PREVIEW: Sat 26 & Sun 27 June 2021 - U1800 B2B BONANZA!


Saturday Gates open 2:45pm Racing starts at 5pm.Sunday starts at 1pm

Camping available at £15 per person to cover facilities hire. (Please bring cash to pay on arrival)
Hard to believe, but like Bon Jovi sung, we are halfway there – and although living on a prayer hoping things are getting near to normal the traditional Mendips Weekender is the biggest thing on this weekend in this part of Somerset. Well Glasto isn’t on this year, but our Midsummer festival should see plenty of action on and off the track – with a beer tent to recant stories in the evening, and stories to be made and retold on the Sunday…..


The simplest form of banger prep, rip out the un-necessary and put a cage and harness in, get in and race it, with no nonsense, have a crash and a laugh and then on Monday morning, put it in the baler!
The madcap scheme is the idea of Banger Coordinator Rob Mills and long time friend and former Weymouth Wally Jon Ayles to have a good social meeting.

Interest has been huge and plenty of drivers have applied to race in the meeting. With it being Back 2 Basics, regulars Mike Parry (???) and Chris Parry (328) will no doubt find something French, rotten and fully worthy of trashing (Put Booking highlights in here please Jack) It’s not going to be your average banger meeting with varied and silly prizes for the competitors, where winning will not be the be all and end all. Going to be a fun meeting and hopefully with plenty of crashing in the right manner.


Meetings 3 and 4 of the season for the budget non contact class and again a good field of drivers descend onto the Mendips Oval for a busy weekend of close doors non contact action.

Jason Oliver (303) has been the man to catch so far this season, taking the final at the opening meeting and gaining good places at the away day at Taunton. He starts from the Red Grade for the first time as he currently leads the points Likewise, Junior Rod graduate Tom Weeks (100) had an excellent debut taking both his heats in his first meeting and earnt a rise to yellow.

Spare a thought for Leah Bennett (26) who has got to grips with the formula his season tand looked like a maiden win for the fair maiden, however her gearbox had other ideas so cruelly late in the race.Ex F2 and banger star Andrew Bressington (278) broke his win duck at Taunton and Tom Bristow (60)also took a win that meeting.

For the regulars, for the Howards it was more like namesake, former resident of nearby Cross, Frankie Howerd as calamity befell in a family pile up in the turnstile bend. Dene (41), Andy (43), Sam (44) and Richard (47) will hope for better luck.


The kids are alright and an opportunity for them to get 2 meetings over a weekend. Leading the points, last time’s final winner Tom Gumbleton (190) heads the way. Silver roof George Jenkins (? had another win and the up and coming stars Jake Ralfs (28) and Harry Melville (26). Ryan Brooks (210) impressed from his white top display.


The three wheeled tearaways return to the track with another action packed display of wibbling and wobbling their way around the raceway.

Undoubted star of the show was Tom Weeks (100) who celebrated 3 entertainer trophies. Jack Bunter (128) also spent most of the meeting on his roof, aiming to get an entertainer trophy to show off to the crowd. Needless to say the race promoter was having stern words with the box that he didn’t get a trophy. In embarrassment he parked his robin inside the abandoned caravan to hide from the shame! In the races, Aaron Loader (362) him of many formulas fame, took a win.Next time…..

It’s Pink Day when the F2’s race for the Pink Ribbon Trophy sponsored by the Maidment family, the bangers are in Micro teams for Filo’s Crashmania and the Specials play support, with added fundraising shenanigans in aid of Cancer Research – don’t forget something pink!

Cheers n gone….

B2B Bangers

#5 Mark 'Spike' Kelly
#11 James Hooper
#14 Simon Edgecombe
#15 Dan Williams
#16 Alistar Edgecombe
#18 Jason Edgecombe
#19 Connor Bell
#23 Clive Crockford
#25 will sheilds
#27 James Wareham
#31 Michael Rice
#33 Pete Rice
#33 Shaun Norton
#47 Richard Howard
#49 Ash Harvey
#50 Joey Mullady
#59 Mike Jones
#67 Rickie Beasley
#77 Aaron Charles
#80 Matt Nutley
#80 Michaela Cook
#81 Rick Bugler
#83 Ben Styles
#87 Jason Harvey
#91 Sam Bartlett
#92 Liam Bartlett
#99 Ryan Hall
#122 Mark Cooper Junior
#125 Ben plus
#126 Darren Willis
#129 Lee Dalton
#139 Danny Bradbury
#144 Ashton Worthington
#145 Liz Dicken
#146 Dan Wigman
#150 Lewis Richards
#154 Joe Odhams
#161 Charlie Hutson
#163 Freddie James Bowers
#167 Tom Luke
#169 Boy
#169 Sam Soyer
#177 Charlie Edgecombe
#183 Jack
#186 Lewis Fasey
#197 Peter Dodge
#208 Pj Collins
#210 Lewy Hart
#216 Nigel Baker
#218 Kevin Plunket
#221 John pee wee paul
#222 Ricky Walters
#224 Aimee Gay
#226 Ryan Willis
#238 Mark Wareham
#240 Rob Setters
#251 Scott Baker
#252 Steve Bugler
#256 Jamie Turner
#258 Jason Hughes
#262 Rob Bugler
#270 Shaun Baker
#271 Norman Turner
#279 Mason Thomas
#290 Stephen Bailey
#300 Jon Ayles
#308 Dan Cooper
#309 Chris Parry
#314 Jason Barraclough
#327 Syd Sherman
#330 Ben Key
#333 Charlie Randell
#360 Jack Reynolds
#372 Tom Cambridge
#397 Caine Down
#404 Rob Mills
#410 Dan Galley
#411 Jack Eggelton
#440 Macauley Mills
#473 Mark Nicolls
#500 Scott Mullady
#501 Alfie Mullady
#519 John Scorse
#523 David Cooper
#562 Jayden Malters
#595 Ben Wall
#652 Kristian Gale
#710 Ross Gould
#739 Jason Moore
#742 Morgan Galley
#743 Jake Bond
#760 Joey Reynolds
#773 Glynn Trott
#777 Ricky Daunton
#788 Matt Crawley
#783 Lee Strudwick
#787 Mark key
#797 Scott Clarke
#838 Damien Tiley
#840 Stephen 'Shep' Shepards
#852 Ryan Hughes
#894 Chris Stokes
#962 Abbie Deeprose
# Fredrick Moore
# Rich Brison
# Mickey stabbins
# Jake Williams

Stock Rods

286 Martin Walker Jnr

76 Martin Larcombe
762 Charlie Edwards
982 Sophie Daughtrey

227 Jody Hawkins
285 Martin Walker
426 Keith Channon
441 Tom Major
504 Andrew Worthington
862 Darryl Cock

77 Tom Larcombe
909 Justin Washer


10 Jerry Weeks
30 Joe Capel
36 Toby Loader
51 Sid Harrison
58 Martin Dalton
100 Thomas Weeks
119 Stacey Howe
128 Jack Bunter
272 Mitch Turley
362 Aaron Loader
514 Luke Lodge
Special Rods
26 Leah Bennett
38 Kevin Styles
40 Pete Stanley
41 Dene Howard
43 Andy Howard
44 Sam Howard
46 Angie Harris
47 Richard Howard
49 Rob Bevan
60 Tom Bristow
61 Beth Stevenson
62 Bobby Hewlett
100 Thomas Weeks
108 Adam Headland
120 Andy Latimer
135 Jim Cannon
175 Kevin Oliver
181 Ian McLaren
275 Jack Buckingham
278 Andrew Bressington
303 Jason Oliver
517 Scott Weldon
720 Dan Latimer
768 Joe Delahay
769 Sam Delahay
775 Bradley Hunt


8 George Jenkins
10 Archie Devine
26 Harry Melville
28 Jake Ralfs
36 Dylan McDermott
82 Tom Oatley
149 Ieuan Preston
162 Charlie Cocks
184 Callum Preston
190 Thomas Gumbleton
210 Ryan Brooks
236 Alfie Brimble
258 Riley Brimble
311 Lewis Allen
314 Max Barraclough
428 Ellie Murray
429 Tristan Heathcote
610 Alfie Murray
856 Jamie Cocks

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