PREVIEW: Sun 24th March 2019


The season finally kicks off Sunday 24th March!

After last year’s demolition, Team Wales are back to take on Team England in round 1 of the 2 team matches!

Alongside, we have our annual Micro Madness meeting.  It doesn’t matter how small these cars are, they just do not stop!

Also on the bill are Junior Rods, with Ewan Gumbleton retiring who will start the season off with the wins?

And finally, returning for the first time since the Gold Cup, Heritage F2 join us, with the champ 773 Nick Whitney already on the booking list.

There also appears to be another couple of familiar names on the booking list. Check out the Heritage F2 website in full for the booking list.

Food and drink are on site but are welcome through the gate, dogs are welcome but must remain on a lead and all poo picked up.

Let’s get the Thunder rolling!

See you then!

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