
The Gentle Giant, Andrew Bresington (278) took full advantage of a battle upfront to take a heat, and the returning Ben Bristow (66) took a heat double. Try as he might, he couldn't catch Stuart Simpson (29) who held on for a fine win.


The nudge and spin bangers returned with aplomb as normal service resumed as 2023 points Harrison Staples (2) taking the final and all comers. Dad, Barry (23) returned with a superb display in his heat, and followed his boy home in the final. PRI World Champ, Rickie Beasley (67) won on a rare appearance in the tamer form of Bangers.


The wobbly squad return for another display of general instability. Race wise, Matt Dixon (509) took the anti clockwise race. Jerry Weeks (10) did his best Franz Klammer impression to take the slalom, and in the final (name unknown) (3) took the win on the 8. Now for the season stats so far, Jack McDade (87) has rolled the most with 9 of the 45 rolls so far this season. Now as an added bonus, take a wobbler and a wobble box, yes it's Robins + caravans = A cacophony of fibre glass mutilation!!! Z

Next time, its a Banger Midsomer Mayhem, with the Back 2 Basics, and the Unlimited Thunderbolt. When the sun goes down the speed goes up. Keep in touch on the socials or look at


14 Alfie Parker
76 Matt Hodgkins
86 Jason Harvey
87 Liam Harvey
122 Wayne Boland
154 Joe Odhams
186 Lewis Fasey
210 Ryan Brooks
220 Troy Cooper
221 Ted Harfield
263 Scott Brown
271 Norman Turner
369 Daniel Thompson
961 Brad Deeprose
962 Abbie Deeprose

Junior Rods

7 Carter Bowen
16 Daniel Gunfield
23 Dexter Hine
26 Ollie Melville
30 Bennylee Ealson
49 Jenson Bevan
56 Jack Clifford
69 Reece Welch-Fry
99 Jenson Harris
107 Henry Chiplen
111 Olly Bryant
162 Charlie Cocks
184 Callum Preston
187 Lucas Knox
229 Tom Dalton
301 John Penfold
314 Max Barraclough
413 Layla Barraclough
511 Archie Bryant
618 Rio Bates
620 Austin Latimer

Brisca F2

53 Phil Mann
109 Tristan Smith
194 Luke Johnson
121 Vinnie Neath-Rogers
126 Jamie Avery
127 Matt Stoneman
128 Jake Ralfs
131 Dean Rogers
141 Harry Neath-Rogers
203 Dean Hawkins
235 Alfie Brimble
274 Ryan Hinwood
315 Charlie Fisher
464 Matt Linfield
510 Matt Stone
542 Steven Gilbert
605 Richard Andrews
762 Mike Cocks
828 Julian Coombes
835 Matt Westaway
856 Jamie Cocks
895 Ben Goddard
979 Paul Moss

Monday 27th May - ROOKIE BANGERS

2 Harrison Staples
23 Barry Staples
47 Alex Knight
62 Bobby Hewlett
76 Matt Hodgkins
149 Ieuan Preston
154 Joe Odhams
198 Thomas Gumbleton
210 Ryan Brooks
385 Ben Brice
595 Ben Wall
601 Brandon Melksham
644 Wayne Thomson
721 Carley Gabriel
734 Bradley James
775 Bradley Hunt
852 Ryan Hughes
956 Harry Thompson
961 Brad Deeprose


3 Scott Russell
10 Jerry Weeks
14 Mackenzie Loader
30 Joe Caple
36 Toby Loader
87 Jack McDade
100 Tom weeks
129 Lee Dalton
154 Joe Odhams
210 Ryan Brooks
220 Mike Stephens
509 Matt Dixon
518 Matt Caple
669 Immy Loader
728 Jack Bunter
924 Joshua Heathcote

Special Rods

29 Stuart Simpson
35 Jane James
43 Andy Howard
44 Sam Howard
46 Angie Harris
51 Andy King
61 Beth Stevenson
66 Ben Bristow
68 Pete Jennings
118 Iain Truman
175 Kevin Oliver
213 Jake Mews
226 Harry Melville
247 Si Portlock
254 Nigel Manaton
278 Andy Bressington
303 Jason Oliver
426 Russ Colenutt
445 Nik Loader
517 Scott Weldon
700 Les Brice
701 Ben Brice
720 Dan Latimer

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