We’re back at last!!!!

Later than planned, understandably with the circumstances of the past 7 months, season 2020 finally gets underway.

The terrible Coronavirus has made us all stop and take stock of matters – but let’s go racing!!!


Small, but perfectly formed, is the action of the day as the former family runarounds, get the run around.

Last year saw 100 small screamers meet their maker in a most destructive way. It was the Mendips Driver of the Year for 2019, Chaz (333) and Roona (262) show as the pair of tearaways set their stalls for one of the biggest seasons in their careers.

Expect large action from the little cars!


The new class of 2020 starts day one of school as the kids aged 11 to 16 get onto the raceways.

With the start of a new season, it’s all change as some of the top guys and girls move on to pastures new as they reach the upper limit. Two of those, Jack Buckingham (75) and Josh Weare (36) are now playing with the big boys, so this allows the likes of Lewis Allan(311) Tom Gumbleton (26) and many others.

There are no tickets on the gate – buy your tickets online in advance.

REMEMBER, please don’t congregate, maintain a 2 metres social distance, wash/sanitize your hands and REMEMBER YOUR MASK!!!

Booking List:

Bangers (41)

2 Jack Hodges
17 Jacob Filer
18 Jason Edgecombe
27 Dean Quinn
29 Jasmine McArdle
36 Cameron McColm
58 Martin Dalton
77 Aaron Charles
80 Michaela Cook
80 Matt Buckland
81 Rick Bugler
83 Ben Styles
92 Liam Bartlett
111 Tom Ruby
122 Chris O'Donnell
154 Joe Odhams
160 Jamie Warr
210 Lewy Hart
242 Ben Ellacott
252 Steven Bugler
256 Jamie Turner
262 Rob Bugler
270 Shaun Baker
271 Richard Pearce
275 Liam Best
286 Sophie Fasey
313 Bevan Bailey
333 Charlie Randell
372 Tom Cambridge
410 Dan Galley
412 Hayden Galley
440 Macauley Mills
449 Will Guppy
527 Will Darch
666 Roberto Jay
702 Shane Page
714 Paul Smaldon
720 Kenny Gabriel Junior
742 Morgan Galley
799 Tom Pearce
852 Ryan Hughes
999 Dan Cliffe

Junior Rods (14)

8 George Jenkins
21 Liam Conlon
26 Harry Melville
28 Jake Ralfs
36 Dylan McDermott
88 James Pearce
149 Ieuan Preston
184 Callum Preston
190 Thomas Gumbleton
236 Alfie Brimble
258 Riley Brimble
428 Ellie Murray
429 Tristen Heathcote
610 Alfie Murray
880 Henry Pearce

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