PREVIEW: Sun 26th & Mon 27th May 2019



Welcome once again to another Bank Holiday bonanza here at the Marvellous Mendips Raceway.

The Whitsun Weekender plays host to the BriSCA F2's, Juniors, Rookie and in a first 4 x4 Bangers, whilst on the Monday, it's a crazy day for the Robins, 2lt Old Skool Bangers and non contact of Special Rods and Slick Cars.....



Whilst the numbers were down at the last meeting, the action was nothing short of spectacular, with Matt Linfield (464) taking top honours in a rare appearance at the Mendips. There was also a career first win for Dan Kent (976) at his local track, and Ben Goddard (895) signing off a successful Bank Holiday weekend with two wins.

Leading the booking list is new teen sensation, Charlie Guinchard (183), the latest of that particular family to race F2. In his first tarmac meeting, he stunned a big name filled pack by winning the final at the May Skegness Speedweekend, and then backing it up with a repeat on the Sunday. Such was the dominance of the youngsters, such stellar names such as World Champion Gordon Moodie (7) have said that this kid is one to watch! Fresh from his second place last time out Jack Prosser (844) joins Peterborough's Andrew Palmer (606) as the travelling circus joins the regulars! With it being the only meeting south of Aberdeen, we'd like to think there might be a few more visitors!


Essential farm vehicle, footballer status symbol, or school run Chelsea Tractor, it's time for one last blast before these vehicles go to the great episode of Countryfile in the sky. Hard hitting crunching 4 wheels driving! It will be interesting to see what kind of beasts come out to play... There is a rumour of a Hi Lux coming out, one of these Top Gear tried to kill on Weston beach a few years ago. Your usual favourites are coming out to play, Dean Quinn (27), Ricky (67) and Patch Beasley (77) along with Big Mac (440) and veteran Rob Mills (404). With this being a new idea - the DD could take a while!!!


Nudge and spin is the name of the game with the banger boys playing with the cars. Jake Bond (743) was the winner last time out, taking a Final and Allcomers double!! Wins for Jody Jeanes (133) and Cookie (70) returning. On the booking list former track champions and former dominant forces the Styles Kev (38) and Ben (83) return. There are a few names and a promising entry shows that there is plenty of life left in the formula! Former Junior Rodder Millie Ruby (141) joins the pack


The stars of the future are out in force, and last time, Ieuan Preston (149) kept his head whilst others were losing theirs taking the final last time out. The superstars Jack Devine (11), Jack Buckingham (75) and Josh Weare (36) took the other wins. Ava Hawkins (28) continues to get good places and there is a welcome return for Maddie Giambaressi (176) after her scary crash at Easter.


53 Phil Mann
87 Paul Weekes
91 Harrison Bryant
111 Lewis Geach
126 Jamie Avery
127 Matt Stoneman
145 Lee Morgan
183 Charlie Guinchard
275 Dale Edwards
287 Luke Beeson
315 Justin Fisher
325 Ryan Sheehan
398 Ian England
517 Harley Cornock
542 Steve Gilbert
560 Luke Wrench
564 David Shearing
606 Andy Palmer
660 Becky Pearce
667 Tommy Farrell
783 James Rygor
844 Jack Prosser
890 Paul Rice
895 Ben Goddard
976 Dan Kent


8 George Jenkins
11 Jake Devine
26 Harry Meliville
28 Ava Hawkins
30 Finlay Holloway
36 Josh Weare
41 Daniel Young
75 Jack Buckingham
77 Jacob Filer
92 Abi Southgate
100 Thomas Weeks
149 Ieuan Preston
176 Maddy Giambaressi
190 Thomas Gumbleton
214 Jude Manley
236 Alfie Brimble
258 Riley Brimble
599 Louis White
610 Alfie Murray
856 Jamie Cocks
880 Henry Pearce


8 Damien Wallace
27 Dean Quinn
67 Rickie Beasley
77 Patch Beasley
80 Andy Nuttley
81 Pops Bugler
111 Tomo
154 Joe Odhams
242 John Quinn
262 Roona
333 Charlie Randell
335 Albert Hughes
404 Rob Mills
440 Macauley Mills
595 Ben Wall
616 Daniel Moore
720 Kenny-Joe Gabriel
739 Jason Moore
784 Henry Murray


2 Jack Hodges
6 Danny Greening
14 Dave Loader
17 Charlie Edgecombe
18 Jason Edgecombe
34 Scott Gray
38 Kevin Styles
83 Ben Styles
99 Ryan Hall
100 Alec Jenner
113 Chrissy Jeanes
124 Aaron North
126 Darren Willis
129 Lee Dalton
141 Petra Bunzley
147 Millie Ruby
218 Kevin Plunkett
262 Roona
313 Bevan Bailey
331 Duncan Kennard
333 Charlie Randell
335 Albert Hughes
362 Aaron Loader
366 Pete Warren
386 Bobby Stilgoe
455 Shane Kennard
456 Terry Hawes
527 Will Darch
556 Stuart Garland
595 Ben Wall
604 Josh Bridger
621 Scott Kendall
658 Adam Dorse
668 Paul Mortimer
687 Rhys Julian
718 Adie Brown
743 Jake Bond
770 Craig Clark
771 Mark Trott
773 Glyn Trott
775 Brad Hunt
784 Henry Murray
808 Simon Hartland
836 Adam Oldham
852 Ryan Hughes
891 Martyn Cleave
908 David Brown
938 Ash Rice (Gold)
956 Harry Thompson (Silver)
991 Ben Hale-Westcott
999 James Puckett



In a first for Mendips, we have joined forces with St Day, Smeatharpe and Grimley to create the Supreme 2 Litre Old Skool Championship. It culminates in the grand final at the Smeatharpe Banger Bonanza Meeting at the end of December.

Big names from the Westcountry Old Skool Scene are coming to play at the Mendips Dip. Richard Sparks (246) and Richard Coaker (185) head a Newton Abbot invasion, along with Autospeed multi champion Terry Hill (133). Kenny Jo Gabriel (720) joins the throng, along with the regulars of Dean Quinn (27), Jake Bond (743) and Lee Dalton (129). Points make prizes, and along with the other rounds, the top 10 from heats and consolation to the Grand Final.


Another race meetings for the Specials with the wins being shared around. This is the most wide open formula in years, literally anyone can win Andrew Worthington (581) added to the Worthington winners in the Special rods. Andy Hawkins (81) took a win before Sam Howard (44), Micky Ford and Will Harraway (7) took wins. Reigning West of England Champion Dan Latimer (720) drops to an advantageous blue grade, and will be one to watch.


The 3 wheelers have another day of hilarity to ensue. Last time out, Sid Harrison (510) took a win and Martin Dalton (58) rolled back the years by taking the final... Alan Machin (55) certainly became the people's champ entertaining with rolls at any and every opportunity, including being the first through the caravan in the Caravan race which was won by Russ Gillingham (27). Crazy Day has silly races like the Slalom, the wrong way round, pairs and ramp races have all been tried in previous years. What will they do this year????


If it is, or has been, or will be a Hot Rod, this is the meeting to bring it too! Slick Cars are a fantastic, no holds barred speed demon, they’re fast, make lots of noise and promise fantastic racing. After witnessing the Hednesford meeting I can assure you that this formula is one to het involved in!

See you next time on the 30th June for BBA English Open for the National Bangers, with Special Rods, Junior Rods and a visit from the ORCi Stock Rods.

Cheers n gone!!


3 Dan Tytheridge
26 Russel Gillingham
55 Alan Machin
101 Gordon Mintram
119 Stacey Howe
220 Mike Stephens
272 Mitch Turley
510 Sid Harrison
595 Ben Wall
852 Ryan Hughes

2L Old Skool

2 Jack Hodges
6 Danny Greening
18 Jason Edgecombe
27 Dean Quinn
38 Kevin Styles
83 Ben Styles
100 Alec Jenner
129 Lee Dalton
133 Terry Hill
138 Dan Rice
185 Richard Coaker
232 Alan Roby
246 Ryan Sparks
280 Harry Ricketts
333 Craig Partridge
335 Albert Hughes
362 Aaron Loader
394 Benny Myers
527 Will Darch
595 Ben Wall
658 Adam Dorse
668 Paul Mortimer
669 Richard Cable
714 Paul Smaldon
720 Kenny-Joe Gabriel
727 Keiron Ritson
743 Jake Bond
770 Craig Clark
771 Mark Trott
775 Brad Hunt
777 Ricky Daunton
799 Tom Pearce
908 David Brown
912 Simon Rees
991 Ben Hale-Westcott
999 James Puckett

Special Rods

7 Will Harraway
21 Brad Worthington
41 Dene Howard
43 Andy Howard
44 Sam Howard
46 Angie Harris
47 Richard Howard
81 Andy Hawkins
108 Adam Headland
120 Andy Latimer
135 Jim Cannon
144 Ash Worthington
175 Kevin Oliver
181 Ian McLaren
192 Ash Raymond
266 Micky Ford
362 Aaron Loader
364 Darren Feltham
556 Stuart Garland
581 Andrew Worthington
644 Wayne Thomson
700 Les Brice
701 Ben Brice
711 Matt Gregory
720 Dan Latimer
775 Brad Hunt
993 Darren Foss

Slick Cars (Spedeworth tbc)

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