PREVIEW: National Banger Championship of the World 17th Sept 2023


Welcome to Mendips Raceway on what it is one of the most looked forward to big banger meetings of the year for fans and drivers alike. Huge hits, lots of cars on a track too tight to tame. There are many Banger world titles – but this one is the oldest and hardest to win.

Since moving the "PRI" (as so monikered in a nod to its old promoter) to the hills of Somerset from the former Essex sandpit its become a meeting of a "must attend". So, to the tried and tested Arena rules, including the 3 litre limit with added oppo hits for added jeopardy, transposed and placed from the vast expanses of Arena to the tricky and almost at high altitude mighty Mendips was always going to be a good combo and to be honest, has reawaken the banger kraken in this little acreage of Somerset.

Everyone who knows me, knows that bangers were never my first love, I've always liked my wrecking more refined, until this came along. Perhaps it was the diet of F2 and saloons and primarily tame banger fayre meant I often gave the bangers a miss unless it was a novelty event. My eyes were opened back in 2002 – the 10th November, in my one and trip to Wimbledon in a birthday double header (Ringwood in the afternoon for some 2's and loons). Watching the action in a packed stadium of 10000, with another couple of thousand locked out, it was an atmosphere never experienced south of the border (Cowdenbeath for a Loon or 2 Major when a jock wins – nothing better in my book!). The post and wire acted as a trap, like a spider's web, before you knew it, BOOM, in they came.

Mendips banger legend Basher Broad I remember having his car somewhat concertina-ed and then there was Robert the Great racing the balls of a tatty granny for GMP. I always took a passing fancy when things kicked off. I remember the infamous Suicide Squad, possibly with a Deane Wood in tow (whatever happened to him?) and Polo deciding that the then 5 Star promotion of Roy Goodman was the place for a bit of mischief. Red flags ignored, mischief mismanaged and Goodman took to the tractor and lo, the then veteran showed them how to follow in with his trusty

Moving back to today and since we took possession of the title, since 2019, we have had races to stay long in the memory. From the last car standing win of Ash Garrod, the controversy of no cars left and the hoo hah between Big Mac (440) and Charlie Daniels (741), which the former ended up taking the title but the latter taking the trophy! Then to the third running where it looked like Jonesy (341) was going to finally win the title but the temptation to blow up old adversaries such as Boogie (252) was just too great allowing Jake Bond (743) to nip in and take an unlikely win. Then to last year and it was looking all good for Terry Hill (133) as he moved into the lead, with the final bend, the fat lady clearing her throat and starting to get out the first note, when wammo, dear ol Tez ended up perched up the inner armco and a last bend steal of the title. The powers that be often after a big meeting have a debrief in the pits and I remember chatting with Rob Mills and Jack Bunter, saying what the hell could we do for this year. Little did we know what was to happen a few months later would have the latest spin. The misdemeanours of last year's first across the line are well documented and have no place in a family entertainment.

So to today, and a burgeoning list of over 100 cars, with the last chance races, there's gonna be a far amount of carnage before we get the draw bucket out. Of the non seeded it's great to see Nemesis (239) out for a play again, Shaydy Gough (199) is a regular for the PRI, and the aforementioned Charlie Daniels (741) will be out to play.

So to the fans, we have the perfect opportunity for you to get to know your drivers better as the "seed walk" will take place around 12 and Jamie and myself will be out to cause mischief with the drivers and we might even interview a few fans. A full preview of the seeded ones is dealt in detail by the Bangers Down West Svengali.

Of the seeds, you have to look firstly at the might of BRMC. Not afraid of getting involved or indeed rodding, they have respect and the lack of fear – the whole straight hits at the Nutty Nige meets and the carnage caused at the Northampton BWS round, proved that Mendips doesn't just produce Wurzels. Kieran Bowman (178) has finally got a gold roof – the two-litre championship won at Lynn shows his intention. Rickie Beasley (67) oft rapid and oft likes crash too and then you have the legend that is Pikey (190), now in his hundredth and fifth season, but can never be
ruled out.

40 cars will come out and get their destiny and their chances by the tried and tested method of numbered ping pong balls in a bucket, before grid up, start your engines and go go go.

Since 1971 at 4 venues, champions have been crowned. It's time to crown a new one. Oh, you want a prediction. You've got more chance getting a pint out of Rob Mills.

Cheers n gone


Seeded Drivers into the PRI World Championship
6 Troy Jones (Mendips Raceway)
29 Jamie Locker (Incarace)
59 Mike Hamley (Autospeed)
67 Rickie Beasley (Spedeworth)
69 Brad Bartram (Trackstar)
114 Liam Lake (Spedeworth)
129 Lee Dalton (Mendips Raceway)
154 Joe Odhams (Mendips Raceway)
178 Keiran Bowman (Trackstar)
190 Steve Bailey (Autospeed Wildcard Winner)
252 Steve Bugler (Mendips Raceway)
262 Rob Bugler (Mendips Raceway)
298 Carl Locker (Incarace)
314 Luke Rawlins (Trackstar)
317 Callum Jacobs (Mildenhall)
334 Jamie Swanborough (Mendips Raceway)
355 Aaron Dark (Autospeed)
369 Daniel Thompson (Mendips Raceway)
440 Macauley Mills (Mendips Raceway)
623 Ricky Hutton (Mildenhall)
648 Jamie Smith (Autospeed)
714 Paul Smaldon (Caged! Open Wildcard Winner)
720 Kenny Joe Gabriel (Mendips Raceway)
739 Jason Moore (Thunderbolt)
743 Jake Bond (Mendips Raceway)
817 Kurt Jacobs (Mildenhall)
820 Martyn Perkins (Spedeworth)
961 Brad Deeprose (Mendips Raceway)

Last Chance Qualifiers
01 Gary Moule
02 Ash Reynolds
04 Deano Gregory
11 James Hooper
25 Matt Black
31 Liam Shipway
38 Kev Styles
40 Ben Reeder
44 Liam Boswarthick
49 Blake McDowell
57 Christian Mansbridge
67 Harry Pritchard
76 Matt Hodgkins
82 Joe Gingell
83 Ben Styles
99 Ryan Hall
100 Callum White
103 Ryan Hinwood
107 Josh Gent
109 Chris Neville
113 CJ Mackie
118 Kane Shaw
121 Ronnie Hawkins
123 Keiran Gray
126 Daniel Bowley
132 Archie Cullum
139 Thomas Dimascio
160 Jamie Warr
174 Ben Sid Taylor
180 Connor Felton
186 Billy Slaymaker
198 Owen Nichol
199 Shaydy Gough
205 Alex Ganter
206 Matt Brewer
210 Callum McKee
210 Kieran Humphreys
219 Ben Lewis Thompson
220 Troy Cooper
221 Ted Harfield
233 Liam Parkin
239 Steve Carter
240 Courtney Warr
241 James Lake
252 Michael Hudd
266 Scott Gillbard
270 Mark Hutton
277 Sean Rowell
280 Harry Ricketts
291 Arron Witton
296 Tom Jennings
303 Josh Jones
359 Sean Swanborough
410 Dan Galley
412 Hayden Galley
454 Dean Lewis
456 Terry Hawes
512 Matt Armstrong
527 Will Darch
549 Daniel Levy
552 Karl Douglas
592 Mark Marchant
610 Devon Usher
620 Steven Brice
632 Ryan Karkeek
662 Jared Roe
666 Brad Stevenson
696 Ashley Rawlings
707 Jack Lilley
710 Ryan Sowden
727 Keiron Ritson
732 Chris Cullum
741 Charlie Daniels
742 Morgan Galley
841 Tom Perkins
842 Jack Perkins
868 Stuart Parish
882 Nathan Grant
908 David Brown
911 Toby Wilson
917 Andrew Tew
928 Levi Warr
999 John Picton

Mini Stox
014 Demi Ritchie
202        Cody Bradford
267        Robbie Batten
475        Mason Sealy
505        Louie Herzig
511        Lexi Crosbie
550        Callum Herzig
567        Mia Batten
617        Christina Sillifant
770        Austin Farrell
870        Bert Farrell
913        Ben Faulconbridge
922        Kaydi Butcher

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