PREVIEW: Micro-Massacre 2022 Sun 20th March 1PM


Welcome once again to Mendips Raceway for season 2022. This time after several seasons of aborted starts, restricted attendance and viral pandemics, we can promise a full season.

Vladimir foreboding! Regardless of any thing, the traditional Mendips opener sees the small meet the large and the old meet the young.

It’s a Micro Massacre, with support from Juniors and the BriSCA Heritage F2’s.


Little cars, big crashes and action plentiful as the cars your Nan once popped to ASDA in get treated with much disrespect. Micras, Corsas and all kinds of little motors take to the track

Last year it was the Roona (262) show as he took top honours, a stark warning and a marker laid down for the season that followed. Further proof that in the national banger scene, the Mendips stock is rising. From World Champ Jake Bond (743) to the team racing of BRC, plenty are taking notice of “sleepy” old Mendips when popular Banger Podcasters, Caged bringing a meeting to here in October.

Numbers should be plentiful and crashes should be likewise with the small cars being a weapon of choice and for many, this is a perfect opportunity to take on the National Banger challenge without needing to use the big machinery!


Day 1 of the new term for the stars of tomorrow. With only a few drivers from the last year reaching the top age limit and with a healthy amount of newbies and returnees, it has the recipe for a good year.

Tom Gumbleton (190) won by the barest of margins the points championship, 2 points ahead of Lewis Allen (311) who took the West of England as the matter of consolation. Harry Melville (26) and Jake Ralfs (28) took off last year and this year promises much. Max Barraclough (314) had a cracking end to the season and could be one to watch.

This year, sees the reintroduction of a yellow grade which should enable closer racing and an opportunity for all grades to get a bit more prominent seat time before being swallowed by those faster than them!


Time for the rocking retro rip roaring rides to return to our raceway as we turn back the clock as the cars and (in some circumstances ) stars tear up the track like its 1971!

Last year under closed doors Brian Owen (886) took the feature race. Matt Foster (500) and John Ferguson (536) took the support races and Ross “Ernie” Taylor (342) drove his milk float to be the fastest in the West.

The “Plastic Pasty” Alan Humphrey (253) will be travelling up spreading the usual Heritage gospel from his Truro base. Now with an alleged retirement, Mr Mendips himself Graham Bunter (728) now has an excuse to further concentrate on the tar.

Next up its Easter with all your favourites taking to the raceway. Highlights include the opening meeting for BriSCA F2 with their World Qualifier and Bangers will be in Van Mode! For more info, check our socials or

Til next time,

Cheers ‘n’ gone


2 Jack Hodges
3 Robin Grist
6 Troy Jones
18 Jason Edgecombe
23 Clive Crockford
29 Jamie Jones
42 Jack Chapman
49 Ash Harvey
76 Matt Hodgkins
87 Jason Harvey
91 Sam Bartlett
92 Liam Bartlett
116 Joey Sutton
145 Liz Dicken
154 Joe Odhams
177 Charlie Edgecombe
186 Lewis Fasey
210 Lewy Hart
252 Steven Bugler
262 Rob Bugler
270 Shaun Baker
313 Bevan Bailey
333 Charlie Randall
355 Aaron Dark
366 Ian Mills
440 Macauley Mills
449 Will Guppy
612 Dave Robins
652 Kristian Gale
666 Roberto jay
962 Josh Pidgley
999 Dan Cliffe


14 Mckenzie Loader
26 Harry Melville
28 Jake Ralfs
30 Finlay Holloway
36 Dylan McDermott
69 Reece Welch-Fry
87 Liam Harvey
162 Charlie Cocks
184 Callum Preston
190 Thomas Gumbleton
210 Ryan Brooks
236 Alfie Brimble
258 Riley Brimble
301 John Penfold
302 Rosie Penfold
311 Lewis Allen
314 Max Barraclough
428 Ellie Murray
429 Tristen Heathcote
610 Alfie Murray
856 Jamie Cocks
924 Joshua Heathcote
999 Daniella Cliffe

Heritage F2

253 Alan Humphrey
536 John Ferguson
49 Paul Ferguson
23 John Clements
342 Ernie McTaylor
135 Jim Cannon
773 Nick Whitney
7 Pete Fenton
520 Ian Harris
59 Nigel Finnegan
198 Alan Nicholson
537 Charlie Barnes (tbc)
157 Kevan Woolas
64 Paul Sykes
580 John Perrett
886 Brian Owen (tbc)
311 Granville Wright (tbc)
347 Ian Johnson (tbc)
458 Tony Bevan
107 Dan Chiplen (tbc)

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