Preview Sun 1st and Mon 2nd April 2018

Preview: Sun 1st and Mon 2nd April 2018


Preview Sun 1st and Mon 2nd April 2018Easter weekend gets underway with a blistering program of eggcellence, choc full of your racing favourites


BriSCA F2 – Gerry Dommett Memorial Trophy

So the golden year has finally come to Mendips – it’s the start of a very important year for the F2’s here – the 2018 BriSCA Formula 2 Championship of the World is held here in September – and if last year’s British is anything to go by, then it should be a cracker!!!
Nationally, a combination of the white stuff and new rule changes has seen a general malaise take over. However, the Westcountry continues to buck the trend of the national picture – and we hope to have a World Final bounce, with many drivers looking to get dialled in to the track prior to the big day

Early season final winners Steve Gilbert (542) and Nathan Maidment (935) will be the form men around here, as will Plymouthian white grader Tommy Farrell (667), son of the legendary Timmy. Ex Junior Rodder Dan Kent (976) also joins the pack.

Adam Rubery (700) was victorious last year in the Gerry Dommett Memorial trophy- remembering one of the UK’s pioneers of the stock car scene and creator of this track and the World Final itself – his Abbey Stadium in Swindon held the first ever world championship.

Both Rubery and track champion – National Series Champion, Gordon Moodie (7) have yet to be seen on tar so far this year. Last year, Moodie turned up unannounced – would history repeat itself??


Old rivalries of centuries take to the track, as England take on Wales- in a battle which will be having them singing in the Valleys. A casualty of our snow cancelled fixture of the 18th March, the Welsh team wasn’t available for the Micro Madness meeting, which gives the English their full attention on destroying the interlopers from across the Severn!

Our grasstrack friends from St Brides, near Newport have put up 20 to take on the best this side of the Severn. Yes, it’s the track you often see on BBC One, prior to Eastenders!!!
20 car heats of 10 from each team, then all in for a devastating final to see who is the daddy. For ease, the English are in white and the Welsh in their traditional Red

National bangers with national pride at stake!

HOT RODS – CWS Mears Trophy

By their own admission, last year’s season of Hot Rod racing wasn’t a classic, with numbers down and the weather playing its part in car attendances.

It was a James Griggs (258) shut out as he retained his track championship at ease, although Jamie Bryant (611), Mark Shelper (788) and the legend Colin White (718) kept him honest.

Speaking of White and it his company which is sponsoring today’s races, in memory of long time mechanic Tony Mears, who was by his side during his years of dominance in the National Hot Rods

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First bank holiday Monday of the year, and have we got some fun for you today to burn off those chocolate enduced excess calories. The Juniors are back for their second running of season 2018, the Bangers (Rookie) get underway, then the sheer novelty of the Robins and the delivery drivers destruction as Vans meet the maker!


A second showing for the Juniors, and with the first day of school done and toes firmly dipped into the water.

Last time out it was Thomas Weeks (100) who scored a near maximum win with 2 heats and a 2nd in the final. Maddie Giambaresi (176) got some excellent places and Jake Devine (11) took a heat win. But it was Josh Weare (36) who took the final.

Hoping for better luck is Leah Bennett (26) who was really unlucky in losing the lead with a lap to go!


You’ve seen them on the M5 tailgating. You’ve seen them blocking your road dropping off numerous eBay parcels. Now see the backbone of Britain getting some severe action on the track, for some sheer Vandalism. Transits, crew cabs and LDV’s al coming on track.

Big Mac (440) and Dean Quinn (27) were the stars of last year, and it’s more than likely that those two will be playing as two of the more destructive banger drivers

BANGERS 1800cc

In a change to the advertised programme, the Bangers return was delayed for a day to allow us to accommodate the England/Wales match which was postponed by the snow.

Dan Rice (138) continues to be one of the shrewd operators in the formula, which is predominantly nudge and spin. Ben Brice (701) had a fair bit of success as did Henry Murray (784)


Season 2018 gets underway for the rocking n rolling Robins, with many looking to get their eye in, and trying to get around the circuit without falling over! Track Champion Tim Weare (304) is due to be on track again, along with Russ Gillingham (26). Last year’s top entertainer – Jerry Weeks (100) had more rolls than a dice on a casino table – proving that bringing the fun gets rewards too.

A straight 3 race format is to be deployed to get themselves used to the stability.

Both meetings get underway at 1pm, but get here early – these aren’t to be missed 


Wales Team (Red cars)

2 - Arran Morgan 

03 - Matthew Collyer

28 - Nathan Williams

37 - Robert Marsh

39 - Carl Collyer

79 - Steve Mountjoy

80 - Michalea Cook

83 - Shane Baggs

85 – Craig Mountjoy

101 - Jordan Coombes

114 - Carl Sutton             (Capt)

116 - Joey Sutton

117 - Darren Sutton

118 - Sean Mackenzie

143 - Debbie Fry              

201 - Stuart Jones

210 – Kieran Humphreys

211 - Graham Thomas

921 - Kairan Wilson


England Team (White cars, red cross)

3 Mark Morris

7 Jamie Charles

27 Dean Quinn

59 Mike Jones (Capt)

76 Mark Hodgekins

77 Aaron Charles

134 Cameron Mc Colm

150 Ben Elliott

174 Ben Sid Taylor

199 Tom Pearce

242 John Quinn

270 Slug

428 Zak Torode

440 Macauley Mills

488 Luke Whatley

720 Kenny Jo Gabriel

737 Ian Crandon

747 Bradley Lee Crandon

775 Brad Hunt 

777 Ricky Daunton

Brisca F2 Stock Cars 


87 Paul Weekes                Newton Abbot

227 Stuart Whitemore   Bridgwater

251 Craig Driscoll             Grafham

282 Ant Riley                      Accrington

325 Ryan Sheehan           Chard

398 Ian England               Taunton

639 Stevie Hartnett         Plymouth

660 Becky Pearce           Dundry

667 Tommy Farrell          Plymouth

824 Robert Crowther      Cleckheaton

851 Gary Smith                Radstock

976 Dan Kent                    Clevedon


53 Phillip Mann                Bolton       

328 Andy Walker            Cheltenham

438 Mike Rice                  Uffculme

528 Shane Hector            Tiverton

613 Ian Serpell                  Plymouth

801 Jack Cave                    Nottingham

876 Stuart Moss              Wargrave


111 Lewis Geach              Exeter

464 Matt Linfield              Billinghurst

476 Ryan Wadling            Axbridge

522 Chris Mikulla              Weston

745 Lee Morgan               Ottery St Mary

890 Paul Rice                     Ideford

895 Ben Goddard             Taunron

979 Paul Moss                  Fowey


101 Kelvyn Marshall        Macclesfield

127 Matt Stoneman        Cullompton

315 Justin Fisher              Newton Abbott

542 Steven Gilbert         Doublebois

560 Luke Wrench            Stoke

581 Daniel Fallows         Crewe

700 Adam Rubery            Brierly Hill

747 Bradley McKinstry    Nutts Corner

935 Nathan Maidment   Milborne Port


28   Tim Seaford               Frome  

35   Neil Muddle               Bristol

49   Maurice Cole             Horsham

57   Graeme Taylor          Aldershot

117  Dave Tossell              Plymouth 

258  James Griggs            Nanpean

536  Jeff Johnson             Trowbridge

611  Jamie Bryant            Radstock

718  Colin White               Glastonbury

788  Mark Shelper           Bristol 

Banger Vans

27 Dean Quinn                  Bristol

77 Aaron Charles              Yate

134 Cameron McColm   Draycott

196 Dale Clarke                 Radstock

252 Boogie                         New Milton

284 Leon Benjafield        Weston

362 Johnny James           Ideford

440 Macauley Mills          Trowbridge

595 Ben Wall                      Rooksbridge

600 Marcus Chant            Henstridge

739 Jason Moore              Henstridge

797 Scott Clarke               Radstock

956 Harry Thompson      Burnham on Sea 

Junior Rods


8 George Jenkins                Clevedon

28 Ava Hawkins                   Bishop Sutton

30 Finlay Holloway             Bristol

92 Abi Southgate                Bristol

176 Maddy Giambaressi   Bristol

214 Jude Manley                Gurney Slade

236 Alfie Brimble               Gurney Slade

437 Ryan Worthington     Yate

856 Jamie Cocks                 Portishead 


29 Jasz McCardle           Bishop Sutton

77 Jacob Filer                  Bristol

100 Thomas Weeks       Bath

149 Ieuan Preston         Cardiff

599 Louis White             Bristol


11 Jake Devine                 Yatton

75 Jack Buckingham        Weston Super-Mare


36 Josh Weare                  Cheddar

190 Ewan Gumbleton      Radstock

854 Jack Sear                     St Stithians



3              Dan Tytheridge                 Templecombe  


25           Kylie Gillingham               Glastonbury                      


26           Russ Gillingham                 Glastonbury


27           Dean Quinn                        Bristol                  


100         Jerry Weeks                       Bath


101         Gordon Mintram              Radstock             


119         Stacey Howe                      Radstock             


134         Cameron Mc Colm           Draycott 


135         Jack Mintram                     Gurney Slade


174        Ben Sid Taylor                    Yeovil


304         Tim Weare                          Draycott


333         Tom Manell                        Gillingham          


392         Josh Sale                              Somerton


437        Clifford Worthinton           Yate                               


504        Andrew Worthington        Yate


509        Matt Dixon                          Bristol



99  Ryan Hall                                Taunton


111 Rhys Lansdown                    Bath


252 Libby James                Ideford


270 Slug                                      Highbridge

298 Dave Greening          Collumpton


329 Kevin Ealson               Henstridge


366 Pete Warren              Axminster


826 Jason Field                 Taunton


908 David Brown              Bridgwater





175 Gary Hunt                  WSM


284 Leon Benjafield         WSM


455 Shane Kennard         Dunkeswell


527 Will Darch                  Taunton


881 Gary Emery                Exeter


956 Harry Thompson       WSM




27  Dean Quinn               Bristol


134 Cameron McColm   Cheddar


362 Aaron Loader           WSM


595 Ben Wall                   WSM


852 Ryan Hughes            Yate





109 Chris Neville                Peterborough


194 Alistair Buchan            Paignton


244 Ian Frampton               Poole


743 Jake Bond                     Bridgwater


775 Brad Hunt                     WSM


784 Henry Murray              Taunton






701 Ben Brice                      Tiverton




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