Preview: Sun 18th October


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Another 3 formula spectacular as our penultimate meeting of 2020 takes place this Sunday.

In a first for Mendips, the NATIONAL MINISTOX make another Westcountry appearance, fresh from a visit to Taunton a few weeks back.

It's a formula which is a breeding ground for future champions. Stock car royalty such as Rob Speak, Mick Sworder and Frankie Wainman Jnr all cut their teeth in this formula. Recent names include recent Mendips regulars F2 superstar Charlie Guinchard and Jessica Smith.

Fresh from a cheeky away day down the road at Smeatharpe Stadium, the SPECIAL RODS once again play a big role prior to their big one at the next meeting - the West Of England which comes up on Halloween and with new grades in place, it promises to be another day of close action.

BACK 2 BASICS are back again! Basic Banger racing at its best. Very simple racing, very simple preparation. An entry form of racing for the wannabe or the seasoned pro wanting minimal prep!

Tickets still available here

Meeting starts at 1pm see you there!



11 Jake Devine
11 James Hooper
18 Jason Edgecombe
19 Connor Bell
49 Ashley Harvey
58 Martin Dalton
61 Beth Stevenson
87 Jason Harvey
126 Darren Willis
129 Lee Dalton
258 Jason Hughes
270 Shaun Baker
279 Mason Thomas
410 Dan Galley
440 Macauley Mills (World Champion)
488 Luke Whatley
742 Morgan Galley
743 Jake Bond
773 Glynn Trott
797 Scott Clarke
852 Ryan Hughes
921 Zak Harvey
962 Abbie Deeprose

Special Rods

6 Tim Bristow
26 Leah Bennett
43 Andy Howard
46 Angie Harris
60 Tom Bristow
120 Andy Latimer
135 Jim Cannon
175 Kevin Oliver
181 Ian McLaren
275 Jack Buckingham
303 Jason Oliver
517 Scott Weldon
720 Dan Latimer
768 Joe Delahay

National Ministox

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