Mendips Raceway



Welcome once again to Mendips Raceway on the Whitsun Bank Holiday Weekender. Like Brenda from Bristol who famously went viral when she was told there was another general election. "Not another one". Rest assured there's no apathy here as we have another belter of a weekend for you.


Europe's premier open wheeled formula rolls in to town again. We are hoping for another cracking meeting – the last two have been exceptional. The Mendips cocktail, quiet heats to dial ones steed in, then an all out final. All with a hint of carnage, a splash of heavy hitting, with a healthy dose of controversy to top things off. Last time out, it was a win for Mendips Maestro, the man from Milborne Port, Nathan Maidment (935), who's new Pollleysport car certainly looked and felt the part and held James Rygor (783) off in the final. Steve Gilbert

(542) will be happier in more familiar and local-ish climes after his trip to Cowdenbeath for the British Championship ended up meeting the infamous Racewall and landing on his roof. Mr Consistent, Paul Moss (979) leads the points and continues where he left off last season.


Another qualifying round for the World Championships and following the 4x4 Bangers, you'd think with a wild card in his back pocket for Ipswich that he'd be putting his feet up – but a maximum score for Roona (262) in the 4x4s sees him top the points again. Boogie (252) had a good day in the 1600cc on the Sunday. Sadly a plethora of local 2 litre meetings this weekend will see the usual suspects trade blows, with everyone staying "ultra local", but expect the likes of Kenny Jo Gabriel (720) and David Brown (908) adding to the mix with the BRMC crew


The stars of tomorrow have certainly been one of the most hard to call this season with already plenty of newbies mixing it with the relatively "oldies". Max Barraclough (314) took two heats last time out from his new superstar grading. Riley Brimble (258) cemented his place at the top of the points with a win from the blue grade. With a regrading due, the
258 car will be likely to be getting a respray before the next meeting.

Following a steward's inquiry and subsequent appeal, Jake Ralfs (28) had his final win reinstated. A healthy score means he won't be playing catch up for too long. Austin Latimer (620) wasn't far away from a win first time out – his car being cruel and pulling up so close to the end, but the youngster is going to be one to watch this time. Likewise, we are joined by a set of twins Olly (111) and Archie Bryant (511) another pair that makes this writer very old indeed, as I can remember their dad in the junior formulas, many years ago! I swear if there's a grandad I've seen in the minis, then its time to call time!

Booking List:

Brisca F2

2 Ben Chambers
12 Craig Driscoll
127 Matt Stoneman
141 Harry Neath-Rogers
235 Alfie Brimble
308 Lee Gilmore
315 Charlie Fisher
454 Ryan Gardiner
464 Matt Linfield
468 Sam Weston
542 Steven Gilbert
560 Luke Wrench
705 Martin Smith
728 Jack Bunter
736 Josh Weare
762 Mike Cocks
828 Julian Coombes
856 Jamie Cocks
895 Ben Goddard
903 Ben Spence
915 Jamie Jones
935 Nathan Maidment
979 Paul Moss

2L National Bangers

129 Lee Dalton
154 Joe Odhams
252 Steven Bugler
262 Rob Bugler
440 Macauley Mills
644 Reece Davis
720 Kenny-Joe Gabriel
852 Ryan Hughes
908 David Brown
961 Brad Deeprose

Junior Rods

14 Mckenzie Loader
23 Dexter Hine
28 Jake Ralfs
36 Dylan McDermott
49 Jenson Bevan
56 Jack Clifford
66 Taylor Mitchell
69 Reece Welch-Fry
99 Jenson harris
107 Henry Chiplen
111 Olly Bryant
162 Charlie Cocks
175 Emliy Beacham
184 Callum Preston
229 Tom Dalton
258 Riley Brimble
301 John Penfold
314 Max Barraclough
429 Tristen Heathcote
511 Archie Bryant
610 Alfie Murray
618 Rio Bates
620 Austin Latimer
924 Josh Heathcote


Nudge and spin the name of the game, and whilst that every Tom, Dick and Crispen has rookie bangers on this weekend, we are pleasantly surprised to see a good amount of rookies. Points leader Harrison Staples (2) heads the bookings, with Lee Dalton (129) a regular winner – and multi formula driver – he honestly has done more laps than Jack Bunter when he's cutting the grass. Fan favourite Pugs (154) will be out along with the Queen of the Failing Focus, Abbie Deeprose (962).


To the Specials and it was all about those who had dropped. Jason Oliver (303) and Andrew Bressington (278) maximised their drops to blue with a race win a piece. Lee Dalton (129) took the final with the narrowest of margins from driver of the weekend Leah Bennett(26) who came so, so close to getting her maiden win, on not 1, not 2 but 3 occasions! Here's hoping she can make full effect of the experience to get her that lap of honour on the wagon!


Well our intrepid three wheeled warriors have been entertaining – last meeting has 28 (TWENTY EIGHT!!!) rolls in the meeting, including 14 in one race alone (more than the entire meeting) and Jack McDade (87) rolling 7 times in a race alone. Thomas Weeks (100) tops the points as he found the quick way round on 3 wheels. He has promised to stop rodding and get rolling, just as soon as Toby Loader (36) does!

To finish proceedings, a fanciful flurry of fibreglass as Robin meets Caravan in the annual Robin Caravan race – carnage guaranteed!

Our next meeting sees the second running of the Caged Weekender, a meeting of totally bangers, led by the guys at the Caged Podcast, with bangers of all sizes and the like and flavours and varieties to wet ones appetite. Glasto may be on down the road, but the Mendips Midsummer Mayhem is where the party's at! Camp and make a weekend of it!

Til next time,

Cheers n gone



2 Harrison Staples
23 Clive Crockford
109 Chris Neville
110 Ashley Freeman
112 Rich James
114 Shaun Turnage
116 Joey Sutton
129 Lee Dalton
149 Ieuan Preston
154 Joe Odhams
174 Sid Taylor
210 Ryan Brooks
213 Jake Mew
237 Jamie Broadhurst
301 Fred Moore
366 Pete Warren
595 Ben Wall
616 Dan Moore
761 Kyle Williams
775 Bradley Hunt
852 Ryan Hughes
923 Alex Cox
962 Abbie Deeprose

6 Tim Bristow
26 Leah Bennett
29 Stuart Simpson
40 Pete Stanley
41 Dene Howard
43 Andy Howard
44 Sam Howard
46 Angie Harris
60 Tom Bristow
61 Beth Stevenson
103 Ryan Hinwood
114 Tom James
120 Andy Latimer
129 Lee Dalton
175 Kevin Oliver
202 Mark Hall
247 Si Portlock
254 Nigel Manaton
266 Micky Ford
278 Andrew Bressington
303 Jason Oliver
426 Russ Colenutt
445 Nik Loader
517 Scott Weldon
700 Les Brice
701 Ben Brice
768 Joe Delahay
867 Gary Brown

Special Rods


10 Jerry Weekes
30 Matt Capel
36 Toby Loader
63 Rhys Lansdown
87 Jack McDade
119 Stacey Howe
129 Lee Dalton
154 Joe Odhams
210 Ryan Brooks
220 Mike Stephens
304 Paul Weare
518 Matt Capel
728 Jack Bunter

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